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Agua Bendita

Shop Agua Bendita swimwear, clothing and accessory designs handmade by talented artisans in Columbia.Featuring gorgeous printed bikinis, romantic kimonos and a selection of beachwear accessories.

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Agua Bendita Jack shirt in white cipresAgua Bendita Jack shirt in green cipres
Jack Shirt Sale price$124.00 USD
Agua Bendita Chrissy shirt in kaiAgua Bendita Chrissy shirt in kai
Chrissy Shirt Sale price$202.00 USD
Agua Bendita Aldana bottom in eterAgua Bendita Aldana bottom in eter
Aldana Bikini Bottom Sale price$114.00 USD
Agua Bendita valle top in eterAgua Bendita valle top in eter
Valle Bikini Top Sale price$202.00 USD
Sold outAgua Bendita alegria bottom in seedAgua Bendita alegria bottom in seed
Alegria Bikini Bottom Sale price$114.00 USD
Sold outAgua Bendita lolita bikini top in seedAgua Bendita lolita bikini top in seed
Lolita Bikini Top Sale price$144.00 USD
Agua Bendita tammy bottom in dreaminAgua Bendita tammy bottom in dreamin
Tammy Bikini Bottom Sale price$114.00 USD
Agua Bendita rosie top in dreaminAgua Bendita rosie top in dreamin
Rosie Bikini Top Sale price$144.00 USD
claus bikini bottom by agua benditaaguja claus bikini bottom by agua bendita
Claus Bikini Bottom Sale price$111.60 USD Regular price$124.00 USD
alegria tie bottoms by agua benditaagua bendita alegria tie bottoms boreal
Alegria Tie Bottoms Sale price$102.60 USD Regular price$114.00 USD
lolita bikini topagua bendita floral swimwear
Lolita Bikini Top Sale price$144.00 USD
alexis tie bottoms agua bendita swimwear
Alexis Tie Bottoms Sale price$114.00 USD
mens jack shirt gres by agua benditamens patterned neutral button up
Jack Shirt Sale price$124.00 USD
Agua Bendita Malibu Vini MonokiniAgua Bendita Malibu Vini Monokini
Malibu Vini Monokini Sale price$169.20 USD Regular price$188.00 USD
Agua Bendita Gillian Vini DressAgua Bendita Gillian Vini Dress
Gillian Vini Dress Sale price$188.00 USD
Sold outagua bendita mens jack tonka buttondownagua bendita mens jack tonka buttondown
Jack Tonka Buttondown Sale price$111.60 USD Regular price$124.00 USD
Agua Bendita nordi sally hatembroidered straw hat
Nordi Sally Hat Sale price$124.00 USD
agua bendita carrie one piececut out tie up bandeau one piece swim
Carrie Sally One Piece Sale price$188.00 USD
lolita sally bikini top by agua benditacrochet detailing bikini top
Lolita Sally Bikini Top Sale price$142.00 USD
hand embroidered bikiniagua bendita sally
Allegria Sally Bikini Bottoms Sale price$114.00 USD
Sold outagua bendita skirtagua bendita violet skirt
Violet Sally Skirt Sale price$162.00 USD
agua bendita crochet topagua bendita crochet top with wide leg pants
Nellie Shaka Crochet Top Sale price$129.60 USD Regular price$144.00 USD
agua bendita lua praia bikini toptropical bandeau bikini top
Lua Praia Bikini Top Sale price$126.00 USD
Agua Bendita Sophia Praia BottomsAgua Bendita Sophia Praia Bottoms
Sophia Praia Bottoms Sale price$106.00 USD
Aguabendita blue monokiniWomen's blue cross back bikini
Malibu Praia Monokini Sale price$154.80 USD Regular price$172.00 USD
agua bendita mia vita embroidered topagua bendita mia vita embroidered top
Mia Vita Embroidered Top Sale price$144.00 USD
Haim Vita Tie Bottoms by Agua Benditaagua bendita vita
Haim Vita Tie Bottoms Sale price$114.00 USD

What is Agua Bendita?

Agua Bendita is a clothing and swimwear brand from Columbia that was founded in 2003 by best friends, Catalina Álvarez and Mariana Hinestroza. The Agua Bendita dream began when the two women wanted to merged fashion and design to create their own unique swimsuit brand. They started doing this by producing handmade pieces for friends and family that were expertly crafted from scrap pieces of fabric on Cata’s grandmother’s old sewing machine.

Now, Agua Bendita is more than just a swimwear brand. Offering women’s clothing and accessories, a maternity line, an assortment of beachwear, as well as menswear and children’s clothing, Agua Bendita features their unique clothing and swimwear in thirty retail stores in Columbia alone, but it’s label can be found in over fifty different countries worldwide!

What is Agua Bendita’s Philosophy?

This beautiful Columbian brand’s philosophy centers on teamwork and thrives on it’s team’s ability to grow and work together.

Agua Bendita’s team consists primarily of women, many of whom are stay-at-home moms, and all of whom design the beautiful fabrics, hone their generations-old embroidery skills, and craft the many different beautiful designs that make Agua Bendita so unique. These Columbian artisan women are called ABHearts, the very heart and soul of Agua Bendita that are poured into every specialized piece they make. With these empowered women who not only raise their families, but help to raise Agua Bendita into a worldwide company, every finished product is that much more special as it passes from their hands to yours!

What Makes Agua Bendita Stand Out as a Brand?

Focusing on beautiful, hand drawn prints full of vibrants colors that capture the spirit of Columbia, we can see the beautiful soul of every unique piece that passes through Agua Bendita’s doors.

Featuring nature themes with beautiful floral details, romantic prints filled with unforgettable colors, spirit-filled patterns that offer a groovy, 70’s style to your wardrobe, and also a beautiful maternity line for the next generation of mothers, you’ll truly feel that you’re walking through the beautiful Columbian landscapes when wearing one of Aqua Bendita’s one-of-a-kind products.


Agua Bendita is dedicated toward integrity, quality and service. For this reason, they’re committed to sourcing materials only from suppliers who comply with current standards of social responsibility and the promotion of new jobs and opportunities for individuals and companies. In addition, their code of ethics is centered toward human rights, fair competition, environmental awareness and a strict policy against bribery and corruption.

Because of the ancestral techniques employed by ABHearts artisans, Agua Bendita is able to trace every piece that they produce, knowing where and how each piece was made. This helps them to maintain accountability and credibility as a sustainable brand committed to the betterment of business tactics, design, inter-company relationships and human development both in Columbia and around the world.

What Kinds of Products Does Agua Bendita Offer?

Agua Bendita offers a variety of beautiful women swimsuits, including one-pieces, bikinis and maternity swimwear. Agua Bendita also features reversible swimsuits, mix-and-match swimsuits and family matching swimsuits.

Hop on over to the clothing section for a wide range of clothing and resort apparel, lovely accessories, beachwear and cover-ups, and so much more to top of that soul-inspired look.

In addition, shoppers can check out Agua Bendita’s men’s collection and adorable children’s wear for swimwear and clothing for the whole family!

High Fashion: Agua by Agua Bendita

Meet Agua by Agua Bendita, AB’s premier high fashion line that honors the Latin American origins of its creators with timeless, sophisticated pieces that are not only enchanting, but can be worn and loved for years to come!

Featuring exquisite detailing on both clothing and swimwear, Agua by Agua Bendita is more than just a side business. It’s been featured in magazines worldwide, including Vogue, Fashion Network and L’Officiel. Featuring storefronts in Medellín and Cartagena, as well as their online shop, we highly recommend the high fashion styles that Agua by Agua Bendita has to offer!

Why We Love Agua Bendita

As a modern bohemian boutique that focuses on beautiful designs, dreamy prints, unique wardrobe options and the particular emphasis on soul-filled 70’s styles, our bohemian ideals mesh beautifully with the bold, romantic styles that Agua Bendita has to offer. From ethereal kimonos to embroidered bikinis, floral maxi dresses, breezy menswear and more, we’re loving everything from Agua Bendita! But don’t take our word for it. Check out Kariella’s collection of AB clothing, accessories and swim and see for yourself!