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Daydreamer Tees

Shop bohemian graphic tees designed by Daydreamer. Featuring music inspired graphic tees including The Rolling Stones, Led Zeppelin, Johnny Cash, The Doors, Janis Joplin and more.

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Daydreamer Tom Petty Full Moon Fever Tee Daydreamer Tom Petty Full Moon Fever Tee
Tom Petty Full Moon Fever Tee Sale price$92.00 USD
Tim McGraw oversized short sleeve teeDaydreamer Tim McGraw the Cowboy in me tee
Tim McGraw The Cowboy In Me Tee Sale price$96.00 USD
Daydreamer Beastie Boys logo ringer teeDaydreamer Beastie Boys logo ringer tee
Beastie Boys Logo Ringer Sale price$102.00 USD
women's elton john 100% cotton boyfriend tee
Elton John 1975 Boyfriend Tee Sale price$84.00 USD
Rolling stones short sleeve graphic teedaydreamer tees ojai california
elton john pullover sweaterelton john band sweater
Elton John Long Long Time BF Crew Sale price$150.00 USD
Def Leppard Adrenalize BF Crew
Def Leppard Adrenalize BF Crew Sale price$154.00 USD
Unisex orange fleetwood mac oversized crewOrange fleetwood mac oversized crew
Fleetwood Mac Dove BF Crew Sale price$154.00 USD
The Doors Waiting For The Sun Teewhite the doors short sleeve graphic band tee
stevie nicks thermaldaydreamer long sleeve thermal tee
Stevie Nicks Bella Donna Thermal Sale price$112.00 USD
Rod Stewart World Tour Tee 1978rod steward rainbow tour tee
Rod Stewart Rainbow Tour Tee Sale price$96.00 USD
Unisex short sleeve grateful dead graphic tshirtgrateful dead autumn bears tee
Grateful Dead Autumn Bears Tee Sale price$92.00 USD
daydreamer poison joker flush tour teeWomen's 100% cotton white graphic band tee
Poison Joker Flush Tour Tee Sale price$92.00 USD
queen varsity crest teedaydreamer queen tee
Queen Varsity Crest Tee Sale price$98.00 USD
def leppard animal long sleeveWomen's oversized def leppard white long sleeve
Def Leppard Animal Longsleeve Sale price$96.00 USD
Women's white sleeveless elton john graphic band teeWomen's elton john graphic tee
Elton John Rocket Man 72 Tee Sale price$92.00 USD
Daydreamer Guns N Roses Paradise TeeDaydreamer Guns N Roses Paradise Off The Shoulder Tee
Guns N Roses Paradise Tee Sale price$92.00 USD
Daydreamer Queen Glitter Crest TeeDaydreamer Queen Glitter Crest Tee
Queen Glitter Crest Tee Sale price$92.00 USD
Women's sonny and cher band teeWomen's graphic band tee
Women's cotton elvis short sleeve graphic band teeDaydreamer Elvis Broke The Rules Tee
Elvis Broke the Rules Tee Sale price$84.00 USD
Daydreamer Sublime Band TeeDaydreamer Sublime
Sublime LBC Day Trip Tee Sale price$84.00 USD
Women's kiss short sleeve graphic band teeDaydreamer Kiss Destroyer MErch tee
Kiss Destroyer Merch Tee Sale price$92.00 USD
Elton John Rocket Man Boyfriend TeeElton John Daydreamer Tee
Elton John tee by DaydreamerElton John graphic tee
Elton John The One Solo Tee Sale price$84.00 USD
Daydreamer Rolling Stones graphic teeWomen's Rolling Stones graphic band tee | Kariella
Prince World Tour Tee - KariellaPrince World Tour Tee - Kariella
Prince World Tour Tee Sale price$84.00 USD

What is Daydreamer?

Daydreamer is a Los Angeles-based clothing brand that specializes in authentic graphic t-shirts meant for equally authentic people. Founded by Laura Glover, who made the pilgrimage to LA from Chicago to begin her dream, Daydreamer was eventually born out of her love of music and has been thriving ever since.

Whether you’re a fan of Hall and Oats, The Beetles, or whether you appreciate the nostalgia that comes from the feeling of an old t-shirt you got in the middle of Texas on that one road trip you took ten years ago, there’s a little something at Daydreamer to bring out your adventurous side.

What is Daydreamer’s Philosophy?


Made for authentic people everywhere and imbued with that iconic musical spirit of the ages, each Daydreamer t-shirt is meant to bring out your serendipitous side. The Daydreamer community is one that encourages the “yes” mentality that brings about new experiences and new ideas.


Bringing to life the iconic memory of that 80’s concert you went to when you were young, or the feeling you get when listening to The Beach Boys while driving with the top down, every Daydreamer tee you purchase is imbued with a myriad of emotions.

Whether you're a massive Nirvana fan and mourn the loss of Kurt Cobain, whether you dream of the good old days of Elvis Presley, or if you desperately want to relive that time in middle school when your friends dragged you to a Bruce Springsteen concert, you’re bound to feel something when you put on one of Daydreamer’s beautifully designed graphics tees.


As if it weren’t already clear, Daydreamer seeks to bring out your nostalgic side. Whether you were actually around to see Freddie Mercury play live, or if you grew up listening to music your parents loved back in the day, you’re sure to feel a hint of nostalgia when putting on a Daydreamer tee.

Even the non-rocker band t-shirts offer something special by way of nostalgia, be it the iconic cherry tee or a groovy Sonny and Cher tee that screams “I love the 70’s!” even though you were born in 1996. Daydreamer doesn’t discriminate when it comes to things like that. As far as they’re concerned, it’s come one, come all. So, if nostalgia’s what you’re looking for, you’ve come to the right place!


Because Daydreamer thrives on creating t-shirts that inspire people to laugh, to relive old memories, and to make new ones, they use every message contained within each t-shirt to inspire positivity and communication between themselves, their customers and the entire world! Now, that’s a boost of happiness we could all use, amen?

What is Daydreamers Fashion Style?

So, besides creating epic designs that are meant to bring out your inner rock god (or goddess), what makes Daydreamer tees so special? Here’s what they’re all about…

Creating That Lived-In Feel

Every Daydreamer t-shirt is custom knit and sent through a proprietary wash to give them a soft, comfortable, lived-in feel that also keeps it from shrinking. The result is a t-shirt that can withstand years of wear without actually wearing out.

In addition, Daydreamer experts test each t-shirt style on a variety of body types to ensure the best and most comfortable fit, no matter the wearer.

Each of these processes takes a bit of extra time and love, but the end result is worth the effort. You won’t find a better quality t-shirt anywhere else!

A Basis of Creativity

Daydreamer works with the management of each musical artist to create authentic designs that are 100% unique while also paying homage to the artists themselves. To achieve this goal, the team at Daydreamer scours flea markets, estate sales, websites and more to find band memorabilia and other sources of inspiration that will ultimately go into the one-of-a-kind designs you’ll see printed on their t-shirts.

Meticulously drawn by their digital artists, aged in just the right way to maintain that lived-in look and feel, and ultimately printed using high-tech printing presses for maximum wearability, every piece is a work of art that will stand the test of time.

Committed to Sustainability and Quality

From start to finish, every Daydreamer product is designed, cut and sewn in L.A. with the help of Daydreamer’s many trusted vendors, who they like to call their neighbors! In addition, every piece is cut to order, minimizing waste and maximizing quality.

Lastly, every Daydreamer t-shirt is sent through a multi-step approval process to ensure that the beautiful pieces you purchase are absolutely perfect before they ever reach your hands. The result is a trusted cut and fit that you can rely on time and time again.

What Daydreamer Products Does Kariella Carry?

Here at Kariella, you’ll find all your favorite rocker tees including Elton John, Queen, Guns N Roses, Kiss and so much more! We’re always getting more in, so take a look around and see what we’ve got. Even if we don’t have the one you’re looking for right now, we’re sure you’ll find at least a few more must-haves to add to your wardrobe!

Why Shop Daydreamer Tees at Kariella?

Because we are a modern bohemian boutique located in beautiful, sunny California, we appreciate anything that’s based locally, and we also love unique fashion styles made with love and passion – and that certainly describes Daydreamer! We love the way Daydreamer's style melds with our own, and we think you will, too! But don't take our word for it. Come on in to our Ojai store, or peruse our online store, and see for yourself!