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Article: Accessories That'll Outshine Your Covid Mask

Accessories That'll Outshine Your Covid Mask

Accessories That'll Outshine Your Covid Mask

This whole mask thing's really been a drag on the old wardrobe these days, so we thought we'd spruce things up a bit. We understand that it's hard to look away from a bit of cloth or paper draping over everybody's faces, but that just paves the way for a nice little challenge - the challenge of getting people to look at you and your impeccable style instead of that horrid thing covering half your face like some reverse kind of Batman (ew). That's why we recommend a bit of accessorizing so as to draw attention away from your mask and onto an idyllic necklace, a safari-style hat, a leopard-print hair get the idea. So let's get started, yes?

1.The Carson Glasses

Harper Glasses Polarized Sunglasses

Outshine that mask with a pair of truly stunning shades. Simply toss on a pair of our Carson frames to give an extra kick to your style that's oh-so-chic - one that'll make you forget for a minute what year it is. Strong, yet understated, Carson’s going to be a staple in your accessory rotation. 

Carson Glasses Polarize, $112

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2. The Harper Hat

Kariella Harper Hat

The Dakota Hat by Wyeth features a whiskey-colored genuine leather band with a hand cut design, making it not only your average staple, but one you can continually rock for many years to come - even after the mask age is over. 

Harper Hat, $92

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3. The Enzyme Wash Weekender Bag

Enzyme Wash Weekender Bag

The perfect compliment to your adventures is the Enzyme Wash Weekender Bag by Kariella. Featuring an oversized design, this woven cotton tote bag offers a unique, soft, lived-in look and feel through a unique enzyme wash process. For wherever your travels take you, make sure this one comes along too!

Enzyme Wash Weekender, $234

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4. The Small Fringe Earrings

Small Fringe Earrings

The Small Fringe Earrings by Raegan Hough Metalsmith are handcrafted brass earrings with unique brass fringe dangling from small hoops. It's the perfect amount of bling to draw the eye away from that pesky mask and onto something a bit more stylish.

Small Fringe Earrings, $42

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5. The Braided Buckle Belt

Braided Belt

This leather statement belt features three strands of braided detailing with antiqued silver accents and a whopping circular buckle. Talk about a worthy distraction. 

Braided Buckle Belt, $108

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6. The Three Stone Ring

This one-of-a-kind Three Stone Ring by Raegan Hough Metalsmith is hand fabricated with tmerican turquoise and set in sterling silver. For all those moments when you need to readjust your mask, make sure this bad boy steals the show.

Three Stone Ring, $232

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7. The Tahoe Hat

Kariella Beanie

Get ready for those chilly nights with the Tahoe Hat by Kariella. Featuring a super soft and cozy chenille knit with a pom pom accent on top, this is one accessory you'll take with you everywhere you go. And while it may not be mandatory, you won't need to be asked to don this cozy lil' thing.

Tahoe Hat, $24

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8.The Safari Hair Clip

Kariella Hair Accessories

Add that perfect final touch to any look with the Safari Hair Clip, your not-so-average French barrette that's the ideal show stopper. Take that, face mask!

Safari Hair Clip, $14

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9. The Fringe Clutch

Woven clutch

This vibrant woven clutch features a beautiful knotted design on the front with long, fringe detailing. It also features an interior pocket and zip closure with a pom pom tassel. Trust us, if any accessory were made to pop, this would be it.

Fringe Clutch, $58

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10. The Black Diamond Pendant

statement necklace

The ultimate show-stopper, we bring you the Black Diamond Pendant Necklace from Mikal Winn. This handcrafted piece features a Swarovski Crystal set in a brass hoop with a gold fringe detail. With this around your neck, you'll have everybody wondering, "What mask?"

Black Diamond Pendant, $264

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