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Article: Who is Kariella (Kär-ee-ella)?

Who is Kariella (Kär-ee-ella)?

Kariella has been in business for 3 years but just opened doors to the rest of the U.S. (thankfully!)
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Kariella is all about passion, creative style and affordability. We scour the market for unique designers, quality styles and sensible price points and strongly believe you can still create a beautiful outfit without the burden of a giant price tag. Our fun little shop has been well received by the local community. We hope you will embrace our sense of style and join us on our journey of discovering the art of fashion.


You will see this little heart all over our website, this indicates our most loved and best selling styles. Here’s a peek at some of my personal faves.


"Kariella has been one of the best kept secrets in Bend but that's all about to change. Now in her new location in downtown Bend, with more room to show off her stylish, one of a kind, selection of Women's Clothing and Accessories. I practically have one of each item in the store. That's how much i LOVE this store! Really, Really cute stuff! Great guality, Super friendly Staff  & Owner,Amara."
-Donna Birky Bend,OR
"I cannot say enough about how much I love Kariella Clothes Shop & it's amazing, talented & sweet owner, Amara!! I am lucky enough to be her next door neighbor downtown on Lava. I get to see first hand how much time, love & dedication she puts into her business! As many of you already know, her taste is impeccable and it shows in every facet of her shop. If you haven't been yet, please will love it all & want to take the entire store home with you! "
-Melinda DeVine of Bend, OR
"Kariella is the most chic boutique, beautiful boho & simply classy style. Amara knows how to stylize & I can't wait to go back to Bend for the best winter sweaters & hand knitted headbands ... All of the clothes, Jeans, Dresses are so dreamy."
Lisa Clark of Seattle, WA
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