Handcrafted Jewelry by Mikal Winn Designs

Designer Mikal Winn is no newcomer to the jewelry scene, having handcrafted his own selection of exceptional jewelry for over twenty years. Beginning with his signature belt buckles famously worn by celebrities such as Halle Berry, Britney Spears, and Lucy Lui, and featuring his collection in galleries and boutiques all over the world, this is one artist whose work demands to be recognized.

Every piece is handcrafted and made to order using Mikal's trademark soldering technique and incorporating precious stones into the mix. The result is a "unique mix of rugged nature and urban sparkle." But don't take our word for it.

At Kariella, we feature some of Mikal's most iconic pieces just for you. Let's take a look at what this "rugged nature and urban sparkle" looks like!

 1. The Black Diamond Pendant

Mikal Winn Black Diamond Pendant Necklace

The Black Diamond Pendant Necklace is the perfect piece to start with. This gorgeous pendant features a Swarovski Crystal set in a brass hoop with gold fringe detailing. Adjustable with a 12.5" chain and a 2" extender, wear this statement necklace with any number of outfits.

Black Diamond Pendant, $264

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2. Crystal Silver Fringe Necklace

Mikal Winn Crystal Silver Fringe Necklace

Rugged. Sparkly. We get it. The Crystal Silver Fringe Necklace is another prime example of Mikal's talents. This one also features a Swarovski Crystal set in brass with silver fringe detailing. An adjustable 11" chain with 2" extender makes it yet another versatile piece that's sure to turn some heads.

Crystal Silver Fringe Necklace, $198

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3. Mesh + Crystal Cuff

Mikal Winn Mech and crystal Cuff Silver Jewelry

Talk about making an entrance! The Mesh + Crystal Cuff bracelet features a 2" sterling silver-plated brass cuff base that can be molded to your wrist for the perfect fit. Hard-core, yet absolutely feminine, this piece is an absolute attention-grabber.

Mesh + Crystal Cuff, $198

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4. The Triple Crystal Fringe Necklace

Mikal Winn Triple Crystal Fringe Earring

The Triple Crystal Fringe Necklace is another favorite of ours. This stunning necklace features three Swarovski Crystals with brass chain fringe detailing for a bit of flare. Resting on a 16" brass chain, it's the ideal pendant for all those bold statement-makers out there.

Triple Crystal Fringe Necklace, $210

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5. The Crystal Gold Fringe Necklace

Mikal Winn Crystal Gold Fringe Necklace

Mikal loves Swarovski! And can you blame him? The Crystal Gold Fringe Necklace features a Swarovski Crystal set below a brass ring. Finishing it off, we have a bit of gold brass mesh fringe detailing, because why not? Resting on a whopping 18" brass chain, just watch how this dangly necklace catches the light.

Crystal Gold Fringe Necklace, $186

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6. The Brass Mesh Cross Cuff

Mikal Winn Brash Mesh Cross Cuff

The Brass Mesh Cross Cuff bracelet is another show-stopper. This 2" wide cuff features a sterling silver-plated brass base that can be molded to your wrist for the ideal fit. This is yet another piece that'll capture the light beautifully.

Brass Mesh Cross Cuff, $176

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7. The Crystal + Azurite Necklace

Mikal Winn Crystal + Azurite Necklace

The Crystal + Azurite Necklace is a divine example of Mikal's ability to use different stones to capture beauty in a piece. This pendant features a Swarovski Crystal under a brass hoop and an azurite crystal at the bottom for supreme good measure. Wear this on an adjustable 18" brass chain so all the world can get a look at this fine bit of jewelry.

Crystal + Azurite Necklac, $198

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8. Crystal Turq Necklace

Mikal Winn Crystal Turq Necklace Turquoise Necklace

The Crystal Turquoise Necklace looks a bit like sunset in the desert, don't you think? This remarkable piece features a double-chain necklace with a hand-forged fringe pendant, well-equipped with brass, silver, crystal, and a turquoise stone. One of Mikal's shorter necklaces, this one comes on an 8" chain with a 3" extender.

Crystal Turq Necklace, $274

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9. Hammered Brass Hoop With Crystal + Zicron Necklace

Mikal Winn Hammered Brass Hoop With Crystal + Zicron Necklace

What a way to top off our list! The Hammered Brass Hoop + Zicron Necklace features three zicron brass rings as well as a crystal in the center for a mystic, otherworldly sort of look. The versatility of this piece makes it an instant go-to for any outfit.

Hammered Brass Hoop + Zicron Necklace, $198

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