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Expressing yourself at home is effortless at Kariella. Shop a variety of bohemian style throw pillows, blankets, candles, wall art and more.

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Canyon Candle by Nomad Design co.
Canyon Candle Sale price$28.00 USD
palo santo and sandalwood candle by Nomad Design Co.
Bungalow Candle Sale price$28.00 USD
Nomad Design Co. Mojave Candle cactus blossom
Mojave Candle Sale price$28.00 USD
cactus blossom candlemojave candle by nomad design co
Mojave Travel Tin Sale price$16.00 USD
nomad design co candle stargazebergamont sandalwood travel candle
Stargaze Travel Tin Sale price$16.00 USD
Sister Paper Co. bad influence card
Bad Influence Card Sale price$6.00 USD
Sister Paper Co. happy birthday weirdo card
Birthday Weirdo Card Sale price$6.00 USD
Craft + Foster 12 Oz Candlesterracota potted candle
Summer Essentials Vessel - 12oz Sale price$38.00 USD
i like you a lot card
Like You a Lot Card Sale price$6.00 USD
life is better with you around card
Life is Better Card Sale price$6.00 USD
Black Lab Studio What Would I Do Without You Card
Black Lab Studio Two Idiots Card
Two Idiots Wedding Card Sale price$6.00 USD
capri blue dish soapcapri blue volcano cleaning products
Dish Soap Sale price$15.00 USD
daydream prints welcome little babe
Welcome Little Babe Card Sale price$6.00 USD
muse travel sized perfume
Muse Parfum Sale price$12.00 USD
who is elijah nomad
Nomad Parfum Sale price$12.00 USD
Ojai etched whiskey glass | KariellaOjai logo whiskey glass | Kariella
Etched Whiskey Glass Sale price$20.00 USD
Congratulations Wedding Card | Kariella
Congrats Fuckers Card Sale price$6.00 USD
Ocean Print Wall Art | Kariella
Song Of The Spirit Print Sale priceFrom $40.00 USD
Minimal palm trees wall art | Kariella
Minimal Palms Photograph Sale price$76.00 USD
Ocean waves wall art | Kariella
Destination #1 Photograph Sale priceFrom $40.00 USD
Joint Facebook Love Greeting Card
Can't Wait To Hold The Baby Card
Hello Baby Card
Hello Baby Card Sale price$6.00 USD
Worthwhile Paper I cherish our friendship card
I Cherish Our Friendship Card Sale price$6.00 USD
If Only You Could See Encouragement Card
Wildflowers Happy Birthday Card
So Glad You Were Born Card
So Glad You Were Born Card Sale price$6.00 USD
Daffodils Born At The Right Time Card
Birthday Burger Card
Birthday Burger Card Sale price$6.00 USD
The Moon and Her Waves Poster - Kariella
The Moon and Her Waves Poster Sale price$34.00 USD
Warm Holiday Wishes Card - Kariella
Warm Holiday Wishes Card Sale price$6.00 USD
Craft Cocktail Kit - KariellaCraft Cocktail Kit - Kariella
Craft Cocktail Kit Sale price$26.00 USD
Terra-Cotta Monogram Dish - KariellaTerra-Cotta Monogram Dish - Kariella
Terra-Cotta Monogram Dish Sale price$14.40 USD Regular price$16.00 USD
Good Luck Card - KariellaGood Luck Card - Kariella
Good Luck Card Sale price$6.00 USD
Mama Bird Card - KariellaMama Bird Card - Kariella
Mama Bird Card Sale price$6.00 USD
Poster Hanger - KariellaPoster Hanger - Kariella
Poster Hanger Sale price$22.00 USD
Merry + Bright Card - KariellaMerry + Bright Card - Kariella
Merry + Bright Card Sale price$6.00 USD
To My Person Card - KariellaTo My Person Card - Kariella
To My Person Card Sale price$6.00 USD
Thank You So Much Card - KariellaThank You So Much Card - Kariella
Thank You So Much Card Sale price$6.00 USD
Hot Stuff Card - KariellaHot Stuff Card - Kariella
Hot Stuff Card Sale price$6.00 USD
HBD Party Animal Card - KariellaHBD Party Animal Card - Kariella
HBD Party Animal Card Sale price$6.00 USD
Black Label Jar - KariellaBlack Label Jar - Kariella
Black Label Jar - 8oz Sale price$24.00 USD
Signature Black Jar - KariellaSignature Black Jar - Kariella
Signature Black Jar Sale price$30.00 USD
Mercury Found Glass - KariellaMercury Found Glass - Kariella
Mercury Found Glass Sale price$22.00 USD
Printed Travel Tin - KariellaPrinted Travel Tin - Kariella
Printed Travel Tin Sale price$16.00 USD