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Article: The 7 Denim Trends You Need This Spring

The 7 Denim Trends You Need This Spring
2020 denim trends

The 7 Denim Trends You Need This Spring

With the dawning of Spring comes a whole new season of denim. But just because it's new doesn't mean you won't recognize some of Spring 2020's trending styles. In fact, you may have even been waiting for some of these to make their way in (or maybe even back in) to the fashion scene. Hopefully if that's you, then you're in for a real treat. And if not, well then you're still in for a treat. Because whether you're a skinny jeans kinda gal, a super wide-leg lover, if all you wear is vintage, or if your motto is 'the more relaxing the better,' never fear. The perks of being in a new decade are thus that, in the realm of denim fashion at least, there's a little something for everyone.

So with that, give us a little drum roll please...

1. Faded Denim

Raw High Rise Denim Jeans Faded Jeans Raw Hem Hi Rise Jeans

A lovely little throwback to all the days of light-wash denim – or one too many runs in the dryer – Spring 2020 runways are chalk full of the same ultra-faded pale blue shades we all know and love.

These high-rise jeggings from Free People feature a skinny-leg silhouette with a casual raw hem. Wear these with your favorite crop top and a pair of ankle boots for the perfect transition outfit into Spring. You'll also earn points in the bohemian department if you add a wide-brim hat and a pair of feather earrings to match.

Raw High Rise Jean, $78

Shop Here

2. Kick Flare Jeans

Cropped Kick Flare Jeans Cropped Denim


A newer trend that we've been seeing quite a lot of these days is the kick flare jean, your go-to when you're not quite ready to hit the full flares again but when you still want to keep up with the modern trend.

The kick flare boasts a skinny leg with a cropped mini flare that hits you right at that place on your ankle where your sock boots end. As it happens, this particular trend is one of Yours Truly's favorites, preferably with a lower hem that looks like its been through a lawn mower 👍

These Flying Monkey mid rise kick flares are available in a medium denim wash with a stretchy material and that raw hem your girl loves oh-so much.

Suzi Kick Flare, $92

Shop Here

3. Loose-Fit Denim

Because simply calling them 'Mom Jeans' isn't diverse enough, fashion experts are now calling certain loose-fit denim styles 'Dad Jeans' or even 'Grandpa Jeans.' Honestly, who knew that looking like a granddaddy was technically a good thing for up-and-coming fashionistas nowadays? But in truth, we often find it's better not to ask questions and instead just let the pictures speak for themselves, because 'Dad Jeans' and 'Grandpa Jeans' they made be, but just see how chic they look! If a picture's worth a thousand words, you can bet this one doesn't say 'Grandpa Carl' written anywhere near it.

These distressed skinnys from Cello feature a supremely distressed look in a cropped fit and a raw hem. Extra points if you wear your best fishnets underneath. Take that, Dad.

Teen Spirit Jean, $62

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4. Wide-Leg Flare Jeans

Free People Jeans Float on Flare Jeans Wide Leg Jeans Flare Denim

Props to all those who kept their ultra flares from the 70's because that's basically what fashion experts were going for here. And Free People's super high-rise bell bottom jeans are Kariella's #1 pick out of all the others in the bunch. 

This top seller features a raw hemline bottom, allowing you to cut them down for the perfect length. Or simply let them run wild for an even better boho experience. Because that's sooo in right now.

Float on Flare, $78

Shop Here

5. High Rise Jeans

High Rise Skinny Jean Distressed Skinny Jeans

We love a classic high rise skinny jean that sports an ample amount of stretch, and luckily that's another trending style we've been seeing quite a lot of lately.

These cropped skinnies from Flying Monkey feature the slightest bit of distressing around the pockets and ankles, giving them an edgy look that's still sleek and classy. Fit these into your daily look with ankle boots, tennies, or (if we're being hopeful, a pair of flip flops); or dress them up with your favorite wedges or stilettos and a poppin' statement blouse. These jeans are versatile enough to be worn both ways.

Malibu Nights Skinny, $82

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6. Straight-Leg Jeans

Straight Leg Denim Straight Leg Jeans Brittany High Rise Jeans

Not the boot cut but also not the full-blown skinny jean, the folks out in the fashion world have blessed us with a happy go-between. These jeans are slim along the leg and continue all the way over your ankle boots for a classy city look. Or simply wear them with a pair of slip on sandals as we have done if you're really in the summer mood. You'll look great either way.

Brought to you by Flying Monkey, these comfortable high-rise stretch denim jeans feature a straight leg and button fly detailing, and the darker wash creates a timeless, elegant look that you're gonna wanna keep in your closet for a very long time.

Brittany High Rise, $94

Shop Here

7. Vintage Denim

Cropped Kick Flare Jeans Cropped Denim

We're seeing designers everywhere coming out with vintage-inspired styles, from heavily distressed to wash-mixing, with a new rule that says: if it looks like you picked it up at a thrift store, you're on the right track.

Our medium wash denim jacket from Disclosed features a fitted silhouette and adjustable button tabs in the back. Meanwhile the darker denim pockets give it a uniquely retro look that makes you wonder about the jacket's origins. For all people may think, you picked this up at a vintage flee market in Poughkeepsie.

We paired this with our Kick Flares for a denim-on-denim look that we all know screams "Vintage" like nobody's business.

Dani Denim Jacket, $82

Shop Here

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