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Rolla's Jeans

Shop Rolla's Jeans signature denim styles, corduroy clothing, stylish vests, and more!

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rollas sailor cord figrollas jeans sailor cord
Sailor Cord Sale price$126.00 USD
cord overallssuspender overalls
Eastcoast Flare Overall Sale price$154.00 USD
rollas eastcoast flaregreen cord flares
Eastcoast Flare Sale price$134.00 USD
east coast flare black velvetrollas jeans east coast flare
Eastcoast Flare Sale price$126.00 USD
Rollas Jeans Eastcoast Flare Galactic BlackRollas Jeans Eastcoast Flare Galactic Black
Eastcoast Flare Sale price$134.00 USD
halter cord vest brickrollas jeans halter vest
Halter Vest Sale price$114.00 USD
rollas jeans ballet cami blacksupportive black tank
Ballet Cami Sale price$52.00 USD
rollas jeans black toni tankorganic cotton tank
Toni Ribbed Tank Sale price$58.00 USD

What is Rolla's Jeans?

Rolla’s Jeans is a global denim brand based in Australia with locations in the Australian state of Victoria, as well as stores in New South Wales and New Zealand. In addition, Rolla’s Jeans features an online shop and wholesale options for businesses around the world.

What is Rolla’s Philosophy?

Rolla’s believes in keeping things classic and simple, offering quality denim and classic clothing options that cater to laidback personalities who love casual fashion that’s both clean and inviting. As a result, Rolla’s jeans are listed at the top of the market when it comes to their signature denim styles with impeccably designed fit, as well as their effortlessly stylish clothing options that showcase the wild and free Australian spirit.

What Makes Rolla’s Jeans Stand Out as a Brand?

Rolla’s is committed to producing classic jeans that fit any woman’s shape. For example, Rolla’s take the time to craft their jeans with an angled fit in the back for what they call “a truly peachy-looking butt.” That means no puckering, no slipping and no ill-fitting jeans!

This iconic denim brand's many beautiful clothing options can easily be woven into one’s personal style or worn as statement pieces that carry the rest of the look. Offering clean lines and the iconic back pocket stitching on their selection of stylish denim, Rolla’s signature clothing pieces will elevate your individual style with ease.

What Kinds of Products Does Rolla’s Jeans Offer?

You may be thinking that a brand called “Rolla’s Jeans” only offers varying types of denim jeans, but that’s simply not the case. While Rolla’s primary goal is to provide high-class denim to the everyday wearer, they’re also devoted to offering other unique clothing options as well. Take a look at everything that Rolla’s has to offer in the curated list below…

Rolla’s Jeans: Iconic Denim Styles

Rolla’s offers everything in the way of quality denim, including form-fitting, high-waisted jeans, low rise jeans for the low-rise jeans enthusiast, as well as a variety of fits such as slim cut jeans, straight leg jeans, wide leg jeans and more!

Featuring a super soft stretch denim that molds to the body for the most comfortable fit, Rolla’s jeans will become uniquely yours with every new wear and will last for a very long time!

Rolla’s Clothing: Effortless Style for the Everyday Wearer

Rolla’s offers quality clothing in addition to denim that can be worn for a myriad of occasions. Various casual outfits by Rolla’s can be made from their vast selection of feminine skirts and dresses, casual t-shirts and adorable tops, corduroy overalls and pants, iconic vests, jackets and more!

One of Rolla’s favorite style pairings includes their vest and pant duo. Pair your favorite jeans or cord pants with the perfect vest for a unique matching style or a mix-and-match look that’s both simple and chic. Plus, this outfit pairing can be worn in all seasons, either as a stand-alone set or with a t-shirt, long-sleeved shirt or turtleneck sweater under the vest, depending on the time of year.

Rolla’s Menswear: Capturing the Iconic Australian Spirit

For all the gentlemen out there, Rolla’s hasn’t left you out! Offering signature denim styles, casual button-up shirts, subtle graphic t-shirts, shorts and more, Rolla’s collection of high-quality menswear leaves nothing to be desired. You’ll find effortless clothing items in their extensive men’s collection, making Rolla’s a well-rounded clothing brand that caters to every type of person and every style personality.

Why We Love Rolla’s Jeans

Capturing the true Australian spirit in their quality denim and effortless clothing styles, Rolla’s Jeans offers a unique perspective to every person’s wardrobe. At Kariella, we love implementing new design styles into our modern bohemian fashion ideals, and Rolla’s is the perfect addition to that!

Some of our favorites from Rolla’s include their stylish wide leg and flared denim styles, their cord sets and their fitted jumpsuits, as we find that these unique clothing pieces enhance the bohemian woman’s personal style goals. Take a look at the versatile clothing options that Kariella offers from Rolla’s and discover how you can implement their iconic pieces into your own stylish wardrobe!