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Article: Kariella Features Sofia Richie & Frankies Bikinis Swim Collab

Kariella Features Sofia Richie & Frankies Bikinis Swim Collab
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Kariella Features Sofia Richie & Frankies Bikinis Swim Collab

You heard that right! Kariella favorite Frankie's Bikini's has partnered up with celebrity icon Sofia Richie for this year's hottest looks when it comes to swimwear.

Paving the way for an endless summer of sexy suits, you're going to love the little beauties this team dreamed up! A little hint: Tie Dye galore! And whether you're a pink or blue kinda girl, you can take your pick of either. Now, wasn't that thoughtful?

So without further ado, go ahead and feast your eyes on Sofia Richie x Frankies' Bikinis' newest collection!

Jordan Set

This stunning high-waist halter suit is equal parts classy and sexy. And let's be honest, isn't that the dream? Well lucky for us, that dream just came true. Scoop up those bottoms today! The top is on its way!


Jordan Bottom, $92

Reed Set

A little cinching here, a little cinching there...maybe a little more, annnd...PERFECT! The Reed Set fits just as exquisitely for you as it does for her, and her over there, and also that fine lady way way over there! Shop the full set below!

Reed Top, $96

Shop Here

Reed Bottom, $92

Sunny Set

A fun take on the halter neckline, showing off a little peek-a-boo cleavage for a subtly sexy look. Stay tuned for the full set online! It'll be here before you know it!


Sunny Bottom, COMING SOON

Ryan Set

Is it a top? Is it a swim suit? The answer is YES! We love a good bathing suit that works for every season of your day. Shop the versatile high/low-leg bottoms below. Add the top to your wish list! Don't worry, it's on its way!


Ryan Bottom, $92

Tasha Set

There's the strappy bikini, and then there's the Tasha bikini. The difference is noticeable, and oh-so delectable, wouldn't you say? Top available now! Bookmark those bottoms because you're going to want to snag those as soon as they arrive. You just know they'll fly right out the door!

Tasha Top, $86

Shop Here

Tasha Bottom, COMING SOON

Don't have the one you want online? Try giving us a call at one of our locations! Click below to see our other stores...

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