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Article: Red, White, and Blue...and Kariella Too

Red, White, and Blue...and Kariella Too

Red, White, and Blue...and Kariella Too

Here we go, people! Get ready to flaunt all that American pride! Bleed red, white and blue, and all that jazz. And in the spirit of this season of patriotism, we just bet you're on the lookout for the perfect outfit that screams "USA!" The ideal look that dazzles gorgeously in all that firework lighting.

Well you're in luck, because we at Kariella are always here to help. That's why we're stepping up our red, white and blue game this year with our top five 4th of July outfits that won't just get you through the 4th, but will last you all Summer long.

So go ahead and exercise those finger muscles and scroll, scroll, scroll...

The Co-ord Set

There's nothing quite so easy and effortless than a matching co-ord set to kick off the Summer. Fun, cute, undeniably to-die-for, you'll look 100% put together. It's also the ideal canvas to pair with all your favorite accessories. Here, we've partnered the Penny Lane co-ord with our infamous Connor Hat. But don't stop there. Let your inner (or not-so-inner) creativity soar! Add your own personal style to this classic look. We dare you.

Penny Lane Top, $42
Penny Lane Bottom, $52
Connor Hat, $78

The Jumpsuit

There's the dress, the romper, the overall, and then there's this baby. Just the right amount of daring to spruce up your look and turn at least a handful of heads. Pair this Seaport Jumpsuit with your favorite patriotic tee; toss into the mix some killer cowgirl boots for a truly all-American look.

My Girl Top, $52
Seaport Jumpsuit, $68

The Jumper

"Talk to me, Goose." If you've got the need...the need for speed, that is, then this one's for you. But fair warning: if you leave the aviators at home, then you might as well forget it. Why? Because the Danger Zone requires them and that's a fact.

Isla Jumper, $128

The Swimsuit

Yes, a swimsuit is an outfit, especially on the 4th of July. And we've got a whole slew of patriotic swimwear to help you rise to the occasion (and then some) this year. Simply click the link below that says, "All Swim" to choose from our collection.

Scene Bottom, $76
Scout Top, $86

Shop Here

All Swim

The Basics

Summer is not Summer, nor is the 4th of July a proper 4th without a classic graphic tee and a pair of iconic cutoffs. And of course, a bottle of coca-cola is indeed an acceptable accessory to such an outfit as this.

Peace Tee, $36
Retro Rosie Shorts, $78

Shop Here

Happy 4th of July from Yours Truly,


P.S. Like the cover photo? We've listed that, too. You're welcome!

Chase Top, $76
Greer Rib Bottom,$80

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