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Article: Kariella How To: 6 Ways to Step Up Your Pant Game

Kariella How To: 6 Ways to Step Up Your Pant Game
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Kariella How To: 6 Ways to Step Up Your Pant Game

Not really into the whole shorts thing? Maybe you're averse to showing off your legs? Or perhaps you just really love pants? Whatever the reason, we all know that when summer comes around, the cooler the option, the more we say, "Yes, please!" And of course, we mean cool in every sense of the word. So how's about we get started on Kariella's top 6 essentials for stepping up your pant game...

Time to go with the flow in something delectably wavy such as these. Featuring an elastic waistband and a tie-front embellishment, the Maldives Pant accentuates the smallest part of your waist and immediately drapes away from the body, elongating the legs for a naturally elegant look. They'll also help to regulate the airflow on those particularly steamy days!

This pant comes in two colors, one of them being the ever-favored Mustard. Just click the link below to choose the color that suits you best.

Maldives Pant, $64

For an edgy summer style, find a good cotton flare that looks great cropped. Exhibit A above has paired our classic Hot Stepper Pant with a chunky boot for a little extra texture. Meanwhile, a wrap-button front holds everything in while showing off the tiniest part of your hourglass figure. Everything is where it should be, and everyone is happy. So go ahead and finish that ice cream cone, why don't you!

Hot Stepper Pant, $72

Summer calls for linen. And at Kariella, we don't want just any linen. Pick up a pair of our delightful paper bag style trousers for a fresh, unique look.

Neutral with a subtle pinstripe and a tie-front waist, you'll look ravishing whether you be dressing up or down. What's more, you'll stay cool doing either, so that's a win-win, wouldn't you say?

Between the Lines Pant, $86

For the swanky evening out (or you know, that trip to the grocery store), try a lined pant in a breathable fabric such as the 100% rayon trouser we have here. Though not a natural fiber, rayon breathes substantially better than other fabrics, and it's soft, lightweight texture feels lovely on the skin. Perfect for gallivanting around in.

Basic Instinct Pant, $92

The crisp clean look of white denim counteracts the blazing sun and radiates a blissful summer attitude. It's sure to pair well with all your summer outfit ideas.

For something with a little pop, choose a fun high-waist pant with a button fly enclosure. It's not overly flashy, just enough to say, "Why yes, I did put a little thought into this, and aren't you a dear for noticing!"

Tess Straight Pant, $98

There are bell bottoms and then there are these bell bottoms. Compliments of Free People, these ultra high-waist, raw hem denim trousers take the cake on "too hot to handle." Don't even think about trying to measure the width of these bad boys. Just accept the fact that they're far wider than any other flares you've tried before.

Keep with the boho trend this summer and pick up a pair of these at Kariella. They're lightweight, smooth, soft, the perfect combination of comfy and cute.

Don't waste any time! These are a hot ticket item, so click the link below to get yours pronto before they're gone for good!

Float on Flare, $78

When the wide is too wide, and the skinny's too skinny, we have the Havana Nights Pant. Perfect for weaving your way through that summer heatwave with enough texture to keep you cool without going completely overboard.

These straight-leg rayon trousers maintain that naturally feminine appeal while keeping with the comfort we all look for in an outfit.

Havana Nights Pant, $86

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