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Otra Eyewear

Shop Otra Eyewear at Kariella online and in stores. Featuring affordable chic sunglasses designs in a variety of shapes and colors to complete every look.

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Otra Eyewear Velda Sunglasses GoldOtra Eyewear Velda Sunglasses Black
Velda Sunglasses Sale price$76.00 USD
Otra Eyewear Zamora SunglassesOtra Eyewear Zamora Sunglasses
Zamora Sunglasses Sale price$72.00 USD
Otra Eyewear Fyn Sunglasses in tortoiseOtra Eyewear Fyn Sunglasses in tortoise
Fyn Sunglasses Sale price$72.00 USD
Otra Eyewear Belle Sunglasses in blackOtra Eyewear Belle Sunglasses in black
Belle Sunglasses Sale price$80.00 USD
Otra Eyewear aster sunglasses in goldOtra Eyewear aster sunglasses in gold
Aster Sunglasses Sale price$76.00 USD
Otra Transit blackotra eyewear transit
Transit Sunglasses Sale price$68.00 USD
otra hamptons roseotra hamptons gold sunglasses
Hamptons Sunglasses Sale price$68.00 USD
Virgo Sunglassesotra eyewear virgo sunglasses
Virgo Sunglasses Sale price$72.00 USD
Rita Sunglasses - KariellaRita Sunglasses - Kariella
Rita Sunglasses Sale price$76.00 USD