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Article: 2019? More like 20-90's

2019? More like 20-90's

2019? More like 20-90's

If you were of fan of the 90's, or if, like some, you weren't quite old enough (or alive enough) to partake, then get ready, because "it all comes back around," as the fashion experts like to say. Here at Kariella, we've picked out our top ten 90's-inspired trends that'll either give you major throwback, or else welcome you to one of the most iconic eras in fashion history.
The Floral Summer Dress
There's no better way to greet the 90's than with the perfect chiffon summer dress adorned with rosy embroidery. Wear this as a stand-alone piece or with a cropped tee underneath, then top it off with a stretchy choker and a pair of platforms to complete the look.
Paradise Maxi, $128
The Cut-offs
We're not being exclusive here. Any item you can take a pair of scissors to will do. After all, grunge was born in the 90's. Here, we've found the perfect pair of washed denim shorts and added in a graphic muscle tee, the ultimate cut-off experience.
Northfield Tank, $44
Sofia Short, $68

The Swim Suit
Because showing off just one of our 90's inspired swimsuits wasn't enough, we gave you options. And while bright colors were a fashion trend back in the day, so were the ever-famous pinks, baby blues, and lavenders. Whether you're a one-piecer or a bikini kinda gal, you'll fit right in with either one. Throw into the mix your most formidable scrunchie and you'll be good to go.
Kim Top, $118
High Rise Bottom, $82
 Victoria One Piece, $184
The Mom Jeans
"Ugh, those are jeans my mom would wear." Well in that case, hand 'em over. We've paired that classic look with a button-up front to give it a little extra flare. And what are mom jeans without a bit of distress? We got that covered too.
Blossom Rigid Skinny, $78
Cannes Tank, $32
The Silk Cami
Silk and satin were a hit back in the day. But then, when have they ever not been a hit? This ever-lingering staple is a must-have for any outfit, and the 90's had a particular influence over the silk cami that fashion experts still cling to today: how to make it wearable for the everyday outfit. Well, it turns out it was easy. Just throw your favorite t-shirt underneath and voila!
Stripe Tease Cami, $62
The Overalls
If there's one thing that'll give you major 90's throwback, we guarantee it'll be this. Overalls have made a huge comeback. Thus, we chose this classic loose-fitting overall with a distressed leg to add some texture to the look. And if you really want to plunge back into the 90's, go ahead and let loose one of those straps to reveal your favorite graphic tee beneath.
Edera Overall, $118
The Strappy Mini
Watch any 90's romcom and you'll find every variation of the spaghetti strap mini imaginable. But here's a news flash: we're still at it! Because why get rid of such an obvious favorite when it's still alive and kicking?
Thank you, 90's. We salute you.
Bora Bora Mini, $92
The Cropped Top
What would a 90's tribute be without a cropped tee sporting that oh-so-famous round neckline? Well, here you go. This one's for you.
Laporte Tank, $44
The Mini Skirt
The go-to item for any outfit, this classic piece will serve you well. Keep with the 90's trend and pair this with a striped tee like so.
Modern Femme Skirt, $50
Sienna Tank, $$52
The Leopard Print Staple
We weren't going to let you leave without equipping you with one of fashion history's favorites. And the 90's were no exception. In fact, I think we can agree that, while leopard print was far from new at the time, it was certainly reborn in styles we still don today. Once again, we thank you, 90's.
Lydia Skirt, $98
Sex Drugs Tee, $55

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