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Vitamin A

Shop Vitamin A swimwear designs at Kariella online and in stores. Featuring a variety of colorful bikini styles to stand out.

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What is Vitamin A?

Vitamin A is a Southern California-based swimwear and clothing brand that has revolutionized the swimsuit market in terms of sustainability. Through Vitamin A’s commitment to the environment and in creating healthy, sustainable garments produced from newly invented, eco-friendly fabrics, Vitamin A is the environmentally-friendly brand that you can count on time and time again.

What is Vitamin A’s Philosophy?

Vitamin A’s philosophy is about “feeling good, looking good, and doing good.” That means every design that’s produced is made to make women everywhere feel beautiful, as well as look beautiful in Vitamin A’s stylish swimsuits and clothing. It also means a greater commitment to minimizing waste, emissions, carbon footprint, and water consumption, creating eco-friendly fabrics that require less washes and that last longer, and even giving back to the community through partnerships with environmentally-conscious organizations that seek to protect the world we live in.

What Makes Vitamin A Stand Out As a Swimsuit and Clothing Brand?

Vitamin A isn’t shy about the areas it’s most interested in. From designing beautiful garments that stand the test of time, to producing the majority of their products locally, and even making strides to clean up our beaches, there’s a lot going on that Vitamin A is proud of. Here are just a few of them…


Vitamin A has taken great strides to minimize its carbon footprint, eliminate waste, conserve water and energy, and also generate awareness in others to do the same in both their businesses and their personal lives. From Vitamin A’s sustainable materials, local partnerships, distribution guidelines, product packaging, and community impact, there are many hands in many different pies when it comes to spreading the word about healthy, sustainable living.


Vitamin A produces its products locally, which means it has the opportunity to get to know the community around it. Ensuring that workers, designers, artisans and, well… really anyone they work with, is treated fairly and given the tools with which to succeed, Vitamin A has become a reputable brand one can feel confident in purchasing from.

In addition, Vitamin A partners with 1% For The Planet that allows it to give back a portion of its sales to organizations that protect our oceans – because, as a swimwear brand, that’s kind of important! Vitamin A also hosts beach clean-ups to ensure that our beaches remain safe and clean for the community.


From the design, style, and fit, every garment produced by Vitamin A is made from sustainable materials that are not only made to last, but that make the women who wear their swimsuits and clothing look and feel beautiful for years to come. Boasting a wide range of elegant, timeless, sexy apparel and swimwear, Vitamin A has a little something for everyone!

In addition, Vitamin A has revolutionized the fabric industry in the creation of eco-friendly fabrics that are made from recycled fibers, such as the fabric EcoLux™. All fabrics are also printed using digital prints to save on washes in the long run.

What Vitamin A Products Can You Find at Kariella?

At Kariella, Vitamin A swimwear and clothing are in high demand, so we always like to have a selection of your favorite pieces on hand. Here are just a few of the Vitamin A styles that we carry…


Offered in a variety of Vitamin A’s iconic, eco-friendly fabrics such as the worlds first-ever metallic fabric made from recycled nylon fibers, you’ll find a beautiful selection of two-piece swimsuits featured in a myriad of styles. From the classic triangle bikini to bralette style bikinis, bandeau top swimsuits, high rise bikinis and more, you’ll find floral prints, tropical patterns, color blocking, solid colors and many more fabulous designs to tickle your fancy.

One-Piece Swimsuits

In addition to Vitamin A’s vast selection of iconic bikinis, an equally extensive selection of one-piece swimsuits are available, and in a myriad of different styles. From sexy high leg one-pieces to classy low-back one-pieces and more, you’ll find what you’re looking for and then some!


At Kariella, we like to feature a varied selection of Vitamin A’s clothing like vacation outfits, beach coverups, casual attire, evenings-on-the-boardwalk looks and more. You’ll feel beautiful and effortless in the many different styles Vitamin A has to offer. Whether you’re heading out of town or sticking close to home, we’re certain you’ll find at least a few new additions to your wardrobe from among the Vitamin A collection.

Why Shop Vitamin A at Kariella?

As a leading carrier of fashionable swimwear in Southern California, Kariella prides itself on featuring only the best that the world of swimwear, beachwear and clothing has to offer. That’s why we carry Vitamin A with full confidence!

Vitamin A’s well-made, sustainable products that are designed and produced with our environment in mind make us proud to carry their swimwear and clothing regularly on our online store and in our Southern California storefront, located in the boho town of Ojai. Stop by for a visit to see what Vitamin A items we have in stock. We guarantee you won’t be disappointed!

Happy shopping, Bellas!