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Article: Boho Home Decor: The Kariella Way

Boho Home Decor: The Kariella Way
bohemian fashion

Boho Home Decor: The Kariella Way

The bohemian style is comprised of more than just fashion. It's an entire genre, a way of life, even a motto to live by. We've spent a great deal of time focusing on boho-chic clothing and what outfits to wear when you're feeling unconventional, adventurous, wild, and free. But what about your surroundings? How do you orchestrate an environment conducive to that unconventionality you exude on a regular basis? That's where the boho home decor comes in. Because why just look bohemian when you can live it through your clothing, personality, and even your home?

Today, we're going to feature some of our favorite bohemian-inspired home decorations to add that extra bit of flare to your living spaces. From wall decals to throw pillows, room fragrances and more, we'll give you all the tools you need in order to create just the right bohemian aesthetic you've been looking for! So without further ado, let us begin.

1. Set the Mood

Capri Blue Candles Gilded Muse

Create the proper environment – the canvas, if you will – to display your boho home accessories. We recommend a handful of scented candles and/or reed diffusers that compliment one another as you stroll from room to room. Luckily, we have a few options to choose from...

Craft + Foster Tin Candles

From warm vanilla and sandalwood, to leather and teak, those earthy scents combined with soft, ethereal fruits such as guava and fig, work to create a mystical atmosphere with a depth of fragrance that isn't at all intrusive, but pleasing to take in.

Capri Blue Volcano Reed Diffuser

Keep a reed diffuser going at all times, but toss in a scented candle here and there to add a pop of fragrance. Nothing too strong. Just enough to stimulate the senses as you go about your day.

Gilded Muse White Tin, $22

Shop Here

Black Tin Label, $16

Shop Here

Reed Diffuser, $34

Shop Here

2. Start Draping Things

Colorblokc Boho Wall Art

No boho dwelling is complete without a draping something-something hanging from your walls. Whether its macrame, hanging lanterns, a tapestry, or foliage of some sort, it's pretty much essential to the overall aesthetic. That's why we recommend picking up one (or more) of the many exceptional boho prints from Colorblokc.

Colorblokc Wall Art

Made in the United States, these prints are individually packaged with a thick card stock backer board and sealed cellophane sleeve. Pick one up for every room. Hang them as stand-alone pieces, or fill the wall with them!

Bloom Poster, $34

Shop Here

Desert Clouds Print, $34

Shop Here

Pick Up The Tools

For all your draping needs, pick up a set of Colorblokc's poster hangers!

These magnetic frame hangers are comprised of two pieces for the top and two for the bottom. Magnets are used to secure the two pieces around the print to prevent damage. Lightweight and easy to use, you'll want at least a few of these babies around the house!

Poster Hanger, $22

Shop Here

3. Get Comfortable

Tassel Tiger Pillow

Spruce up your living quarters with a couple of decorative throw pillows. Be it on the sofa, the chaise, the window seat, your bed, or even the floor, if that's your jam, you'll be amazed a how lively the place will look once you've tossed a handful of these into the mix!

Peking Handicraft Pillow

In any which way you choose to live, trade in something woven, embroidered,or patched together, preferably plastered with some random scene like a cactus or a joshua tree – or in this case, a tiger or a family of elephants – and you'll be well on your way to achieving boho paradise.

Tassel Tiger Hook Pillow, $52

Alfi Trio Hook Pillow, $58

Shop Here

4. Unleash Your Inner Creativity

We all know that person (or maybe we're that person) who creates the most unlikely masterpiece out of sticks, or what have you, and that masterpiece is the centerpiece of the house. Maybe you want to be that person but don't know how. That's okay! We're here to help you with a starter idea that we've used time and time again. It's simple, easy to create (even for the most uncreative person), and we guarantee you'll get a boatload of compliments on your one-of-a-kind piece.

Just one word: Collage.


Cai & Jo Greeting Cards

What do we mean by that? Take a look at the photo above. That, there is a greeting card, brought to you by Cai & Jo. We have loads. Simply find a few with similar color schemes, line them up, and frame them together. Or frame them individually and mount them to your wall for the ultimately, yet outrageously easy, focal point of the room.

Yours Truly did this recently with old records. Taking two at a time, she framed Fleetwood Mac, The Beetles, Bon Jovi, and the Bee Gees. The same can be done with gorgeous greeting cards.

You're A Goddess Greeting Card

Use them as inspirational and motivational pieces. Hang them in your bedroom or bathroom so you can feel empowered as you're slapping on your makeup in the morning. Hang them in the kitchen to encourage you when making a new recipe. Or put them in your entryway so all your guests feel welcome as they step into your home.


Cai & Jo Scorpio Card Zodiac Signs

Or better yet, make it personal with a zodiac card for every member of your household, framed, hanging side-by-side. Not only is it aesthetically pleasing, it's a great conversation starter. "Which one are you, Chloe? The Pisces or the Aquarius?"

Sunflowers Card, $6

Shop Here

Goddess Card, $6

Shop Here

Scorpio Card, $6

 Shop Here

We hope we've given you some great ideas on how to make your home more boho to match your own personal style. Leave us a comment below to let us know what you think, and to offer your own ideas on what you've done in your home!

To view more items like those you saw featured today, shop online at!

Until next time, Bellas!



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