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Article: Rosy Outfits That'll Make You Blush

Rosy Outfits That'll Make You Blush

Rosy Outfits That'll Make You Blush

Ring a ding ding! It's that time again! Time to shimmy out those chocolate hearts, a dozen roses, lines of verse, and that exquisite stuffed koala bear that really says, ‘I love you.’
You’ve found that special someone in your life; perhaps that special someone is yourself. Either way, you've got a date, and doggone it if you're not going to look the part and then some this Valentine's Day.
Here at Kariella, we've gone ahead and listed our top essentials when picking out the perfect date night outfit. 

Pour the chardonnay, it’s time to slip into some elegance with our romantic Juliet Blouse. Ruched at the waist, cinched at the wrists, with an adjustable V-neck you can cater to your own level of seduction, you’ll positively shine while wearing it. Gazing out across the candle-lit dinner table, your date won’t know what hit them.
Juliet Blouse, $58
What's life without a little risk? Or rather, risqué? With a couple of razor-thin straps and a plunging lace neckline, pair this flouncy cami with a high-waisted skirt and a statement necklace that accentuates your glowing décolletage and you've got yourself a killer date-night outfit sure to make anybody drool. 
Stripe Tease Cami, $62

Night out on the town? Perhaps a swanky cocktail lounge with a martini in hand? This lacy high-neck mini does the trick. Concealing in the front, revealing in the back, it's just the right amount of tease to turn all eyes on you. 
Honey Mini, $250

Why give a teddy bear when you can wear the bear instead? Guaranteed, nothing says 'hold me' like a long bit of faux fur draped around your shoulders. Warm and cozy for you, irresistibly cuddly for whomever you're looking to slip their arms around you. This alluring, rosy-hued Monaco Coat works every time. 
Monaco Coat, $138
Haven't got a ring on it? That's ok. You can put one on yourself.
Classic Stack Ring, $28

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