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Article: The Best Hats by Wyeth

The Best Hats by Wyeth

The Best Hats by Wyeth

Are you looking for the perfect hat? One to top off your outfit – literally? At Kariella, we tip our caps to California-based hat company, Wyeth, for their impeccable selection of headwear made to capture the spirit of the Golden State.

Designed by husband and wife team, Michael Hagen and Hedda Staines, Wyeth hats are made with love and care in a myriad of styles and materials for every type of wearer. Boasting both quality and style, these modern classics will take your breath away.

So, what makes Wyeth hats so special? Let's take a look at some show-stoppers just waiting to make their way into your closet.

1. The London Hat

So stunning in a structured silhouette, this effortlessly cool hat is featured in a wide-brim style with soft wool fabrication and genuine leather trim. Adding in knotted detailing and a teardrop crown, this is one for the books, ladies and gentlemen.

London Hat, $92

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2. The Billie Hat

The Billie Hat is a #1 Kariella bestseller, and it's obvious why. This famous Panama hat features a stiff, flat brim and a vegan leather hat band for a chic, adventurer's look. Keep this baby nice and secure with an adjustable ribbon tucked under the sweatband. That way, you'll never lose it!

Billie Hat, $78

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3. The Ibiza Frayed Brim Hat

Make a statement in the Ibiza Frayed Brim hat. This large, floppy straw hat features a vegan leather strap and a massive frayed hem. Take it on vacay or wear it to your local beach or pool. 

Ibiza Frayed Brim, $78

Shop Here

4. The New Riley Hat

The New Riley Hat is another Kariella bestseller. Also a panama-style hat, this baby features a stiff, flat brim and a vegan leather hat band. Customize it to your individual head shape with an adjustable ribbon tucked under the sweatband. No gust of wind will blow this amazing hat off!

New Riley Hat, $92

Shop Here

5. The Pia Hat

The Pia hat is an ultra-wide brim sun hat that;s made of 100% handwoven sisal straw and features a genuine leather stampede strap, making it the perfect shady accessory even if there's a breeze.

Pia Hat, $92

Shop Here

6. The Hollis Hat

The Hollis hat is a high-crown flat-brimmed fedora with a bit of spice. This unique piece features a wrapped leather tie trim with a statement feather for good measure. This won't be your average hat, we guarantee it.

Hollis Hat, $92

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7. The Merrick Hat

The Merrick Hat is an ultra-wide brim high-crown statement hat, made of 100% handwoven sisal straw. Featuring an open-weave pattern on the brim, this is the perfect sun hat to protect your lovely skin from all those harmful summer rays.

Merrick Hat, $92

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8. The Maria Hat

The Maria Hat is another unique statement hat. Featured in a soft felt with a flat brim, dimpled crown, and a floral-embroidered band, this will be your go-to accessory any day of the week.

Maria Hat, $192

Shop Here

9.The Stevie Hat

Want more of a neutral? The Stevie Hat is the perfect straw hat to complement any outfit. It's made from woven Sisal straw and wrapped with suede straps for a subtle, yet chic look.

Stevie Hat, $92

Shop Here

10. The Lindsey Straw Hat

Last but not least, we have the Lindsey Straw Hat. Another classic Panama-style hat made from 100% Toyo Paper, this lightweight hat is perfect for all those warm days when you need a bit of a break.

Lindsey Straw Hat, $156

Shop Here

Hungry for More?

Shop the full collection and more at and tell us your favorite!

Until next time, Bellas!

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