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Bound by Bond Eye

Shop Bound by Bond-Eye swimwear designs. Featuring a variety of colorful bikinis and one piece swimsuits made with a 4-way stretch material that will fit your shape perfectly. Available online and in stores at Kariella.

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What is Bond-Eye?

Bond-Eye, also known as Bone-Eye Australia, is an Australian-based swimsuit brand that offers fashionable swimwear for women. Bond-Eye is known for bold, ultra flattering sillouhettes made from sustainable materials that offer a modern feel with a hint of nostalgia.

What is Bond-Eye’s Philosophy?

Bond-Eye is inspired by the warm summer days by the beach and the thrilling, electric nights that make it’s home, Sydney, Australia, so iconic. Dedicated to making innovative styles that conform to every woman’s defining shape, Bond-Eye is also committed to catering each and every piece to each woman’s unique personality.

What Kinds of Products Does Bond-Eye Sell?

Bond-Eye offers a wide array of swim products, including bikinis, monokinis, one piece swim suits, matching swim sets and even kids swimwear! In addition, Bond-Eye features its own clothing line, including fashionable tops, sexy bodycon dresses, comfortable skirts and even a selection of chic accessories to make every swim outfit that much more polished.

What Makes Bond-Eye Stand Out As a Swimsuit Brand?

Every piece is handcrafted in Australia and made with The Authentic Crinkle™ fabric, a revolutionary 4-way stretch fabric that can be crafted into one-size-fits-most pieces. This ‘unsized’ style idea comes from Bond-Eye’s desire to use less fabric in order to avoid product waste, thus minimizing it’s environmental impact.

As a result, bikini tops can fit A-DD/E cups while Bond-Eye’s bottoms can be worn in either low, mid or high rise styles for the perfect fit for every body type and every woman’s personal preference. This innovative idea has pushed Bond-Eye to the forefront of both the swimsuit world and also the fashion world as a whole, making it a popular brand among customers and competitors alike.

Bound by Bond Eye at Kariella: Our Favorite Swimsuit Styles

Kariella likes to mix its penchant for bohemian fashion with Bond-Eye’s modern styles by focusing on bold colors and chic, sexy swim sets that can conform to every woman’s fashion sense, be it full 70’s, gypsy, city chic and more.

Some of our favorites include the classic string bikini, plunge one piece swimsuits and the sporty-chic zipper-front color block bikini sets. But really, there’s no discrimination at Kariella. Any and all styles by Bond-Eye are more than welcome in our shop as far as we’re concerned! You’ll find all manner of Bond-Eye’s most iconic swimsuit styles right here at Kariella – and we keep Bond-Eye in stock at all times to accommodate the high demand from all our lovely Bellas such as you!

Why Shop Bond-Eye Swimwear at Kariella?

Because of Bond-Eye’s versatility and Kariella’s quest for the latest beautiful fashion creations, the pairing of these two unique brands has been a fantastic love story that keeps on going! But don’t take our word for it. Check out all of the latest swimsuits by Bond-Eye and Kariella today and see what wonderful pairings are in store for you!