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Article: What's New & Happenin'

What's New & Happenin'
beachy fashion

What's New & Happenin'

We're not quite over the hurdle of being back in the swing of things just yet, but we’re still ploughing ahead, same as ever over here. That’s why we wanted to give you lovely bellas a quick update on everything going on right now at Kariella, plus some of the plans we’ve got moving forward once business is back to normal (whenever that may be).

More than ever, in a time where nothing is certain, we wanted to provide you with a few things that are, namely: what we're currently doing to make sure Kariella continues to thrive; some of this season's trending styles (because yes, fashion lives on, regardless); plus, the answer to the big question: is Kariella going make it through this epic pandemic??? Well, keep on reading, because we’ll be sharing everything we know for sure, as well as everything we’re doing our darnedest to achieve to ensure a bright and fabulous future for Kariella.

Sound exciting? Trust us, it is.

First things first...

The Here & Now

Everything you need to know about Kariella as of right now

1. Is Kariella still open during the quarantine? 

The answer is: YES!

Aside from online purchases that can be shipped directly to you, Kariella is currently open for pick-up orders Monday - Friday from 11 AM - 3 PM.

2. How do I place my order to be picked up?

Easy! Just go online at and start shopping! At check out, you’ll be prompted to choose the pick-up option.

3. Where can I pick up my order?

As of now, all pick-up orders must be collected at our Ojai store. Here's the address:

212 E Ojai Ave. Ojai, CA 93023

You can also call us with any questions during our pick-up hours at:

805 - 798 - 9331

4. Are you getting new merchandise?

Absolutely! Even though the fashion world appears to be at a standstill right now, it isn’t altogether halted. We’re still getting in fresh new merchandise, which we're uploading to our website on a weekly basis.

Plus, good news! Our lovely staff has been working tirelessly to get every bit of merchandise from our in-store locations up onto the website for an even greater selection of goodies just for you! We’re now excited to report that absolutely everything is up! So go ahead and shop shop SHOP!

5. Do you have any sales going on?

As a matter of fact, we do! All of our current sale items are an additional 20% OFF! Check the SALE tab on our website for all the latest markdowns.

It's always a good idea to periodically check your e-mail along with our website for any new promotions as well. There's always something fun going on at Kariella, so it's good to stay in the know?

The Then & Later

A sneak peak of our plans moving forward once we’re up & running again

1. Kariella is now hiring!

If there's any time to plan for the future, we figured it'd be now. Kariella is committed to moving forward with a fully trained and beautifully vibrant staff post-quarantine, which is why we're currently hiring at both our Ojai and our Ventura stores!

If you’re a killer sales associate, a social media guru, if e-commerce is your jam, or if you love to model, then perhaps Kariella is the place for you! Go ahead and check out our careers page for all our current openings.

We’re excited to hear from you!

2. We’re moving forward, not backward.

We know that a lot of businesses are struggling during this stressful, unpredictable time; however, we wanted to let you know that Kariella’s foundations are strong; moreover, we’re committed to moving onward and upward with an ample amount of gusto! No downsizing is in our future, we’re happy to say. On the contrary, in fact! Our plans are to continue to grow as a business and as a community while upholding our motto of uniquely beautiful. We’re excited for what’s to come and we look forward to partnering with all of you lovely bellas who share our belief that fashion should be both fun and effortless. To the future, y'all!

The Latest in Fashion

Our top picks on what’s new, what’s hip -  all in all, what you should be wearing

And now for the fun part!

Because trending styles continue to evolve, even in the midst of a pandemic, we pride ourselves in staying on top of things, which is why we've compiled a list of our top must-haves we think you're going to love!

1. Float on Flares are back! And in an all-new color!

FLoat on Flare Free People Jeans Denim Jeans Wide Leg Flare

Remember these? Free People's Float on Flare now comes in 4 different colors. Can you guess which one is new???

This best-seller is a favorite for several reasons. Featuring a super high rise and a raw bell bottom hemline, you can cut them down to size, so they'll always look just right!

We love to dress these up or down depending on the occasion, be it a daytime function, an evening out, a vacay to that one place we've been longing to visit, or that family trip we know we have to take; but above all, this killer pair of jeans will never fail to put on display the wild, boho goddess in us all, and isn't that really the goal here?

 Float on Flare, $78

Shop Here

2. Animal print is ferociously here to stay

Smocked Mini Dress Animal Print Dress Cheetah Print Dress Summer Dress

Keeping things fierce with a bit of cheetah print to compliment that wild nature of yours. From Tiare Hawaii, we give you the Smocked Mini Dress. We guarantee you'll never want to take it off. Featured in a lightweight, breathable fabric, we adore the off the shoulder sleeves, smocked bodice, and short skirt on this one.

Pair it as we have here with a braided leather belt to show off that slight waist of yours. We love that it's adjustable, too. Clearly, someone knew we needed to factor in our craving for cheeseburgers.

Smocked Mini Dress, $106

Shop Here

Braided Leather Belt, $78

Shop Here

 3. Anyone for the beach?

Vitamin A Swimsuit Two Piece Swimsuit Bikini

Compliments of Vitamin A, we simply love a classic high-waist bikini; however, this one has some fine embellishments that takes it several steps further than your average swimsuit.

Featured in a beautiful burnt orange shade, we're dreaming of afternoon sunsets at the beach. Meanwhile ring detailing on both top and bottom adds a hint of golden sophistication to the look.

Our Misty Top comes in a classic sweetheart cut that ties at the neck and back, complimenting the high leg cut of the Lolita Bottom. The suit is made with a soft ribbed material that hugs the body, highlighting your natural silhouette for a sexy AND comfortable look. All-in-all, there's really nothing not to love here.

Misty Top, $108

Shop Here

Lolita Bottom, $102

Shop Here

4. Add a bit of plaid to your life

Cherri Madrass Plaid Blouse Plaid Shirt Bell Sleeves

Plaid is not limited to that flannel you always wear come Christmastime. It has been known to make an appearance in every season, and summer is no exception.

Free People's Cherry Madness Plaid Top will bring the perfect amount of playfulness to your wardrobe. It features a bustier-inspired top, exaggerated puff sleeves, and a fitted cropped silhouette. Pair it as we have with our infamous Float on Flares and a wide-brimmed felt hat. Can anyone say 'Boho on the Prairie?'

Cherry Madness Plaid, $88

Shop Here

Billie Hat, $78

Shop Here

5. Round up a new bag...or five

Spinning in Cirlces Bag Round Bag Crossbody Bag

New season, new bag! Can we get an 'Amen!' over here???

The Spinning in Circles Bag is made with vegan leather in a simple circular shape with intricate woven detailing at the front. It's the perfect size to hold all your goodies, and from an aesthetic point of view, it serves as just the right accessory to any outfit.

Spinning in Circles Bag, $58

Shop Here

6. Get maxed out on maxi dresses

Free People's I'm the One Maxi truly is the one for you! It features a linen-like material, embroidery detailing throughout the body, and a ruffled hem.

As you can see, it's awfully cozy and can be worn on any manner of occasion. We love this as a leisurely around-the-house dress, or paired with a set of clogs and a wild pair of earrings for a surprisingly chic evening out. The versatility of this baby truly is astounding, we have to say.

I'm the One Maxi, $168

Shop Here

7. Throwback Thursday is now every day when it comes to graphic tees

 PF Headmaster Tee Graphic Tee Shirt Pink Floyd

In the realm of graphic tees, we're all in favor of the classics. Take this Pink Floyd tee from Daydreamer, for instance. featuring an oversized fit made from ultra soft 100% cotton fabric, the loose knit cotton jersey paired with it's slightly longer sleeves (which are perfect for cuffing!) reminds us of our favorite vintage tees from long ago (or perhaps from a time when we weren't quite kickin' yet).

And hey, if Pink Floyd's not your jam, go ahead and check out our full selection of graphic tees. We may just have the rocker you're looking for.

PF Headmaster Tee, $72

Shop Here

 8. A whole new way of accessorizing

Fashion Face Masks Air Pollution Masks Coronavirus Masks Cloth Face Masks Protective Mask

We know it's pretty rough out there, which is why we're committed to keeping all our lovely bellas nice and safe (as well as fashionable).

These ultra swanky face masks from Dippin' Daisy have quickly become a bestseller for not only their chic appearance. Each mask also comes with a 5-layer carbon filter to protect against airborne germs.

Get yours today from a choice of 5 unique patterns, and while you're at it, go ahead and pick up a set of replacement filters for good measure.

Face Mask, $12

Shop Here

Face Mask Replacement Filters (5-Pack), $5

Shop Here

9. Stay safe; stay sanitary; stay smelling wonderful!

Featured by our favorite scent maker Craft + Foster, these fragrance hand sanitizers are essential for your everyday routine. Throw these in your purse, your glove compartment, keep them handy at all times. Those around you will not only thank you for your cleanliness, they'll praise you for your lovely choice of fragrance.

This sanitizing spray comes in two of Craft + Foster's most popular scents: one masculine, one feminine. It's the glamor sanitizer that doesn't discriminate, because let's face it, germs don't discriminate ever. Thus, it's best to be prepared.

Hand Sanitizer, $16

Shop Here

Love what you see?

Check out the newest tab on our website titled Amara's Picks. There, you'll find exclusive outfit pairings brought to you by none other than our owner and founder, Amara Bessa. Trust us, you won’t want to miss out!

In the meantime, stay tuned for frequent updates on store re-openings, upcoming sales, and exclusive info brought to you by Yours Truly.

Until next time, stay safe!



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