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Article: Labels We Love and Why

Labels We Love and Why

Here are just a few of our favorite labels this season and all you need to know about who they are and where they came from.
Inspired by the magnificent landscape that surrounds us, Kersh brings fresh and fun ideas in an effortless and imaginative way. Core basics infused with a fashion sensibility truly are the back bone of this proudly Canadian company. Kersh is a lifestyle for our loyal customers; laid back, sexy and cool... West Coast natural beauty hangs with designer ambition.
Founded in 1995, Alternative is a fashion lifestyle brand best known for comfort, simplicity and our commitment to sustainability. Through innovative apparel design and involvement in purposeful causes, we aim to connect people, inspire creativity and catalyze change. Most commonly known for the ultra soft and quality materials used in all pieces.
The designers have a precious story so it must be shared, they're muse is their very own daughter.
"Anouka was truly a miracle" says Sharnita, co-founder of Luv4Anouka.

After several years of not being able to conceive, the young couple was blessed with a baby girl. They knew this was no ordinary child, so they gave her a name to match-Anouka, which comes from the Indian word meaning "Spirit of God". Her altruistic essence is what inspired her parents to create a clothing line named after her. Anouka, while too young to realize, is the muse and a large part of the vision for the clothing line.

We at Luv4Anouka are dedicated to designing fresh, contemporary and comfortable clothing for young women. We are inspired by the dreamer, that can't be concerned about mundane chores, but would rather be steered through life by their wonder and curiosity. The ability to throw on a soft flowing top,look fabulous and face the world is underrated in these busy times. We believe that the less time we spend mixing and matching in the closet, the more time we can spend exploring and embracing the world around us.

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