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Made By Minga

Shop Made by Minga's beautiful collection of artisan-made hats and bags from the Andes mountains in Ecuador.

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Minga Jessy water bottle holderminga jessy water bottle holder leather
Jessy Water Bottle Holder Sale price$52.00 USD
Minga Carmen Crossbody TaupeMinga Carmen Crossbody Oak
Carmen Crossbody Sale price$144.00 USD
Sold outNatural colored straw hatMinga la ranchera straw hat in natural
La Ranchera Straw Hat Sale price$128.00 USD
Minga Dre Rancher Hatrancher hat made in ecuador
Dre Rancher Hat Sale price$144.00 USD
Handmade in ecuador women's wool hatLa Vida Rancher Hat
La Vida Rancher Hat Sale price$122.00 USD

What Kind of Brand is Made by Minga?

Made by Minga is an accessories brand based in Imbabura, Ecuador and was originally formed in 2018. As an independent brand made up of indigenous craftsmen and women, many of whom have honed their unique skills over generations from the wisdom of their ancestors, Made by Minga features a variety of handmade felt and woven hats, leather goods, handbags and a selection of knitwear products. Catering to men, women and children alike, Made by Minga’s exceptional selection of quality goods are meant to grace your wardrobe and your lifestyle for years to come.

What Does the Word “Minga” Mean?

As a brand born in the Andes mountains of Ecuador, the concept of “minga” is a well-known one. When a task is too great for a single person to accomplish, a minga is employed – a collaboration put together by a community of individuals who work together towards a common goal. The employment of the minga concept is exactly the kind of empowering idea that Made by Minga encapsulates as a brand.

What is Made by Minga’s Philosophy?

Made by Minga believes in creating not merely a brand of exceptional products, but a positive environment of creators and innovators who wish to make the world a better place. Here are just a few areas that they like to focus on…


Committed to creating products made with environmentally sustainable products, Made by Minga goes out of their way to uncover new ideas and methods that question the normal business paradigms that other brands have set in place. Leaning on local artisans and craftsmen and women, in addition to a global community of supporters, Made by Minga is always looking to find a better way of doing things that are not only good for them as a brand, but for their community and for the earth as well.


Made by Minga partners with brilliant local artisans and craftsmen and women throughout Ecuador, employing traditional methods in weaving, leather working, sewing, knitting, dying and more that have been cultivated and perfected over generations. By straying away from many of the world’s modern methods, Made by Minga has set itself apart as a brand dedicated to quality items that have character, heart and spirit from the Andes of Ecuador.


Made by Minga thrives on creativity, which is why they have so many wonderful, creative partners who have perfected their trade. From expert leather working to hand knitted hats and sweaters, crochet products, fiber processing, natural dying and more, Made by Minga works with the best that their beautiful country has to offer. The result is a selection of handmade products that make you truly feel like you’ve been transported to the beautiful landscapes of Ecuador.


Spending sometimes months in small communities wherein live many of Made by Minga’s partner artisans and craftsmen and women, Made by Minga is able to truly capture the heart and spirit of those communities, embedding the unique and wonderful aspect of Ecuador’s wonderful, hardworking people into each and every item that they make.

In addition, as the term “minga” implies, Made by Minga is its own community of talented men and women who come together to create one-of-a-kind pieces that are truly worth having – and that community includes all of their supporters and shoppers around the globe, including you!


Made by Minga finds its inspiration in the people, communities and landscape surrounding them. Working together and encouraging one another’s passions and gifts, Made by Minga is dedicated to making the world a better, kinder place.

This desire for a better world can be found in every one of their stunning pieces, therefore, each handmade product holds a bit of its own inspiration – something that will nurture your unique passions and gifts, along with your desire to make the world a better, more caring place.

What Made by Minga Products Can You Find at Kariella?


At Kariella, both in store and online, you’ll find many of Made by Minga’s most iconic styles of hats. From beautifully woven hats with handmade leather straps to perfectly balanced felt rancher hats, these unisex hats are meant for men and women alike and will last you a very long time. There’s just one problem when it comes to these hats – deciding which one to get!


Made by Minga’s exceptional bags can also be found at Kariella. Featuring handwoven backpacks with leather accents, woven crossbody bags and even a handy water bottle holder to take with you on your travels, you’ll be able to fit everything you need into one of Made by Minga’s stylish and sturdy bags.

Why Shop Made by Minga at Kariella?

As a modern bohemian boutique located in the heart of Ojai, California, Kariella embraces creativity, adventurism, style and spirit in the products we carry – and Made by Minga is no exception. We enjoy the story and the heart behind Made by Minga and we appreciate and value the quality and the passion that goes into each one of their handmade pieces.

Not only do we believe in partnering with wonderful, sustainable brands that pour into their own communities, we also believe in forming our own community as well – one dedicated to making the world a better place. That’s why we’re proud to carry products by Made by Minga, and why we invite you to shop their wonderful products right here on our online store, or in person at our Ojai location!