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Day & Mood

Shop Day & Mood 100% Scandinavian leather handbags, wallets & bumbags (fanny packs) at Kariella online and in stores.

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kee wallet day & moodsaddle leather woven wallet
Kee Wallet Sale price$128.00 USD
Kee bumbag in saddlekee bumbag - kariella
Kee Bumbag Sale price$176.00 USD

What is Day & Mood?

Day & Mood is a Danish accessory brand that specializes in handmade, 100% leather handbags and purses. Shoppers can purchase quality leather goods from Day & Mood direct from their shop in Denmark or from their two stores in New York and L.A. In addition, shoppers can purchase Day & Mood accessories from select retailers like Kariella, and also from Day & Mood’s main website.

As an international brand, Day & Mood ships worldwide, so you can order your chic leather handbag from the comfort of your home and Day & Mood will deliver your perfect accessory directly to your door!

What is Day & Mood’s Philosophy?

Day & Mood believes in showcasing the Scandinavian minimalist style partnered with a bohemian flare. As such, their gorgeously crafted pieces feature a crisp, clean and unique feel that makes them just as versatile it they are exotic.

Featuring themes of creativity, quality and responsibility, every one of Day & Mood’s 15 employees is dedicated to providing inspiration and passion into every piece. Care is a top priority for Day & Mood, which means that from start to finish, they’re putting in a bit of themselves with every purse, handbag, wallet and more.

With a motto of ‘Live at Little,’ Day & Mood confidently tells us, “It’s a reminder that you are the one in control of your life. Every design we make aims to encourage this message, because every design we make is perfectly unique. Just like you.” With that kind of passion, their products must be pretty great, right? Girl, we’re just getting started on how much we love Day & Mood!

What Kinds of Products Does Day & Mood Sell?

From backpacks to bucket bags, wallets, phone cases, purses, satchels, crossbody bags, totes, shoulder bags and hobos, Day & Mood has a little something for everyone from their buttery soft leather collection.

Whether you like woven leather handbags, smooth leather wallets, fringe backpacks; if you love braided leather, pleats, imprints; styles featured in black, brown, tan and more, we guarantee that Day & Mood will satisfy your own individual style with each of their handcrafted pieces.

Day & Mood Products at Kariella

Bumbag or Fanny Pack? It’s All the Same at Day & Mood

No matter what anyone tells you, the fanny pack is here to stay – or the bumbag, as our Danish friends like to call it. And believe us, these aren’t your average 80’s fanny packs. These are quality bags made from Day & Mood’s 100% leather collection that defies most other leather brands. Day & Mood says so themselves when they tell us, "The way we handle our leather is highly focused on limiting the use of unnecessary chemicals. The safety of our staff is one of our main priorities along with our environmental impact.” Thus, the result is a selection of highly specialized leather products that will not only last, but will lessen your environmental footprint. It’s a win-win!

One of our current Day & Mood favorites is the Kee Bumbag, the perfect on-the-go leather bag for all your fun adventures. This beautiful bumbag features an exquisite woven exterior with a 100% cotton lining. Plus, it’s delightfully compact size makes this leather pack a fan favorite. Don’t worry, though. This little bag is actually quite spacious & can carry everything you need! It also comes in four beautiful shades: camel, light taupe, black and saddle – in other words, one for every day and every mood!

Feeling One-of-a-Kind with Day & Mood Wallets

When looking for a wallet, there are millions and millions to choose from. But with all the generic wallet options out there, isn’t it fun to look for a unique bag that stands out from the rest? That’s where Day & Mood comes in. Their eclectic selection of wallets defies the cookie-cutter standards by offering an understated, yet unique look that highlights the iconic Scandinavian charm.

Right now, we’re loving the Kee Wallet to help you keep all your essentials in one beautifully crafted place. This fun wallet is woven with Day & Mood’s 100% durable leather that’s both soft and functional, making it a stylishly comfortable piece for all those days on-the-go. Plus, this unique wallet features a detachable wristlet to accommodate you on every occasion.

Why Shop Day & Mood?

At Kariella, we’re dedicate to showcasing quality brands that have a passion for creation, and that’s certainly the case with Day & Mood. Their glorious attention to detail, partnered with their lust for life and their goal to bring unique, hand-tailored, environmentally-friendly pieces to the world are things we absolutely love. And once you’re a proud owner of a Day & Mood accessory, we think you’ll love them, too!