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Our Family

Our Family

After 6 wonderful years in Bend Oregon I decided, a year ago, it was time to move back to my hometown of Ojai California. It was a month long debate of yes-no-yes-no that pulled at my heartstrings. I had built a life and a business in a place I had originally known no one. The people that surrounded me had become some of my dearest friends and my children were adjusted and happy with friends and school. The only thing missing was family. I grew up so close with my family, the oldest of 4 girls I was used to having my sisters around and spending time with my mom who I would consider my best friend and confidant. After a long few months of being overworked and stressed to the max trying to run two stores in two different states I woke up one morning and decided with certainty that it was time to go home. We spent the next two weeks closing shop, packing up our uhaul, saying our goodbyes and getting ready for the new road ahead. It was bittersweet, but I know now it was all worth it and that I had made the right decision for my family and myself.

Almost a year now we've been back in my hometown, three streets over from where I grew up and I feel so at peace! I am so happy that my children now have the opportunity to know their family and feel all that love on a regular basis. This Christmas we finally got to celebrate as a family, all of us together for the first time in 6 years and it was the most wonderful holiday yet. It was what Christmas is really all about...family and love. Oh and food of course, haha...we feasted two days in a row, making up for lost time I suppose! I am so grateful to have gotten these pics to cherish the moment, our first Christmas back home, forever!

Happy Holidays, from my family to yours!

xo Amara


The Bessa-Byrd-Baxley Family

The Bessa-Byrd-Baxley ham clan!

Cute Cousins

Cutie cousins - Kariella and Harper

The Fam - Mom and Dad

The Bessa Fam! Mom, Dad and the 4 girls!

My Partner in Crime

My partner in crime...always makin me laugh! Love him!

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