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Article: 2022 Beachwear by Tiare Hawaii

2022 Beachwear by Tiare Hawaii

2022 Beachwear by Tiare Hawaii

You're at the beach. You're wearing your favorite bikini and you've just gone for a dip. Now you want to head into town, go to a beach-side cafe or shopping – but oh, no! You can't go walking around in nothing but your bathing suit. You need to look presentable because, let's face it...rules. So what's to do?

Behold! We give you Tiare Hawaii!

Yes, yes, you may applaud. Because we've found the solution to your (not super huge but just big enough to be a) problem! It's your one-stop-shop for swimsuit coverups AND cute outfits so you can dress up or down or...really anything you want any TIME you want. Now that's something to cheer for, don't you think?

So what is Tiare Hawaii and what makes them so amazing as a brand? Well, we're about to tell you...

Founded in 2011 by Jane Hoskins after a love of travel inspired her to create her first line of dreamy tropical products, Tiare Hawaii has since become one of the world's most successful beachwear brands – but don't take our word for it! Let's hear it from the source.

"We use the beauty of nature around us and our love of travel as inspiration to create the colors and bohemian details in our garments. All of our pieces are handmade with love in Bali using traditional dyeing techniques that have been used for centuries. It's our mission to bring you a piece of paradise Anywhere You Dream."

So, now that we've heard from the magic maker, Ms. Hoskins, herself, it's time to start the drooling over all her latest goodies. You ready?

1. The Flynn Maxi Dress

Tiare Hawaii Flynn Maxi Bermuda Dress

Starting things off with a bang! The Flynn Maxi is the perfect companion for your wildflower spirit and style. The lace-up strings can be tied in the front for a strapless silhouette, or around the neck for a halter style. The high-low hem and lightweight fabric gives this dress breezy movement, making it a wonderful beach-side coverup.

Flynn Maxi Dress, $134

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2. The Day Dream Maxi Dress

Tiare Hawaii Day Dream Maxi Dress Beachwear Maxi Dress

Feeling soft but with a bit of sex appeal? The Day Dream Maxi features a plunging back with lace-up detailing. The lightweight and breathable material is perfect for those warm summer nights after long days at the beach.

Day Dreamer Maxi Dress, $104

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3. Gracie Maxi Jungle Dress

Tiare Hawaii Gracie Maxi Junble Dress Tie Dye Maxi Dress

For the wilder side in you. The Gracie Maxi Jungle Dress is the perfect free-flowing gown for those on-the-go moments. Featuring a soft construction, adjustable straps and a lightweight and breathable material, this is one to add to the repertoire.

Gracie Maxi Jungle Dress, $122

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4. The Brooklyn Maxi Dress

Tiare Hawaii Brooklyn Maxi Dress Beach Dress Coverup

Add a bit of sunshine to your wardrobe. The Brooklyn Maxi is a mix of edge and grace. It's-off-the-shoulder ruffle sleeves and high-low silhouette make it effortlessly versatile and elegant. Wear this all summer long!

Brooklyn Maxi Dress, $124

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5. The Dakota Skirt

Tiare Hawaii Dakota Skirt Beach Coverup

Not feeling the dress? Maybe your bikini top is just too awesome to cover up. Luckily, we have the solution. The Dakota Skirt features front button detailing and a cinched waist with tassel accents. The ruffled high/low hemline gives this skirt some movement, turning your swimsuit into a full-fledged adorable outfit when you're ready to hit the streets.

Dakota Skirt, $112

Shop Here

6. Naia Aqua Maxi

Tiare Hawaii Naia Aqua Maxi Dress Beach Coverup

In the event of a big event...or you know...a Saturday after pool-time, the Naia Maxi is the ultimate go-to. Featuring a gorgeous caged back with delicate bands, this floor-length maxi dress is made to move. Show off your best self with one-of-a-kind, hand-dyed elegance with premium comfort.

Naia Aqua Maxi, $138

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7. The Hollie Maxi Dress

Tiare Hawaii Hollie Maxi Dress Beach Coverup

Giving it the cold shoulder. The Hollie Maxi is ideal for date night after beach day. Featuring a fitted smocked bodice, ruffle sleeves and an all-around lightweight and breathable material, don this over your bathing suit for an instant knockout outfit.

Hollie Maxi Dress, $122

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8. The Jade Jumpsuit

Tiare Hawaii Jade Jumpsuit Floral Jumpsuit

With the Jade Jumpsuit, you can dress up and down with absolute ease. Featuring ruffled off-the-shoulder sleeves, this pantsuit pairs well with a cute pair of flats or sandals after a long and satisfying day in the sand.

Jade Jumpsuit, $108

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9. The Naia Maxi Dress

Tiare Hawaii Naia Maxi Dress

Another take on the Naia Maxi, this dreamy, oh-so-lovely maxi turns beach days into elegant evenings. Flowy and magnificent, this piece will be your newest favorite, we guarantee it!

The Naia Maxi Dress, $138

Shop Here

So...what do you think?

Hungry for more Tiare Hawaii? We are too! Feel free to peruse for more by visiting us at!

Until next time, Bellas!

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