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Article: 7 Jewelry Items You Should Have In Your Closet

Retro Romance Midi Dress
14kt gold

7 Jewelry Items You Should Have In Your Closet

If you're like most people, you have your own jewelry box, or drawer, or warehouse full of every piece of jewelry known to man, and yet you've got nothing you can actually wear right here, right now.

You don't need an entire collection of jewelry to pair with every outfit. These simple and inexpensive jewelry staples are the 'must-have's' for your jewelry collection. Seven pieces. Infinite outfit possibilities.

What was that, we heard? Did you just say 'Sign me up?'

That's what we thought you said.

1. The Zodiac Sign Necklace

gold zodiac sign chain necklace

Starting with an everyday staple, a personalized zodiac necklace will catapult your basic, understated necklace to a whole new level. We love this as an everyday necklace to add personality to a graphic tee or work outfit. Pick your constellation or zodiac sign in a beautiful gold or silver. 

These constellation necklaces are simple, elegant, with just the right amount of 'Here I am!' without having to scream it out to anyone who happens to pass by. Because let's face it, we're ladies.

Zodiac Written Necklace, $24

2. The Simple Ring

Small gold band ring with simple gemstone

Even the simplest of bling receives applause, for it not only enhances your outfit, but it shows just how detail-oriented you can be. (Way to go, you!) Of course, no one need know that you wear these every darn day without a thought or care. Why? Because they go with everything, that's why!

Our 14kt gold-filled rings hold a dainty, minimalist style. And if you've been holding out for an equally durable ring, these ones take the cake.

Sunrise Stacker, $46

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Classic Stack Ring, $28

3.  Gold Hoop Earrings

Small brushed gold hoop earrings

There are classic gold hoop earrings, and then there are boho gypsy hoop earrings that automatically spice up your outfit without the hassle of having to rearrange anything. Simply swap them in for the perfect not-your-average-basic accessory. You'll be glad you did.

Our lightweight golden hoops are two-toned for a bit of texture, featuring a wide, unique shape and post backs for support. Pair them with a basic t-shirt and jeans, a 70's style outfit, your elegant maxi dress, or your last-minute 'gotta go in to work' look. Whatever the occasion, you'll want to keep these handy at all times. They just might save your (outfit's) life.

Beep Me Hoops, $22

4. The Gold Statement Necklace

Gold tier necklace

The secret to a good statement necklace is a mere one word: versatility. Find that one piece (at least) that's just unique enough to stand out in a crowd, yet also versatile enough to pair well with any outfit. Be it an all silver necklace, an all gold necklace, a multi-colored gemstone necklace, or even a woven choker necklace, find what works for your style and wear the crap out of it.

For example, do you mainly have high necklines in your closet? Perhaps a long pendant necklace is the perfect look for you. Or if you like to showcase your decolletage, this double-tiered gold coin necklace may be a better fit. Gauge what suits your wardrobe best and pick your statement necklace to match. 

Scarlet Necklace, $22

5. The Bold Earrings

Black Gold Leaf Earrings Dangle Drop Studs

Tired of all the basics? Maybe you're more of a make-a-grand-statement kinda gal, and all those (seemingly) standard styles are just a bore? Well for all you princesses out there, we have an extra something special just for you.

The tip on finding the right bold earrings that work with everything is to snag them in an understated finish such as silver or bronze, or as we have done here with gold dipped in black. The design is where you're going to want to go bold, as it's that design that'll carry your wardrobe into the next level of sophistication. 

These dangle earrings take on a leafy design that's comfortably lightweight. You won't even know you're wearing them! In fact, the author of this blog post, yours truly over here, has these in her wardrobe. And guess what? She gets compliments on them all the freaking time. 

Aphrodite Earrings, $18

6. The Gemstone Ring

We love a good statement ring to top of any outfit. And this moonstone detail ring is no exception. Adding just a hint of mystical romance to your own personal style, this 14kt gold-filled ring is subtle, dainty, and interchangeable whether you're going out or staying in. The inset gemstone gives this ring a modern boho vibe. Meanwhile, the mixed metal and stone is an inexpensive way to add a more luxe look to your outfit.

Luna Ring, $66

7. The Silver Hoop Earrings

Matte silver small hoop earrings

Let's not forget those silver lovers out there! We have our very own silver hoop earrings picked out gloriously for you. You're welcome. 

Featuring a two-toned matte and shiny finish, a post back enclosure, and a rounded hoop shape, these particular earrings take on a modern bohemian look that's sure to put all other hoops to shame. These particular small silver hoops are appropriate for an everyday outfit, work outfit, or a cute farmer's market look.

Stevie Hoops, $18

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