Tips for choosing tunic according to your body shape

Did you know that tunics were adorned by Roman and Greek women? Yeah, even the people from that era realized the versatility of this garment.

So, what’s considered a tunic? It is a loose and long shirt or even a sweater with which your hips are covered.

The major reason the ladies love tunics is that this clothing piece lets you stay cool and move freely. Based on what it is made up of, tunics can be dressed down or up easily.

Let’s see which tunic type to select by your body shape.

Straight figure

A lady with a straight figure can go for tunics having various embellishments. The embellishments like studs, gemstones, and studs are suitable for figures that lack curves.

Hourglass figure

 A tunic with an A-line cut is ideal for ladies with an hourglass figure. These tunics help highlighting best figures of a lady. If a woman tries V-shaped neckline or a tunic with slit at the neck, it ensures that her body doesn’t look too revealing.

Full hips and thighs

A lady with full thighs and hips can adorn a tunic dress or top with an A-line shape. The women with these features must select long tunic.

Large abdomen

The tunic dresses or shirts are perfect for ladies with a larger abdomen. It is due to looser and longer cut of the tunic that the ladies are able to hide their abdomen. While searching for tunics, these ladies can choose the ones with drawstring, empire, or elastic waist.

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