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Shop Aratta one-of-a-kind kimonos, blouses, dresses, trousers and more at Kariella online and in stores.

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Floral Dreams Maxi DressFloral Dreams Maxi Dress
Floral Dreams Maxi Dress Sale price$214.00 USD
Women's large floral print kimonoWomen's floral beaded kimono
Floral Dreams Kimono Sale price$188.00 USD
Women's comfy floral printed pants with drawstringAratta green floral flowy pants
French Riviera Pants Sale price$164.00 USD
Women's floral print dressWomen's multi colored floral print dress
French Riviera Maxi Dress Sale price$164.00 USD
Aratta green printed oversized kimonoGreen floral print kimino
French Riviera Beaded Kimono Sale price$194.00 USD
Aratta floral printed kimono with side slitsAratta Wide arm blue printed kimono
French Riviera Kimono Sale price$174.00 USD
Camellia TopCamellia Top
Camellia Top Sale price$162.00 USD

What Kind of Brand is Aratta?

Aratta Fashion is a women’s clothing brand based in California, U.S.A. and founded by fashion designer Susanna Karapetyan, the magic maker behind every one of Aratta’s striking clothing items. As a leader in their field, Aratta is a brand made by women for women everywhere who crave that one-of-a-kind look and the confidence it takes to carry oneself body through life. And what better opportunity to do that than to dress in a way that makes one feel beautiful?

What is Aratta's Fashion Style?

Aratta creates striking pieces of clothing meant to inspire beauty, femininity and confidence in the women who wear them. These are some of the qualities you’ll find when browsing Aratta’s gorgeous collection of fashionable items…

Clithing Made With Distinction

Every piece you’ll find by Aratta is made with distinct qualities that make it stand out from the crowd. Whether it’s a beautiful printed blouse, a gorgeous flowy dress or one of Aratta’s iconic kimonos, there is no one-size-fits-all when it comes to this leading fashion brand.

Creating One-of-a-Kind Pieces

Because Aratta designs every piece with distinction, you won’t find clothing like theirs anywhere else. You may find something similar, but the attention to detail that Aratta employs in their wonderfully-crafted garments makes every piece unique and timeless.

Capturing That Vintage Look

Inspired largely by Art Deco and Flapper themes, you’ll feel transported back to the 1920’s – sometimes earlier in the Victorian era, sometimes later in the Big Band era of the 1940’s. Whether it be a floral velvet kimono dress, an elegant, Versace-style printed top, or a gorgeous, multi-print gown that can be layered with other items or wrongs a stand-alone piece, you’ll wish you were dining at the Speakeasies, dancing away at those swanky nightclubs, or gambling away your millions at the casinos of Monte Carlo with a Cary Grant look-alike. But the best part is that every piece, being both unique and timeless, finds itself at the height of fashion today.

Encouraging a Free-Spirited Attitude

Aratta is made to bring out that free-spirited attitude in each of us. Boasting flowy, unstructured items meant to flutter in the wind, and featuring gorgeous accents that defy the bounds of ordinary fashion, you won’t be disappointed by the glittering personality dripping from every Aratta piece.

What Makes Aratta Stand Out as a Clothing Brand?

There are many reasons why Aratta stands out over other fashion brands that are similar. Here are just a few…


We all love a good printed piece of clothing, but Aratta takes prints to a whole new level. Featuring one-of-a-kind prints – sometimes several – that are strikingly vibrant and entirely elegant, you’ll certainly find your next statement piece when shopping at Aratta.


As if bold prints and vibrant colors weren’t enough, Aratta has taken it’s design work one step further. Featuring woven and knitted textures in the form of lace, embroidery, fringe and more, no piece is wanting when it comes to adding extras frills.


Be sure to look closely when browsing each clothing item. You never know what hidden gems you might find – literally! Featuring crystal and beaded detailing in many of Aratta’s kimonos, dresses and more, every unique piece is elevated to something altogether more satisfying. You truly won’t find anything else out there that can even come close to what Aratta has to offer.

What Aratta Products Can You Find at Kariella?

Kariella keeps a constant supply of some of Aratta’s most stylish pieces on hand. Because we’re a bohemian boutique that craves both the beauty of vintage apparel and the free-spirited nature of going out and seeking adventure in the great unknown, our style fits in nicely with Aratta’s personal fashion sense. That’s why we carry a myriad of dresses, kimonos, trouser sets and more for our adventure-seeking shoppers.

Why Shop Aratta Clothing at Kariella?

At Kariella, we’re constantly looking to collaborate with brands that help to enhance a woman’s personal style, that help to encourage her to stand up for herself, to have confidence, and to feel 100% like the beautiful woman she is. That’s why we carry brands like Aratta – not to mention Aratta’s pieces are absolutely stunning! T’s impossible not to want to add an Aratta piece to your wardrobe – or several! And if you don’t believe us, feel free to peruse our Aratta collection. We’re sure you won’t be disappointed.