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Frankies Bikinis

Shop Frankies Bikinis at Kariella online and in stores. Featuring a variety of colorful bikinis and one pieces.

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Frankies Bikinis full moon eyelet bottom in angelFrankies Bikinis full moon eyelet bottom in angel
Full Moon Eyelet Bottom Sale price$95.00 USD
Frankies Bikinis chapel eyelet top in angelFrankies Bikinis chapel eyelet top in angel
Chapel Eyelet Top Sale price$130.00 USD
Frankies Bikinis dove terry bottom in pocketful of posiesFrankies Bikinis dove terry bottom in pocketful of posies
Dove Terry Rib Bottom Sale price$95.00 USD
Frankies Bikinis coastal terry rib top in pocketful of posiesFrankies Bikinis coastal terry rib top in pocketful of posies
Coastal Terry Rib Top Sale price$85.00 USD
Frankies Bikinis Dove bottom in red roverFrankies Bikinis Dove bottom in red rover
Dove Bottom Sale price$90.00 USD
Frankies Bikinis Nick top in red roverFrankies Bikinis Nick top in red rover
Nick Top Sale price$75.00 USD
Frankies Bikinis dove bottom in taffyFrankies Bikinis dove bottom in taffy
Dove Bottom Sale price$92.00 USD
Frankies Bikinis Nick top in taffyFrankies Bikinis Nick top in taffy
Nick Top Sale price$80.00 USD
Frankies Bikinis lumia top in sailor ginghamFrankies Bikinis lumia top in orchard picnic
Lumia Top Sale price$80.00 USD
Frankies Bikinis divine bottom in farmhouse floralsFrankies Bikinis divine bottom in scarlet dot
Divine Bottom Sale priceFrom $80.00 USD
Sold outFrankies Bikinis coastal triangle top in farmhouse floralsFrankies Bikinis coastal triangle top in farmhouse florals
Coastal Top Sale price$84.00 USD
frankies bikinis sunset orange swimtanner bottom by frankies bikinis
Tanner Bottom Sale price$100.00 USD
frankies bikinis full moon bottomneon pink floral bikini
Full Moon Bottom Sale price$76.00 USD
frankies bikinis hazel shine bottomfrankies bikinis hibiscus
Hazel Satin Bottom Sale price$80.00 USD
frankies bikinis enzo bottomenzo bottom rose picnic by frankies bikinbs
Enzo Bottom Sale price$80.00 USD
frankies bikinis sunset orange tanner topfrankies bikinis tanner top
Tanner Top Sale price$100.00 USD
Dean Bikini Top by Frankies Bikinisfrankies bikinis rose picnic
Dean Top Sale price$124.00 USD
frankies bikinis hibiscus floral bikinifrankies bikinis nick satin top
Nick Satin Top Sale price$76.00 USD
Frankies Bikinis dove bottom in berry in lovecherry bikini
Dove Bottom Sale price$92.00 USD
Frankies Bikinis cola top in berry in lovered gingham bikini
Cola Top Sale price$114.00 USD
frankies bikinis juliet one piece angel dustfrankies bikinis juliet one piece
Juliet Patchwork One Piece Sale price$182.00 USD
Tia Terry Top - KariellaTia Terry Top - Kariella
Tia Terry Top Sale price$73.80 USD Regular price$82.00 USD
Tia Ribbed Top - KariellaTia Ribbed Top - Kariella
Tia Ribbed Top Sale price$84.00 USD
Austin Bottom - KariellaAustin Bottom - Kariella
Austin Bottom Sale priceFrom $75.60 USD Regular price$84.00 USD
Georgia Bottom - KariellaGeorgia Bottom - Kariella
Georgia Bottom Sale price$84.00 USD

This high-end fashion label is well-known for its distinctive and aesthetically pleasing designs. In a recent collaboration with Gigi Hadid, Frankies Bikinis became even more iconic and sought after with a fan base of over 1.3 million on Instagram.

Frankies Bikinis will give you a complete 360, and what makes this brand truly special.

Who is Francesca Aiello?

Francesca Aiello, founder of Frankies Bikinis, began to create her bikini styles after her mother, Mimi, strongly encouraged her to pursue a career in custom swimwear. Making custom bikinis for her friends made her feet wet in the fashion industry.

As she started to post her work online, her passion flourished into a full-fledged business. Aiello's career took off in 2014 when she designed two different Frankies Bikinis collections for her unveiling at Miami Swim Week.

Frankies Bikinis has a mission to produce beach-ready swimwear inspired by the Malibu way of life, relaxed yet edgy. Frankies Bikinis has diversified its products to include casual wear, blouses, dresses, and rompers.

Industry names like supermodel Gigi Hadid, the Kardashians, and Sofia Richie have all been spotted wearing Frankies Bikinis beauty designs in the past. 

Aiello is also known for the Frankies Bikinis wildflower cases collaboration which was a fun project that she wanted to do with her friend of 10 years.

Are Frankies Bikinis Worth It?

Frankies Bikinis tops are an excellent choice for those searching for pretty swimwear with unique looks. They have a great selection of bathing suits and bikinis that are perfect for any beach event.

Their designs feature unique cut-outs, styles, and motifs that aren't typically found in beachwear collections. When it comes to swimwear, Frankies Bikinis appears to have it all.

Best Selling Frankies Bikinis Pieces

Every swim piece is designed with the utmost creativity and love. However, a few bikinis have been a regular on the site's search button.

1) The Lucky Waffle Crop Top

Lucky, a quintessential crop top bikini in all-time favorite waffle fabric, is from the Gigi Hadid collaboration. Pretty ribbon and lace adorned, Lucky is a top that can be worn in various ways. 

2) Colby Bikini Bottom

Let's make room for Colby, a funky new bathing suit. This bikini bottom has fully adjustable ties and a detailed ruffle design. The pastel yellow Colby is a must-have for your beachwear collection from Frankies Bikinis.

3) Fawn One-Piece Swimsuit

Another product of the iconic Gigi Hadid collection, Fawn, is the most lovely one-piece bathing suit of the season. Gigi Hadid featured the low back, high coverage, and delicate ruffle tapering details create an ideal balance of alluring and sweetness. One-piece swimsuit Fawn's three color choices and adjustable straps make it suitable for any summertime activity.

4) Misty High Neck Top

This pink floral bikini top from Frankies Bikinis features a high neck and a halter stitch for added support. For a day at the beach, wear the Misty crop top with any bikini bottoms or cargo pants for a night on the town!

Care Instructions

Frankies Bikinis are made from premium textiles and intricate crocheted accents. Make sure to follow the care instructions to preserve Frankies Bikinis in prime condition.

  • All Frankies Bikinis products should be washed by hand in ice water, using only mild soap.
  • Do not place directly under sunlight.
  • Do not bleach, dry clean, or use an iron.
  • Do not squeeze or leave bundled up wet.
  • Avoid rubbing the fabric against rough surfaces, as this can cause it to unravel.
  • Remember to wash your swimwear soon after use if it has been exposed to high chlorine levels.
  • Bikinis can be stained or damaged by all kinds of bronzing oils, sprays, and fake tanners.
  • Rinsing your Frankie Bikini quickly after use will help it last longer. You can't return washed or worn items to Frankies Bikinis.