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Article: Kariella's 10-Step Beauty Routine

Kariella's 10-Step Beauty Routine

Kariella's 10-Step Beauty Routine

Yes, yes, we know. You've already spent years honing in on the perfect skincare routine and you've got it down to a tee. And 10 steps? Seriously? That's 9 steps too many for your hectic lifestyle. It's just not going to work. Well how's about we throw all that negativity out the window because negativity causes stress and stress causes wrinkles, and we have just the thing for that! Because you see, we've also been busy perfecting our own skincare regimen, and we're happy to say: we've got ourselves a winner!

And of course, for all you enthusiastics out there coming into this with a desperate craving for a new routine that slaughters all the others you've tried and hated before, you all are angels and we're thrilled you're here.

So now that everyone's present, let's get down to it, shall we?

Step 1: The Body Scrub

Not surprisingly, the first step in our 10-step beauty routine takes place during your morning shower (or if you're a shower-the-night-before kinda gal, this works for you as well). Now, we understand that when people say "beauty routine," most minds flock to the idea of facial beauty, thinking little or nothing at all about the fact that a face is only one small part (granted, a very important part) of the body. In reality, head-to-toe maintenance is essential. And if you don't believe us, take an extra moment to think about how you're going to look 50 years from now if all you ever focus on is your face. One hint: no bikinis for you, Hun.

So with that, we recommend Birdbath's Polishing Suds cleansing bar. Made with natural loofah and free of harmful chemicals, go ahead and scrub-a-dub-dub your entire body with this. Get rid of all that dead skin and watch your natural hue transform from bland to glam. (Here's a tip: give your hands a little extra care. Those are the things you touch your face with, and you want those nice and smooth.)

Polishing Suds, $10

Shop Here

Step 2: The Facial Scrub

On to the face, our journey continues with a tried-and-true facial scrub to get rid of all that gunk clogging up your pores. Now, the scrub is a very important first-step for two reasons. The first is obviously to exfoliate. Fun fact: Did you know that cleansers and exfoliators containing oils are actually good for combatting the oil build-up in your pores? Well it's true. And our tested scrubs above are full of coconut, avocado, and almond oils to help eliminate oil-based impurities.

Give yourself a lovely little facial massage (but avoid the eyes because let's face it: ow); and that leads us to the second and (in our opinion) the most important part of this step: exfoliating prepares the skin to soak up all the lovely ingredients you'll be applying in the following steps. To sum up: the facial scrub is the crucial platform on which to build the rest of your routine. The result is healthier, younger-looking skin for years and years to come. Hip hip hooray!

So that leaves just one final question: Salty or Sweet? We want to recommend the scrub that fits you best, which is why we gave you options.

Salt Skin Scrub, $22

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Sugar Skin Scrub, $22

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Step 3: The Cleanser

Shh, we know. Step 2 was a cleanser, so why are we doing this again? There is a point, we promise; and just as before, the purpose of this step is two-fold. Number 1: While Step 2 provided us with an oil-based cleansing exfoliator, we recognize that every cleanser works differently to combat different kinds of impurities. Oil combats oil, yes; but what about all those other pesky enemies like good old-fashioned dirt? Well, that's where the second cleanser comes in. In fact, most skincare regimens - take those famous Korean regimens we all revere so much - recommend a double cleansing system for this very purpose.

That brings us to our second point. We call it: the preventative measure. Products rich in anti-aging properties will not only treat your skin in the here-and-now, but they'll prepare you for the long road ahead. And luckily for you, we chose a cleanser that also works on existing fine lines and wrinkles, providing any and all skin-types with a brighter, smoother complexion.

Pretty AF Cleanser, $24

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Step 4: Facial Mask

Now that we're all squeaky clean, it's time for the deep saturation of a rejuvenative mud mask. Really let your skin marinate in this emulsified and nutrient-rich product, compliments of Bird Bath. To top it off, it's also vegan, cruelty-free, and paraben and phthalate-free. What more could anyone ask for?

Mud Mask, $26

Step 5: The Toner

Next up, the facial toner. Now, some would say the purpose of the toner is to act as an astringent, an acne preventative measure, or just one extra way to remove impurities from the skin. We say differently. A proper toner serves less to strip the skin than to pump back into it all the rich, vibrant ingredients your skin needs for overall health. That's why we chose Belle and Beast Organics' Pretty AF Toner. It's great at boosting hydration, easing fine lines and wrinkles, and lightening pigmentation by balancing your skin's pH levels - the ultimate feast for your face. Bon appétit!

 Pretty AF Toner, $12

 Step 6: The Essence Oil

More oil? Seriously? What the heck... BUT, did you know that there is such a thing as "dry" oil? It's that delightful non-oily sensation you feel when a product absorbs directly into your skin. Case in point: that's what this one does. In fact, it even helps retain your skin's natural oils while preventing the build-up of unwanted oils throughout the day.

This delightful specimen you see before you is one of Bell & Beast Organics' geranium, frankincense, and neroli essence oils. It serves not only to preserve moisture, but to brighten the skin tone, fight acne, heal damaged spots and scars, and combat aging. We recommend using this facial oil first thing in the morning and directly before bed. And if you're still a little weary about smearing oil all over your face (dry oil though it may be), start out with target application on those areas that really need a boost, and work your way from there.

Antioxidant Face Oil, $28

Step 7: The Eye Serum

One of the most important protective and preventative measures you can take with regard to your skin. Find a serum that you can apply in the morning and at night to the under-eye area as well as the lids. Be sure to use your ring finger when applying! Trust us, the difference IS noticeable. And after having exfoliated your hands so spectacularly in Step 1, you're all set to address those delicate areas of your face with articulate care.

Belle & Beast Organics' My Only Bags Are Handbags Eye Serum contains pure Vitamin E oil for lightening those dark circles, while evening primrose works to eliminate inflammation that causes under-eye bags. Finally, a bit of rose hip oil serves as a natural anti-aging ingredient. Three thumbs way way up!

 Under Eye Serum, $28

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Step 8: The Moisturizer

After all the nutrient-rich cleansers, masks, serums, etc., it's time for the all-around facial moisturizer to seal the deal. We know you're probably asking, "Why all the layers?" But in fact, many beauty experts will tell you that the key to any regimen is not finding a one-for-all product for your skin. It's about layering up all the goodies to give you the best of everything, to help your skin breathe and adjust rather than smothering it in one thick blob of lotion. Layers also allow you to provide special attention through topical application using a myriad of products. So the end result is not a goopy mess of oils and moisturizers but a well-balanced complexion ready to go!

Face Food Moisturizer, $26

Step 9: The Lip Treatment

Let's not forget one of our most important features, ladies. On those no-make-up days, those evenings in or out, our supermarket ensemble mornings, or our simple Tuesdays, a pair of well-groomed lips will stand out all the more. By giving your lips a little bit of special treatment with a nourishing polish (and no, that cheap-o lip gloss that smells like fake cherries doesn't count), you'll be smackin' those luscious lips together with gusto well into your X, Y and Z years.

XOXO, you're welcome!

Selfie Ready Lips, $14

Shop Here

Step 10: The Body Moisturizer

Annnnd we're back to the visualization of a bikini 50 years from now. We hope you've got it well-ingrained into your memory.

After having given ourselves a scrub-down with our trusted body scrub, it's time to layer on that moisture to keep the skin looking fresh and luminous. Find a good mousse or a rich body cream that's packed full of all the essentials: shea and kokum butter, avocado, coconut, and almond oils, buckthorn extract (to name a few) to get that deep hydration.

Oh, look! That bikini bod's looking better and better!

Body Mousse, $26

Shop Here

Super Luxe Cream, $22

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P.S. Here's a Bonus!

Be honest: are you overwhelmed? Did this incredibly long list give you a headache? Well, lucky you for sticking it out all the way to the end, because we've got just the thing to help you out. Belle & Beast Organics' Slay This Headache roll-on relief combines soothing essential oils that will target the source of your headache, whether it be an excruciatingly long blog post, a pesky migraine, or the morning after-effects of a night of well-run frivolities. For either one (or all), we've got you covered!

Slay This Headache, $20

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  Welp! That'll do it for today!
Until next time, all you lovely Bellas!
This is Kariella signing off.

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