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Article: Let's Get Graphic with Kariella's Top 10 Graphic Rocker Tees

Let's Get Graphic with Kariella's Top 10 Graphic Rocker Tees
band t shirts

Let's Get Graphic with Kariella's Top 10 Graphic Rocker Tees

At Kariella, we love a good rocker tee to go with our cutoffs and stilettos - or biker shorts, combat boots, holed-up get the picture. Lucky for us, Daydreamer has it all by way of exceptional band tees.

And since we can all agree that the classic bands are, well... classic, we've decided to dedicate an entire blog post to all our favorite bands. These include (but are certainly not limited to) Nirvana, Def Leppard, Led Zeppelin and Fleetwood Mac. Don't worry if your favorite band wasn't listed. Just keep reading and you're bound to run into it. So, without further ado...

1. The Janis Joplin Avalon Ballroom Tee

Kariella Graphic Band Tee

Starting out with a bang...

Following many great acts, Janis Joplin gave her first live concert at the Avalon Ballroom - THE music venue to be at during the height of the 60's counterculture movement.

Featuring the original poster art from her notable performance, this graphic tee gives a nod to Joplin’s career with intricate artwork to match the icon’s electric stage presence.Trust us, this is not one you're gonna want to miss out on.

Janis Joplin Avalon Ballroom Tee, $78

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2. The Grateful Dead Oxford Circus Long Sleeve Tee

Kariella Graphic Band T Shirt

Another one for the books.

Straight from the live performance, The Grateful Dead Oxford Circle poster is the most recognized image ever used by the boys.

Undoubtedly popular, these original posters with tack holes and discoloration are hard to come by, let alone in mint condition. Now permanently placed on our newest oversized long sleeve tee, this is one item you won’t be lending out to anyone.

Grateful Dead Oxford Circus Long Sleeve Tee, $88

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3. The Chris Stapleton Boyfriend Tee

Chris Stapleton Graphic Tee

Chris freakin' Stapleton.

Who can forget those songs and that voice! It's a no-brainer that this is must have tee.

We love wearing this with leather pants, but you can absolutely pair it with...pretty much anything else.

Christ Stapleton Boyfriend Tee, $74

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4. The Rolling Stones 12 Tongues Banded Tee

Rolling Stones Tongue Graphic Tee

Beat the heat in our Rolling Stones 12 Tongues Banded Tee. Featuring a white t-shirt style with cutoff sleeves, subtle cinched sides and the iconic Rolling Stones tongue graphic.

Style with high-rise flare jeans or shorts to complete this edgy summer look.

Rolling Stones 12 Tongues Banded Tee, $92

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5. The Def Leppard Adrenalize Tour Tee

Kariella Printed Tee

Rock out like no other in our Def Leppard Adrenalize Tour Tee. Featuring in a light mauve pink with the iconic Def Leppard Adrenalize graphic on the front and back.

Style tucked-in with high-rise flare jeans or shorts for whatever mood you're in.

Def Leppard Adrenalize Tour Tee, $82

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6. The Fleetwood Mac Rumors Weekend Tee

Kariella Fleetwood Mac graphic tee

Go your own way in our Fleetwood Mac Rumors Weekend Tee. Featuring in a light cream-colored, oversized style with the iconic Fleetwood Max graphic on the front.

Style this amazing graphic tee tucked-in with high-rise pants - maybe something flared? - to complete the look.

Fleetwood Mac Rumors Weekend Tee, $86

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7. The Sabbath Paradiso T-Shirt Dress

Kariella Band Graphic Tee

Because why have one or the other when you can have both>

Totally timeless in a vintage-inspired design, this essential tee features the bold Black Sabbath graphic in an oversized, slouchy silhouette that makes for the perfect, edgy summer dress. We absolutely love this style!

Sabbath Paradiso T-Shirt Dress, $92

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8. The Guns N' Roses Cards Boyfriend Tee

Kariella Band graphic Tee

Be reminded of childhood memories in our Guns N' Roses Cards Boyfriend Tee. Featuring a highlighter yellow color on an oversized t-shirt silhouette with a vibrant graphic of the Guns N' Roses logo on the front and back.

Style this tee half-tucked with high rise flare jeans and booties for the ultimate festival look.

Guns N' Roses Cards Boyfriend Tee, $74

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9. The Def Leppard Animals '96 Tour Tee

Led Zeppelin Graphic Tee

Because we just can't get enough of Def Leppard...

Rock out in style with our Def Leppard Animals '96 Tour Tee. Featuring a vintage black on an oversized tee with the iconic Def Leppard Animal logo.

Style this with whatever leather you've got. Def Leppard deserves that much.

Def Leppart Animals '96 Tour Tee, $74

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10. The Nirvana Heart-Shaped Box Baby Tee

Kariella Nirvanna Graphic Tee Printed Tee

Channel the 90's in our Nirvana Heart-Shaped Box Baby Tee. Featured in a bright pink ribbed baby tee with a scoop neck, short sleeves and the iconic Heart-Shaped Box graphic on the front.

Style with flare jeans and chunky heels for the ultimate 90's look.

Nirvana Heart-Shapes Box Baby Tee, $69

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Ready to Rock Some More?

We've got loads of amazing rocker tees just for you. Whatever your style, whatever your vibe, we've got the tee for you. Just visit us right here to pick up yours today!

Rock on, Bellas!



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