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Gigi Pip

Shop Gigi Pip hats at Kariella online and in stores. Featuring bohemian style hats, including wide-brimmed felt hats, straw Panama hats, Western chic hats and more!

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Gigi Pip zephyr rancher hat in sageGigi Pip zephyr rancher hat in mixed ivory
Zephyr Rancher Hat Sale price$129.00 USD
Women's brown felt hatWomen's triangle top hat
Dakota Triangle Crown Hat Sale price$129.00 USD
Women's black hat Women's brown hat with small side detail
Linden Boater Hat Sale price$156.00 USD
river guatemalan palm hat by gigi pip ivory river guatemalan palm hat by gigi pip ivory
River Guatemalan Palm Hat Sale price$206.00 USD
Women's ivory colored round top felt hatWomen's round top ivory hat
Ginger Gambler Hat Sale price$108.00 USD
gigi pip laila raffia visorgigi pip laila raffia visor
Laila Raffia Visor Sale price$72.00 USD

What is Gigi Pip?

Gigi Pip is a specialty women’s hat brand based in Salt Lake City, Utah by husband and wife team, Jon and Ginger Parrish. Over the years, and after perfecting their wide variety of handcrafted hats, Gigi Pip has been featured in various magazines such as Vanity Fair, Vogue, Forbes, People, Reader’s Digest & many more.

What is Gigi Pip’s Philosophy?

Utilizing the hashtag, #TheHatsWeWear, Gigi Pip is a hat brand inspired by women who love to wear hats and love to wear them often. The goal that founders Jon and Ginger wish to achieve is making hats whose physical shape and appearance helps to further every woman’s confidence while also enhancing her own personal style.

In addition, Jon and Ginger have furthered their dream of bridging the gap in the hat market by combining highly fashionable, well-made hats at an affordable price so that women everywhere have a chance to find exactly what they’re looking for, no matter their style or budget.

What Kinds of Hats Does Gigi Pip Sell?

Catering to women’s fashion, Gigi Pip offers a wide range of headwear for women of all tastes. From Panama straw hats to western hats, wide-brimmed fedoras, faux fur winter hats and so much more, Gigi Pip has a hat for every personality, style, occasion and season.

What Makes Gigi Pip Stand Out As a Hat Brand?

Every hat designed by Gigi Pip goes through at least 70 steps to ensure maximum quality. The result is a beautifully crafted hat that is not only unique, but will stand the test of time.

Gigi Pip is committed to using only the best materials when making their hats while also ensuring that every worker producing their products is happy, respected and treated fairly – because putting stock in one’s employees ensures a better working environment and thus, better quality products that make their way out into the world – and straight into your closet!

Gigi Pip sources materials from all over the world, be it wool from Australia or leather from Europe and Asia. In addition, Gigi Pip offers a selection of hats that are completely animal-free as way to cater to any and all women, no matter their beliefs and fashion preferences.

Gigi Pip Hats at Kariella: Our Favorite Hat Styles

Being a modern bohemian boutique located in the heart of Ojai, California, Kariella loves to showcase primarily wide-brimmed felt, leather and straw hats that enhance the bohemian personality in our clothes, as well as our accessories. That’s why we love Gigi Pip so much!

From classic Panama hats to felt fedoras – or switching it up with some of western/Mexican infusion styles and pencil hats that make you wonder whether you’re the new sheriff in town or the notorious Joaquin Murrieta – or maybe just something casual to wear while vacationing to someplace warm and sunny, we love to top off our 70’s-style gypsy looks and swimwear with just the right hat. Gigi Pip is the perfect place to go for that!

Why Shop Gigi Pip at Kariella?

If you’re a boho chic, Woodstock-loving, warm-weather gypsy native who loves the wild freedom that goes with the lifestyle, we invite you to further your fashion goals – and boost your own self-confidence – with a Gigi Pip hat that matches the beautiful, unique person that you are. And, as a bonus, Gigi Pip hats are made with you in mind, so there’s no one-hat-fits-all where Gigi Pip is concerned. Your new hat will fit your features beautifully, your head perfectly, and your style unconditionally whenever you shop for hats by Gigi Pip.