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Article: How to Wear a Graphic Tee

How to Wear a Graphic Tee
black t shirt

How to Wear a Graphic Tee

Do you love a good ol' graphic tee? Do you also love being fashionable? Well, we're not exactly sure who needs to hear this...but what if we told you that you can have both?

*commence gasp*

We know. We know. It's a lot to take in, but it's true. It is entirely possible (and has been proven on many occasions) to combine your favorite soft, comfy graphic tee to any outfit for a fun, unique look that's absolutely chic.

But, oh wait! Haven't got any graphic tees on hand? Gave them all away because you thought they wouldn't mesh well with your fancy shmancy stilettos? Well not to fear. As always, we at Kariella are always here to help.

So are you ready to get started? Learn how you can create a fashion forward statement featuring this season's latest graphic tees.

And away we go...

1. The Rustic Graphic Tee

Country Vintage Soft Cotton Graphic T shirt

Our Smooth as Tennessee Whiskey Tee in faded rust is a perfect example of a versatile t-shirt for women. While rust pairs perfectly with a pair of wide-leg denim jeans and a unisex black felt hat for a good daytime look, it can also work for,

Tuck this t-shirt into a pair of black cigarette slacks or a slimming pencil skirt; don your best black blazer, and top it off with a pair of sleek heels for a more professional business-casual look.

Going out to dinner? Swap those work slacks with a sexy mini skirt. Untuck the tee and knot it for a little bit of texture. And those stilettos we were talking about before? That's where you would bust those out.

So there you have it: three outfits to wear with a graphic tee. But we're not done yet! In fact, we're only just getting started.

Tennessee Tee, $55

Shop Here

2. The Rocker Chic Graphic Tee

Sex, Drugs, and Rock n' Roll. This is where we get to have a bit of fun. Because you see, classic rock t-shirts aren't just for collecting dust in your attic. Nor are they your spring cleaning day go-to. For shame. That would be a waste.

What you could do instead (hint hint) is reignite the glory days of rock with a bold, outlandish pairing such as an animal print midi skirt. Throw in a belt with a flashy buckle. Add a chunky heel, a wedged sandal, or a pair of ankle booties. Finish with a leather bomber jacket (with a bit of fringe, perhaps?); and let's not forget the classic pair of aviators!

Whether you're off to a music festival, hittin' up the town, or hanging out with friends, this is the perfect edgy outfit for fall that you won't want to miss.

Sex Drugs Tee, $55

Shop Here

Lydia Skirt, $98

Shop Here

3. The White Cotton Tee

White Organic Cotton Graphic T Shirt

The ultimate, the classic, the eternal white t-shirt! Perhaps the most wearable thing in your closet, a basic white tee will never do you wrong. This year, crank it up a notch with a fun printed design on comfy organic cotton to create a more unique fall outfit that's totally you.

Our favorite white t-shirt outfit pairing is with denim, whether they be jeans, a pair of cutoffs, or as we have here with our trendy denim mini skirt. Throw in a blazer for work, swap it out with a long duster or a cardigan for a more casual feel.

Wildflowers Tee, $55

Shop Here

Modern Femme Skirt, $50
Shop Here

4. The California Graphic Tee

Vintage Black Organic Cotton Graphic Tee

There are those that are specifically summer graphic tees, while there are others that can stand the test of every season. Take the California Dreamin' Tee, for example. The black and white printed tee is one dead giveaway that this t-shirt can withstand fall, winter, spring, then back again next summer.

Whether you're pairing this vintage t-shirt with a set of leggings and your waterproof wellies, knotted over a black bodycon dress with printed lace tights, or tucked into a flowing maxi skirt; whether with a light jacket or a glorious fur coat, or even on its own, those otherwise summery graphic tees can make the cut when picking out your cool weather wardrobe.

California Dreamin' Tee, $55

5. The Pastel T Shirt

Pastel Pink Graphic T Shirt Organic Cotton

Sometimes, we want a bit of a girly option when picking out the best graphic t-shirt. For a cute fall outfit idea, find a soft pastel t-shirt with a fun design or saying printed on it. Showcase that adorable side of yours - you know, the one buried way deep inside. Don't be shy. We know it's there.

Get yours in a slightly large size. Roll up the sleeves a little. Pair it under overalls, knotted with your favorite pair of leggings, or tucked inside a printed bodycon mini skirt. There are so many ways to dress up a graphic tee, to make it fun and flirty, to feel comfortable and cute. So don't hesitate! We only have a few of this particular one left!

Dreamland Tee, $44

Shop Here

Isla Flare Overall, $72

6. The Vintage Tee

Vintage Rocker Tee Black

We're feeling Johnny Cash in our Have Love Tee. Because that classic rockabilly style is an ever-constant stream of nostalgia that will never go out of fashion.

This vintage t-shirt vibe works perfectly with a pair of faded black jeans, your favorite dream-catcher necklace, and an oversized suede bomber jacket for a more retro fashion outfit idea.

Or if you're feeling sassy, tuck this into a leather mini skirt and add on a fun leather vest to match. Makin' us proud over here.

Have Love Tee, $55

Shop Here

Float on Flare, $78

Shop Here

Want the full scoop on all our graphic tees? Check out our website for more options.
Until next time, Bellas!

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