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Article: Kariella Opens New Location In Padaro Beach

Kariella Opens New Location In Padaro Beach
2022 swim fashion

Kariella Opens New Location In Padaro Beach

You asked, we answered! Kariella is happy to announce the opening of it newest location along the tranquil shores of Padaro Beach in Carpinteria!

It's been a long time coming – not just for Kariella, but for you, our loyal Bellas, too! Many of you have been walking through the doors of our Ojai and Ventura storefronts for years. Some of you come from Carpenteria! And after many requests to open a storefront closer to home, we're excited to finally deliver and give back to our community of shoppers! Because at Kariella, we're not just your one-stop-shop for all things boho. It's so much more than that. We're a family! Which is why we're so excited to be closer to all you lovely ladies over in Carpinteria and the surrounding areas!

Kariella Padaro Beach Boho Chic Clothing Store

The Inside Scoop

We asked Kariella owner, Amara Bessa, to share her thoughts on opening this gorgeous new storefront...

"It's something I've wanted to do for a long time. We've had people asking us for years to open a shop near Carpinteria. Between there and Santa Barbara, there aren't very many clothing stores – especially ones at a good price point. Plus, no one seems to sell much swimwear over there. We wanted to open a new location in that area so our customers who've been driving all the way our to Ventura and Ojai stores can get more of what they want closer to where they live."

Kariella Padaro Beach Swimwear Shop

But that's not all! We've not just opened a shop closer to home. We've brought our boho style all the way to the sandy California shores!

"This location is literally right by the beach, giving the store that beach vibe I absolutely love," Amara tells us. "It's stunning!"

Kariella Padaro Beach Elegant Shopping

And what about the store itself? Amara tells us about that, too...

"The store is really big and spacious, with lots of windows, making it bright, fresh, and clean. It's the perfect setup to flaunt that beachy vibe. It's very cute and playful but also really elegant. We even have some bamboo reclining chairs, so people can sit and relax. It's a very fun atmosphere that's meant to invite people to slow down and soak up the peaceful feeling of being right by the ocean."

Kariella Padaro Beach Boho Chic Clothing Store

So, what kinds of things does this location offer? We know that Kariella is home to many favorite brands like Free People, Tiare Hawaii, Montce Swim, Wyeth hats, and so many more. From boho clothing to craft cocktails, home decor, beauty products, and locally-made jewelry, what else can we find at Kariella's newest location?

Kariella Padaro Beach Clothing Store

"We wanted to keep with the style of Kariella, but also offer items that people in Carpinteria and the surrounding areas don't get much of," says Amara. "The main thing we like to keep in stock at all times is swimwear. We have tons! From Frankies Bikinis to Bound by Bon Eye, to Vitamin A and more, we've got a great selection. But one thing you can only get at our Padaro Beach location is swimwear by SolKissed. You won't find that brand in our other locations."

Kariella Padaro Beach Wyeth Hats Gigi Pips Hats

"You'll also find a bunch of hats by Wyeth and Gigi Pip, candles by Craft + Foster, beauty products by Birdbath, and jewelry from brands like Desert Moon Designs, MikalWinn, and Nashelle, to name a few."

Kariella Jewelr Craft + Foster Candles

Last but not least, Kariella features its own signature label of graphic tees. "People can shop Amara X Kariella at all of our locations, including Padaro Beach. That's something we want to offer everywhere," Amara explained.

Moving Forward

We asked Amara what we can expect from this new location, as well as Kariella as a whole moving forward.

"We're always picking up new brands with the aim of offering more variety to our shoppers. Plus, with the opening of the Padaro Beach location, I believe we're going to be able to reach more people, including those who have shopped in our other locations and online for years. By opening up our doors and making ourselves more available to shoppers who would otherwise have to drive to places like Ojai and Ventura, I really think we'll have the chance to build on already existing relationships, as well as make some great new ones moving forward."

Kariella Padaro Beach Carpinteria Shopping

Location & Hours

Address: 3823 Santa Claus Ln. Carpinteria, CA 93013

Phone: 805.318.9032

Hours: Everyday 11-5pm Directions

We Hope To See You Soon!

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