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Article: What's Your Element? Finding Your Neutral Color Palette Based on Your Sign

What's Your Element? Finding Your Neutral Color Palette Based on Your Sign
air sign

What's Your Element? Finding Your Neutral Color Palette Based on Your Sign

We've all heard of Earth, Fire, Air, and Water as the four elemental signs. We tie them to the 12 signs of the zodiac, attributing Earth components to Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn; Fire with Aries, Leo and Sagittarius; Air with Aquarius, Gemini and Libra; and Water with Pisces, Cancer, and Scorpio. Based on when we were born and the alignment of the stars and planets at that time, we link ourselves to these astrological signs which, in turn, attribute us with certain aspects such as personality traits. Maybe you're one of those who's not really into it. Perhaps you'd like to learn. Maybe you know your sign (#scorpio) but that's about it. Or maybe you're neck deep into the specifics. If that's the case, you know how complicated and also fascinating it can be. But did you also know that we can use the four elemental signs and their zodiac constituents when focusing on fashion?

For example, when we think of picking out our wardrobes, we often choose colors that compliment our hair and skin tone. We think of what our moods and personalities are and we choose our outfits based off of those. We do this also with the signs. We learn more about our individual traits, as well as others' through the zodiac. We may even have that friend (or maybe that friend is us) who can pick out a sign in a crowd. "Oh, you mean Trevor? Well obviously you two weren't going to work out. I mean face it. He's a Pisces and you're a Gemini! Your natures aren't compatible!" It's okay, you can admit it. You've been there before. And the same is true for fashion.

Have you ever been out shopping with a friend and you're trying on different pieces at Kariella, and as soon as you whip open the dressing room curtain, your friend makes that scrunchy, trying-not-to-be-too-overt type of frown on seeing what you're wearing? Naturally, you get the gist of how they feel, but you're nevertheless compelled to ask them anyway, "What do you think?" The answer is never a surprise and is always some variation of, "Well, you could do better;" "It sort of washes you out;" "I don't think blue's your color;" or if they're brutally honest, "Ew, take that off!" Likewise, we have those moments where the curtain parts and a gasp inevitable follows, partnered with the words, 'You have to get that! It's perfect for you!" Without knowing it, you have just made a fashion choice based on the elements that jive with who you are. Let explore that some more!

Today, we're going to look at how the four elemental signs of Earth, Fire, Air and Water can be used when choosing the right colors that work for us. Plus, we'll share a few examples along the way.

1. Earth

Grounded and unwavering, the Earth sign boasts brown and green shades for a consistently reliable look.

Those with warmer complexions – typically showing yellow, peach, or golden undertones and greenish veins – look great in these colors. Those with natural skin tones – usually with a mix of both warm and cool complexions – can also get away with wearing different variations of these shades. (FYI: those with cool complexions tend to showcase pink and blue undertones with a blueish tint to their veins instead of green.)

Here are a few earthy examples for your perusal...

Kariella Show Off Bodysuit Turtleneck Bodysuit Nude Bodysuit

The Show Off Bodysuit by Kariella is our first pick. Soft and stunning, it's the perfect neutral staple for your wardrobe. This ribbed bodysuit features a high neckline with an open back and a clasped bottom closure.

    Show Off Bodysuit, $62

    Shop Here

    Kariella Arches Earring

    The Arches Earrings by Kariella make a fun statement, even with their subtle coloring. Lightweight and easy to wear, these happy wooden danglies are your next daily go-to.

    Arches Earring, $14

    Shop Here

    Kariella Statis Midi Dress Neutral Midi Dress Cutout Midi Dress Fall Midi Dress

    The Static Midi Dress by Kariella is your one-stop-shop to making your earthy wardrobe go from blah to beautiful! This baby is made in a comfortable ribbed material and features a button-down collar and wide cut-outs at the hips for a bit of flair. Wear this to all your lovely gatherings this holiday season.

      Static Midi Dress, $98

      Shop Here

      Frankies Bikinis Falcon Top

      Just because it's an earth tone doesn't mean it can't go in for a dip every now and again. The Falcon Top by Frankies Bikinis features a classic silhouette that wraps around the front and ties in the back for an adjustable fit.

      Luxurious and comfortable, this strappy top is made in an ultra luxe fabric that holds a bit of a sheen. Trust us, you'll look ravishing in this!

      Falcon Top, $106

      Shop Here

      Pair it with the Jenna Shine Bottom, $84

      Shop Here

      Ostra Eyewear Step Ahead Sunglasses Retro Sunglasses

      The Step Ahead Sunglasses by Ostra Eyewear give a modern twist to the futuristic 60's cat-eye shape. Featuring thick plastic frames around 100% UV protective lenses, wear these as your new staple accessory.

      Step Ahead Sunglasses, $62

      Shop Here

      2. Fire

      This symbol is spontaneous and creative, boasting orange, red, and gold metallic tones. Those with warm complexions look ravishing in these bright, competitive hues. Let's give a few examples, shall we?

      Bond Eye The Mara One Piece Baywatch Red

      Talk about girl on fire! The Mara one piece from Bound by Bond-Eye Australia features a stretchy smocked fabric with a scoop back and medium coverage on the bottom. Featured here in Baywatch Red, you'll certainly make a statement strutting down the beach in this.

        Mara One Piece, $152

        Shop Here

        Kariella Brady Mini Dress

        The Brady Mini Dress by Kareilla is our next fiery piece. A vintage-inspired mini, pair this outrageously late 60's-style print with your favorite Docs and a conductor's hat and all you'll need is a runway (or, you know, a sidewalk) to showcase this incredible outfit.

        Brady Mini Dress, $78

        Shop Here

        Nashelle Bird Stud Earrings Gold Stuf Earrings

        Even in subtlety, the Fire sign shines through. The Bird Stud Earrings from Nashelle are handcrafted from 14K Gold Fill and made with care for those precious little ears of yours. Wear these in your everyday, or spruce things up and wear them to your company Christmas party.

        Bird Stud Earrings, $58

        Shop Here

        Kariella As If Skirt Pleated Schoolgirl Skirt

        We're not clueless as to how gorgeous this one is. The As if Skirt by Kariella is the perfect pleated schoolgirl skirt to compliment your flaming style. Pair it with some knee highs and a blazer for the proper ambience.

        As If Skirt, $54

        Shop Here

        Kariella Twiggy Tie Skirt Kariella Twiggy Top

        We can see the fire in the Twiggy Set by Kariella. Featuring a cowl-neck halter top and a tie skirt, wear this out on a hot date. You're sure to turn some heads.

        Twiggy Top, $42

        Shop Here

        Twiggy Tie Skirt, $68

        Shop Here

        3. Air

        Free-spirited and bright, you're the Jackie-of-all-trades. With your neutral complexion, you tend to look good in anything, to the envy of your peers. Colors you might happen to be drawn to could belong to the Air sign, which are white and yellow – one a bit cool, the other on the warmer side. The result is a well-rounded selection that will compliment that breezy style of yours. Let's dive into a few examples.

        Kariella Sweetness Top

        The Sweetness Top by Kariella is light and lovely, perfect for looking effortless on any occasion. This strappy tank features a lace floral detail and cinching at the bottom to add some shape.

          Sweetness Top, $66

          Shop Here

          Wyeth Hats Billie Hat

          The Billie Hat by Wyeth is a Panama-style felt hat with a stiff, flat brim and a vegan leather band. An adjustable ribbon tucks under the sweatband so this delightful hat won't float off in a random gust. You're welcome.

          Billie Hat, $78

          Shop Here

          Monica Hansen Vintage One Piece

          Floatin' with the breeze. The Vintage One Piece by Monica Hansen features a sexy silhouette with high legs and skinny spaghetti straps. A metal back clasp and tie front add some dimension, while its fully lined, cheeky coverage keeps everything comfortable and secure.

            Vintage One Piece, $252

            Shop Here

            Karisma So Magic Sweater II

            Airy can also be cozy. The So Magic Sweater II is the perfect addition to every wardrobe. It features a subtle striped design in cashmere-style fabric that's deliciously lightweight. It's a truly magical addition to your closet.

            So Magic Sweater II, $88

            Shop Here

            Daydreamer Pink Floyd Dandelion Tee

            This vintage-inspired Pink Floyd tee features their iconic prism, known to transform white light into different shades of color – reflective of the transformation we feel when we turn on our favorite Pink Floyd song. We recommend pairing these with our iconic Float on Flare jeans for the perfect look.

            Pink Floyd Dandelion Tee, $72

            Shop Here

            4. Water

            Now it's time for the cooler ladies to come out – cool complexions, that is. Deep and sentimental, you girls rock the blues and greys of the Water sign in prominent fashion. Check the inside scoop below.

            Kariella Daphne Turtleneck

            The heartwarming Daphne Turtleneck by Kariella is a cool piece that'll keep you snugly warm. Featured in a breathable fabric in a calm striped design, you'll get nostalgic vibes wearing this.

            Daphne Turtleneck, $56

            Shop Here

            Malvados Azalea Reptile Sandals
            The Azalea Reptile Sandals by Malvados are made for the beach. Comfortable and smooth, these delightful sandals will spruce up your outfit any day of the week. Featured in a beautiful vegan leather with snake print detailing in a double strap design, just go ahead and pop these in your shopping cart, why don't you.

              Azalea Reptile, $44

              Shop Here

              Cello Stacys Mom Jean

              Not your typical Mom Jeans. The Stacy's Mom Jean by Cello is a high rise-skinny jean with a little bit of stretch and a small ankle slit for the ideal fit. You'll be wearing these cool lovelies day in and day out.

              Stacy's Mom Jean, $68

              Shop Here

              Sowell Jewelry Hanale Turquoise Ring

              As a neutral, this accessory really takes the cake! The Hanale Turquoise Ring by Sowell Jewelry is a handcrafted 925 sterling silver ring made with genuine turquoise. Put this one your finger and never take it off!

              Hanale Turquoise Ring, $42

              Shop Here

              Free People Bon Voyage Midi

              Free People's Bon Voyage Midi Dress is sweet, flirty, and vibrant. It's everything we need to keep to the current of our ever-changing wardrobes. This dress features a keyhole neckline and adjustable straps, with the addition of an empire waist for a more definitive shape.

              Bon Voyage Midi, $128

              Shop Here

              How'd We Do?

              Leave us a comment below and tell us your elemental sign! Meanwhile, shop our full collection of elemental neutrals at

              See you around, Bellas!

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