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Shop Maaji swimwear and clothing designs at Kariella online and in stores. Featuring a variety of floral print bikinis, colorful one-pieces and gorgeous vacation wear.

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Maaji Fressia Sunset Ruffle TopMaaji lace up bikini top floral print
maaji luna long dressmaaji python
Luna Long Dress Sale price$145.80 USD Regular price$162.00 USD
maaji khaki long dress alohamaaji tropical floral maxi dress
Khaki Long Dress Sale price$145.80 USD Regular price$162.00 USD
maaji flirt thin side bottommaaji thin side bottoms
Flirt Thin Side Bottom Sale price$70.20 USD Regular price$78.00 USD
maaji ruffle tri top florymaaji ruffle tri top
Ruffle Tri Top Sale price$79.00 USD
maaji high leg bikini bottomMaaji high leg bikini bottom flory
High Leg Bikini Bottom Sale price$73.00 USD
maaji rubik cubemaaji balmy sliding tri top
Balmy Sliding Tri Top Sale price$75.00 USD
maaji flash single strap bottom rubik cubemaaji flash single strap bottom rubik cube
Flash Single Strap Bottom Sale price$73.00 USD
maaji kaleidoscope ursule topmaaji kaleidoscope
Kaleidoscope Ursule Top Sale price$79.00 USD
maaji kaleidoscopemaaji hope bottom
Kaleidoscope Hope Bottom Sale price$73.00 USD
maaji cheetah triangle topmaaji ivy fixed triangle top
Ivy Fixed Triangle Top Sale price$82.00 USD
maaji splendour high leg bottom cheetahcheetah print reversible bottom
Splendour High Leg Bottom Sale price$78.00 USD
blossom jadie topmaaji jadie top
Blossom Jadie Top Sale price$81.00 USD
maaji blossom kali bottommaaji blossom
Blossom Kali Bottom Sale price$75.00 USD
maaji swizzlemaaji camellia top
Swizzle Camellia Top Sale price$75.00 USD
maaji swizzle sunny bottommaaji swizzle
Swizzle Sunny Bottom Sale price$73.00 USD
maaji picasso flash bottommaaji single strap flash bottom
Picasso Flash Bottom Sale price$73.00 USD
maaji reversible bikini bottomsMaaji Fressia Kali Ruffle Bottom
Maaji Tube TopMaaji Cheetah print top
Lara Tube Top Sale price$46.80 USD Regular price$52.00 USD
maaji ciele classic one piecemaaji floral one piece
Ciele Classic One Piece Sale price$167.00 USD
Maaji Balmy Triangle Top Tropical Leavesmaaji tropical bikini
Balmy Triangle Bikini Top Sale price$81.00 USD
sunny side tie bottom by maajitropical print reversible bikini
Sunny Tie Side Bottom Sale price$79.00 USD
maaji frankie shortsmaaji eclectic palms frankie shorts
Eclectic Palms Frankie Shorts Sale price$80.00 USD
maaji lush leavesmaaji splendour high leg bottom lush leaves
Splendour High Leg Bottom Sale price$79.00 USD
maaji tropical bikinimaaji jady underwire bikini top
Jady Underwire Bikini Top Sale price$88.00 USD
Maaji Antique Botanical Debora One Piecemaaji ditsy floral one piece swim
nyla triangle top by maajicaramel brown maaji swim
Caramel Brown Nyla Triangle Top Sale price$76.00 USD
maaji caramel brown swimmaaji neutral reversible swimwear
Maaji Sierra Triangle Top Sea Pinkmaaji sea pink
Sierra Triangle Top Sale price$76.00 USD
Faith Bikini Bottom Sale price$72.00 USD
Maaji dreambound buttonup shirt in aloha viewMaaji dreambound buttonup shirt in aloha view
Dreambound Buttonup Shirt Sale price$110.00 USD
Moon Day Dress by MaajiMaaji dyed maxi dress
Moon Bay Dress Sale price$170.00 USD
Maaji Ophelia Pants in aloha viewMaaji Ophelia Pants in aloha view
Ophelia Pants Sale price$146.00 USD
Maaji Zoe One Piece in aloha viewMaaji zoe one piece in aloha view
Zoe One Piece Sale price$174.00 USD
Maaji brenda triangle top in aloha viewMaaji brenda triangle top in aloha view
Brenda Triangle Top Sale price$96.00 USD
Maaji Flash Bikini Bottom in aloha viewMaaji flash bikini bottom in aloha view
Flash Bikini Bottom Sale price$80.00 USD
Maaji balty triangle top in burgundy stripeMaaji balty triangle top in burgundy stripe
Balty Triangle Top Sale price$102.00 USD
Maaji sunshiny tie bottom in burgundy stripeMaaji sunshiny tie bottom in burgundy stripe
Sunshiny Tie Bottom Sale price$100.00 USD

What is Maaji?

Maaji is a Columbia-based swimwear and lifestyle brand founded by sisters, Amalia and Manuela, who have grown their small business into a worldwide brand that’s been featured in stores like Nordstrom and Anthropologie. Consisting of over 350 employees deemed Maaji’s Maagic Makers, this B Corp certified company has searched for that endless summer style, providing beautifully crafted swimsuits and clothing items to women everywhere who love to soak in those warm sunny rays.

What is Maaji’s Philosophy?

Seeking perpetual summer in their quality clothing and swimwear, Maaji is committed to providing fun prints and styles that keep a woman outdoors in the sun – and looking oh-so-stylish while doing it!

Believing in a theme of togetherness, Maaji states, “We are one with the ocean, an ocean that brings us together.” They complete this goal by embracing the freedom that comes from being true to oneself. Their beautiful designs and effortless styles help to bring out each woman’s unique personality that will allow her to proclaim her wonderful and beautiful self to the world!

What Makes Maaji Stand Out as a Brand?

Inspired by ocean-themed colors and prints, Maaji has developed a bit of Maajic with their 4-way swimsuits, bikinis that can be worn 4 different ways for maximum versatility and style. This new and spectacular breakthrough in swimwear technology has put Maaji on the forefront of swim fashion for all those looking for the most bang for their buck and also the most options for all their packing needs when going on vacation.

What is Maaji's View on Sustainability?

Maaji prides themselves on being a B Corp company, meaning they take responsibility for the sourcing of their materials while also providing their workers with respect, dignity and most importantly, consistent livable wages that ensure they and their families are well taken care of.

What Kinds of Products Does Maaji Offer?

Maaji offers a wide range of beautiful and sustainable swimwear pieces, including mix-and-match bikinis, reversible bikinis, matching bikinis and one-pieces in a myriad of fun prints and styles. In addition, shoppers can find swimsuit coverups, as well as chic clothing items that are perfect for the summer beach-goer or worldwide vacationer. Add in a lovely little collection of accessories such as handbags, hair accessories and travel items and you’ve got yourself a well-rounded lifestyle brand that you can turn to for all your summer needs.

Why We Love Maaji

Maaji embodies that “day at the beach” style that we at Kariella adore. Being a modern bohemian boutique located in the heart of Ojai, California, we really do live in the endless summer climate and crave our lovely Saturdays at the beach. We also love to take our vacations in beautiful tropical climates like in our neighbor Mexico, which means we’re always on the lookout for versatile pieces that will help to make our vacations and staycations alike that much more memorable. That’s why we love Maaji – because there’s truly Maajic in everything they offer!