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Article: 2020's Hottest Color Trends

2020's Hottest Color Trends
2020 color trends

2020's Hottest Color Trends

"That color is so you," they're going to say, and not just because it's the in color, but because it really does suit you. Why? Well, let's just say that there's a reason why fashion experts are called 'fashion experts.' It isn't just because the name sounds cool, but because they truly do know just what will suit you - even if you don't.

So what are these ravishing colors that are sure to look smashing on you this season, next season, and all through 2020? Let's take a look, shall we? We're going to sweep you up and whisk you through this year's hottest color trends you're not going to want to miss. Even those all-black-every-day girls (Yours Truly included) are going to want to peek your heads in on this proverbial closet full of goodies. Starting with number one and our intro into this year's color scheme. Can you guess what it is?

1. Magenta Purple

Palm Springs Earring

The bolder version of lilac is entering the scene with gusto nowadays. Boasting a myriad of hues from the ultra-light to the deep sultry shades of the Aurora Borealis, Magenta Purple is wild, daring, and has the ability to land somewhere in between summer and fall, making it the ideal transition color between the two.

Transform any summer or fall outfit with these fun statement earrings. Featuring that warm magenta coloring in a leaf shape design and a beautiful touch of gold, these will quickly become the focal point of your outfit.

In addition, the Mara One Piece from Bound by Bond-Eye Australia features a stretchy smocked fabric with a scoop back and medium coverage on the bottom. This style also featured a beautiful ombre pattern, bringing it one subtle step past the solid coloring to create a more unique look. Pair this with a set of cutoff shorts in the summertime or with a silky midi skirt and a denim jacket for when the weather gets a bit chilly.

Palm Springs Earring, $22

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The Mara OP, $218

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2. Lark

Sienna Blouse

"What is Lark?" you ask? Well, we'll tell you...

Lark is a sultry mix between the ever-popular Orange Peel and Sunshine, two colors that are absolutely in right now, though Lark takes the two and warms them up a bit, creating something more full-bodied that's subtle, yet intrinsic like a sunset, meanwhile versatile enough to pair with other colors or sported as a pattern like the Sienna co-ord from Le Salty Label.

The Sienna Blouse from Le Salty Label has the perfect feminine touches for any summer soiree. It's such a pretty style featuring a fluttery shape, off-the-shoulder fit with ruffles, and a tie at the front to adjust to your preference.

Just so, the Sienna Palazzo Pants complete the look, sitting high on the waist and designed with a wide flared leg and elasticated back. You'll be turning heads in this lush and vibrant print with oversized leaf motifs.

Sienna Blouse, $126

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Sienna Palazzo Pants, $172

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3. Faded Denim

Go West Jumper

This is a stand-out color/material we saw earlier in the year, and it doesn't look like it's going to be leaving us any time soon, even come the cooler temperatures of  early fall.

The faded denim look in the form of bucket pants, mom jeans, overalls and more, have quickly become a staple in every woman's wardrobe, and the look is nothing less than sensational. With an almost 90's throwback vibe partnered with modern flairs, it's the perfect mix between retro and today. Prepare yourself, people. We see this trend sticking with us for the long haul.

Our effortless jumpsuit here, compliments of Free People, features the perfect soft denim fabrication with a square neckline and a waist tie detail for added definition and shape. Meanwhile the exposed back design, exaggerated pocket detail, and light distressing, add to the uniqueness of the piece. Throw this on when you're in a hurry or when you're looking for something comfortable and chic. It'll be that piece you flock to once or twice a week, we assure you.

Go West Jumper, $148

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4. Ash

Milos Pant

The cooler tones of slate and stone have definitely made a comeback to create that ultramodern neutral look, and ash is no exception. Falling somewhere between khaki and grey, ash takes on a bit of a warmer tone in the midst of the cooler shades, meaning that for all those warm-hued ladies out there, this is one of those cooler colors that might be just right for you. And if you're still lingering on the fence about it, try it in a pattern as we have done while keeping the color further from the natural hues presented in the face - meaning: wear it in pant-form.

These particular ash printed pants are a bohemian girls dream. Featuring a tie at the waist and tiered flowy pant legs, you'll feel like your on vacay, or else ready to snuggle up in bed. The lightweight fabric and subtle paisley print help to make the piece both the statement object and the neutral party to your outfit. It's a regular win-win.

Milos Pants, $106

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5. Coral Pink

Pretty in Pink Necklace

When we think of sunsets, this particular shade often comes to mind, along with the usual golds, reds, purples, and the like. And we say: if it fits into the sunset, then it fits into every season. Coral Pink is no different in this aspect.

Take the V Mine One Piece from Bound by Bond-Eye Australia, for instance. The subtle tie-dye pattern gives this piece a look of the sea inside the clouds while showcasing that 90's retro look that's absolutely stylin' right now. The OP also features a deep plunging front with a scoop back and medium coverage on the bottom. Wear this to the beach as a stand-alone swim suit, or don it as a bodysuit with jeans, a flowing midi skirt, or your favorite cutoffs.

Take this outfit one step further with the Pretty in Pink Necklace. Naturally Coral Pink with metallic beads, layer this feminine statement necklace or wear it as the primary accessory to your outfit. As an added bonus, this piece features a comfortable suede neck tie with an adjustable length to cater to your preference.

V Mine OP, $174

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Pretty in Pink Necklace, $28

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6. Mosaic Blue

Costa Brava Maxi

Blue is the overarching color this year, from Classic Blue to Faded Denim to Deepest Depths and everything in between, we're loving each one just as much (if not more) than the next. Mosaic Blue just happens to be one of those shades we simply adore, one that's tranquil like the Grecian seas and brilliant like the afternoon sky. It's soft, yet elegantly alluring. It's one of those colors you won't go wrong wearing no matter the occasion.

So dive into the season(s) in the flowy Costa Brava Maxi, featuring a smocked bodice and a front side slit over a short inner-skirt lining. The airy silhouette and shirred bust looks fabulous on all body types. Plus the flutter sleeve straps add a feminine flair we simply can't say no to.

Costa Brava Maxi, $86

Shop Here

7. Brilliant White

Emily's Midi

The all-white ensemble isn't just for weddings, you know. It's for Sunday brunch or Feel-Good-Fridays. It's for Hump Day when you need a pick-me-up outfit to spice things up at work, or on a Tuesday evening out with your boo. It's any day and any time you feel like wearing it, because not only is it chic, it's totally in style.

Free People's Emily's Midi is one such example of this concept. A cotton midi dress with a fitted bodice that flows out to a full skirt, this almost has an 80's-90's vibe to it while also sporting a smidgen of a Victorian look that, when you bring it all together, is 100% modern.

Emily's Midi, $128

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The all-white ensemble doesn't end in town, though, we'll have you know. It reaches all the way to the sandy beach and beyond in dazzling white bikinis that are as daring as they are alluring. Exhibit A for your approval...

Jasper Bottom Anna Top

The Anna Top and Jasper Bottom from Frankies Bikinis are not only breathtakingly white, but they also come together to create Frankies Bikinis' first ever swim duo with an underwire top. Designed to give the girls the support they may or may not need, it also adds a classic 50's feel, which, as we all know, was a stellar of a decade.

Featuring as well a high waist bottom and a high leg cut, this swim suit works to define your waist while elongating the legs for a more slimming look. Meanwhile, the cheeky cut provides just the right amount of coverage. The suit itself is made in a luxe stretch eyelet material with intricate embroidery detailing, giving it a fresh look that's utterly adorable.

Anna Eyelet Top, $112

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Jasper Bottom, $96

Shop Here

8. Saffron

The Mood Tank

Here's another color we saw earlier in the year that seems to want to stay, and for good reason, too. Saffron is one of those eternal sunset colors that works in every season. And with fall just around the corner, it's the perfect color to have around. Trust us, you won't be seeing an end to Saffron or its many uses any time soon.

The Mood Tank from Free People is the perfect balance of comfy and cute in that revered Saffron shade. The fitted silhouette combined with the button-up detailing and ruched sides will flatter all your greatest features. Wear this with ultra-wide flare jeans as we have here, or pair it with your favorite skirt for a more flirty look.

The Mood Tank, $48

Shop Here

9. Peach Nougat

Aurora Midi Dress

Similar to Coral Pink, Peach Nougat includes deeper tones to reflect an almost Salmon shade, making it ideal for florals that are darkly mysterious and perfectly exquisite. The Aurora Midi by Le Salty Label is our prime example of such a floral. And while the print is tropical in nature, the color scheme itself allows this piece to float right into fall with the addition of a long sleeve sheer mock turtleneck worn underneath and/or a leather jacket over top, partnered with a pair of peep-toe sock boots to complete the look.

Worn here in the height of summery warmth, feel free to show off the plunging halter neckline with crisscross back straps, and strut those legs through high-cut leg slits on your way to the pool-side cafe.

Aurora Midi, $172

Shop Here

10. Military Olive

Olive Branch Earring

The undercover neutral just came out of the camouflage to give us this spectacular shade. Military Olive is smooth and captivating, combining lush tropical forestry with fall-like woods and earthy vibes for a truly heartwarming look.

You can transform any simple outfit into an eye-catching ensemble with these fun statement earrings in particular. Olive bead-work adorn these dangle earrings with a playful tassel detailing that is almost tribal in nature, yet the overall design is one of unparalleled elegance and geometry combined. You really can't go wrong with these.

Olive Branch Earring, $22

Shop Here

11. Amberglow

Havana Midi

Even the word 'Amberglow' is enough to make us 'ooh!' and 'aah!' with fluttering delight. Take it one step further with an Amberglow print that screams 'love & sunsets' and all the warm, happy feels, and you've got yourself a killer outfit on the way.

This particular shade is ideal for both summer and fall, we think. Here, we've partnered that gasp-worthy hue with other shades of teal, white, and magenta into a tropical print that can effortlessly coast into fall from summer for a delightfully dreamy look.

What we have here is the Havana Midi by Le Salty Label. Much like the Aurora Midi, this one has an equally sexy feel to it. Featuring a highly flattering fit with a plunging halter neckline, crisscross straps in the back, as well as high side slits, you'll be sunset personified in this little number, we guarantee it.

Havana Midi, $144

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