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Alex Crane

For the stylish and environmentally-conscious individual, shop 100% organic and sustainable products such as linen shorts and button-downs.

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Alex crane sun tee in rioAlex crane sun tee in rio
Sun Tee Sale price$76.00 USD
Alex Crane kite jacket in boneKite jacket by Alex Crane in bone
Kite Jacket Sale price$216.00 USD
Bo PantsBo Pants
Bo Pants Sale price$152.00 USD
Alex Crane Bo pants in nightAlex Crane Bo pants in night
Bo Pants Sale price$152.00 USD
mens green linen shortsbo shorts alex crane for men
Bo Shorts Sale price$86.00 USD
mens linen stripe button downmens linen shirt
Playa Shirt Sale price$172.00 USD
mens green ola shirtmens linen short sleeve button down
Ola Shirt Sale price$152.00 USD

What and Who is Alex Crane?

Alex Crane is a men’s and women’s clothing brand founded by Alex Crane himself in 2016 in New York, USA. A lifelong visionary in the art of clothes making, Alex began designing clothing concepts that now set him apart in the industry as someone devoted to style, sustainability and support of one’s personal growth as as human being – not to mention the healthy growth of the community and the environment around us as well!

What is Alex Crane’s Philosophy?

As a brand, Alex Crane prides itself on making “breezy” clothing. From the fabrics, colors, designs and fit, Alex Crane clothing is designed to keep you cool and comfortable as you go about your day-to-day with as much ease as you can muster. But simply making breezy products to accommodate a breezy lifestyle isn’t enough. Here are some other areas that Alex Crane is committed to keeping breezy, too…


Because 65% of the world’s clothing is made from plastic, which is not only non-biodegradable, but also toxic and made from petroleum, keeping us chained to fossil fuels, the drive to separate ourselves from this harmful way of making clothes has become a leading factor in the way that Alex Crane goes about its business. Devoted to an all-natural way of doing things that takes them back to basics, Alex Crane is working toward a better, simpler way of making and wearing clothing that will ultimately help ourselves and our earth stay as healthy as possible.

Natural Materials

To this end of saving the environment, Alex Crane has revolutionized the art of clothing-making through the many natural ingredients that go into the clothes it produces. From natural fabrics such as alpaca, merino wool, organic cotton and European linen; to plant-based materials such as cactus, natural rubber from rubber trees, corozo (nicknamed “plant ivory”) and coconut; in addition to raw leather, every single one of the materials Alex Crane utilizes is strictly organic.

In addition, Alex Crane uses organic softeners, botanical dyes and other natural dyes in the processing stage, making every step of the clothing-making process 100% natural, which puts Alex Crane in the top 1% of organic clothing makers in the world!

What Alex Crane Products Can You Find at Kariella?

At the moment, Kariella features products from Alex Crane’s iconic men’s line. Here are a few of the clothing items we carry…


Being a California-based clothing store, we naturally carry a variety of linen button-down men’s shirts from Alex Crane, which can be found on our Men’s Den store online, or at our Ojai storefront in the Men’s Den section.

One of our favorite’s is the Men’s Ola Shirt. This short-sleeved button down is made from sustainably-grown French linen and washed with biodegradable softeners. In addition, the buttons are made with corozo, a Brazilian nut known as "plant ivory," and this organic-dyed shirt comes in two colors: Moss and Lines (which is a thinly-striped pattern).


In addition to a selection of stylish men’s shirts, we also carry a selection of linen shorts to keep our gentleman customers cool and comfortable, particularly in the warm summer months in Southern California.

Our current favorite is the Bo Shorts, which are also made from sustainable French linen and softened with biodegradable softeners. These come in a whopping four different colors to provide a bit of variety while keeping with the iconic cut of these shorts. We invite you to take a look and see for yourself why these are among our top rated of Alex Crane’s products.

Why Shop Alex Crane Clothing at Kariella?

At Kariella, we’re always looking for great clothing brands that are not only made extremely well, but that are also sustainable. We’re committed to helping the environment with every purchase made, and Alex Crane is one of the leaders in sustainability and naturally-made products in the world. We invite you to browse our current selection of Alex Crane clothing items and see for yourself. We guarantee you won’t be disappointed!