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Secrid Wallets

Shop Secrid wallets at Kariella online and in stores. Featuring a unique selection of high quality wallets for women and men that are made from sustainable materials and crafted exclusively in Holland.

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Secrid band wallet in black and oliveSecrid band wallet in green and orange
Band Wallet Sale price$108.00 USD
Secrid slim wallet in hexagon blackSecrid slim wallet in hexagon black
Slim Wallet Sale price$94.00 USD
Secrid slim wallet in carbon cool greySecrid slim wallet in carbon cool grey
Slim Wallet Sale price$94.00 USD
secrid mini walletbrown leather wallet for men
Mini Wallet Sale price$98.00 USD
secrid premium slim walletsecrid slimwallet
Premium Slim Wallet Sale price$152.00 USD
Secrid premium slim wallet in emboss lines cognacSecrid premium slim wallet in emboss lines cognac
Premium Slim Wallet Emboss Lines Sale price$184.00 USD
SECRID Premium Mini Wallet Dusk Dark BrownSECRID Premium Mini Wallet Dusk Olive
Premium Mini Wallet Sale price$152.00 USD
Secrid slim wallet in vintage taupeSecrid slim wallet in vintage taupe
Slim Wallet Sale price$92.00 USD
secrid twinwallet cognac silversecrid twinwallet vintage brown
Twin Wallet Sale price$134.00 USD
Secrid slim wallet in saffiano caramelSecrid slim wallet in saffiano caramel
Slim Wallet Sale price$94.00 USD
Secrid mini wallet in veg carmello sandMini Wallet
Mini Wallet Sale price$108.00 USD
Secrid mini wallet in vintage taupeSecrid mini wallet in vintage taupe
Mini Wallet Sale price$92.00 USD
secrid moneyband mosssecrid moneyband tire
Moneyband Sale price$16.00 USD
Secrid card slide in black blackSecrid card slide in black black
Card Slide Sale price$92.00 USD
Card ProtectorCard Protector
Card Protector Sale price$46.00 USD

What is Secrid?

Secrid is a Holland-based wallet brand that has been operating since 1995. Featured on their online shop and in over 8,500 stores worldwide, Secrid has evolved as a brand to provide unique, pocket-sized essentials to its customers in the midst of an ever-changing money market.

As cash transactions changed quickly into credit card payments and as digital banking has become the most popular way to shop, Secrid has adapted it’s wallets to accommodate smaller pockets, but that can still hold all the essentials in one convenient place.

What is Secrid’s Philosophy?

Secrid is devoted to creating quality products in an eco-friendly environment surrounded by great and talented people. “Ethically made” and “designed to last,” Secrid fully believes in providing the best for it’s customers, and it all starts with the core foundation of what makes a company great. Secrid is devoted to it’s 100 employees, it’s millions of customers – and also the community!

In addition to Secrid’s attention to detail regarding their products and overall company care, they also care about giving back. That’s why they’re active supporters of the Sheltersuit Foundation that focuses on spreading the story of homelessness to the world.

What Kinds of Products Does Secrid Sell?

Secrid features only the most sustainable materials in all of their products. In addition, their talented craftsmen and women are committed to providing the perfect pocket-sized essentials for everybody while also adhering to the standards of the day. For example, Secrid has been ahead of the game with regard to card protecting wallets even before they became popular in 2009!

Providing sleek, masculine wallets for men and beautifully feminine wallets for women, Secrid features classic leather wallets, unique money clips, mini wallets and artistically embroidered wallets to provide a bit of variety for everyone. Keeping heir carbon footprint small, they craft all of their products exclusively in Europe using the most locally-sourced materials as possible.

Secrid Products at Kariella

Safety First with Secrid's Protective Wallets

Secrid’s collection of premium wallets feature gorgeous 100% leather and aluminum materials for a slim, responsible wallet look and feel that will hold all of your essentials in one easy location. An easy snap enclosure on many of these wallets helps to keep your credit cards and bank notes extra safe while the slide or open book styles allow you to see everything that’s in your wallet without having to dig around for what you need.

One of our personal favorites from Secrid is the leather and aluminum Premium Slim Wallet with Embossed Lines. Its slim profile makes the Slim Wallet fit perfectly into every pocket. Meanwhile, the open exterior is cut extra wide to hold cards, banknotes and receipts. The card protector mechanism allows you to slide out cards with one simple motion while quality aluminum protects your cards from bending, breaking and unwanted wireless communication.

Minimalism at its Best with Secrid’s Slide Wallet Collection

Secrid features a myriad of slide wallets that are both sleek and provide additional storage for all your daily needs. One of our particular favorites is the Card Slide Wallet. This is a modular wallet consisting of a card protector and a slide and is held together by a money band for additional support and to hold yet more items neatly and compactly in your pocket.

Meanwhile, the extendable slide provides extra space to carry business cards, banknotes, coins and small personal items. The patented mechanism allows you to slide out your cards with one simple motion, ready for immediate use!

Simple Extravagance with Secrid’s Money Bands

The Money Band is designed for holding banknotes and receipts and is placed around one of Secrid’s easy-to-match wallets. Made of colorful elastic and stainless steel, the detail on the inside keeps everything firmly in place. Alternatively, the money band can join two card protectors together with space for some notes in between. As you can see, the versatility of Secrid’s wallet collection is never lacking!

Why Shop Secrid Wallets at Kariella?

Secrid’s priority is providing practical wallets made from lasting materials that will not only keep all your essentials in one place, but will keep everything safe and secure so you won’t have to worry about a thing.

We love Secrid’s unique style and commitment to the environment, to the community around them, to their employees and to their customers. Plus, the results of their well-made wallets, money clips, card protectors and more is clear. When it comes to purchasing a new wallet of any kind, we always pick Secrid!