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Article: Summer Staples Under $75

Summer Staples Under $75

Summer Staples Under $75

Kariella is known for its chic, affordable fashion that caters to women everywhere who believe that fashion should be both fun and effortless. In keeping with this trend, we're hauling out our top ten clothing and accessories under $75 this summer that are not only easy on the wallet, but are oh-so-practical too. Because we want to make sure you have everything you need to look and feel as ravishing as ever!

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#1: The Colorful Top

Women's floral bell sleeve blouse

Have you been searching for the perfect statement top to spice up your wardrobe? It may be that all you have are neutrals and you need to mix things up a bit. We recommend a flowy blouse incorporating a myriad of neutral colors and partnered with a pop of something bold. Why do we recommend such a thing? We shall tell you.

By gathering neutrals together, we open up the piece to a larger selection of outfit pairings, making that one bold statement color the focal point. Ideally, those colors (preferably in a versatile print) will suit every season, making it a year-round go-to. Done and done. Our current pick is this floral print bell sleeve blouse.

Osaka Top, $58

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 #2: The Lace Bralette

Free people lace bralette mustard yellow

As fashion evolves, so our selection of intimates evolves to match it. And in light of this transformation, the ever-popular Free People Bralette should be a staple piece in every woman's wardrobe. What was once a shame and a sacrilege to let loose one of those pesky bra straps for all the world to see, we ladies may rest easily for once. In the modern world today, never fear to showcase this delightful item as a part of your own unique style. In fact, it's an intimate that's made to be seen. We're crushing on this mustard lace bralette with a deep scoop neck that provides coverage, but not too much!

Adella Bralette, $38

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#3: The Simple Earring

Incorporate a bit of simple elegance into your daily look for an extra hint of class. Sporting a modern geometric style, our lightweight earrings hang at 2 1/2 inches in length and feature a hammered metal detail for a little bit of flare. These are available in 14kt gold-filled, 14kt rose gold-filled, and sterling silver. These lightweight, dangling earrings can dress up a simple outfit.

Gauge Stick Earrings, $58

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#4: The Neutral Bottom

wrap front midi slit skirt

A neutral pant or skirt is a guaranteed life-saver, as it can be worn with any number of tops and accessories and in any number of styles, from work wear to a date night look.

Take the Lagos midi skirt for example. Its subtle striped design incorporates some texture into the outfit, while its understated colors serve as a canvas to be painted on, making it a truly artsy piece and a clever addition to your closet. This classy wrap front midi skirt is appropriate for work, the farmer's market, or out for girl's night.

Lagos Skirt, $68

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#5: The Versatile Belt

large woven belt

Woven belts are a cinch this year, just as they were last year, and the year before that, and so they shall be once again next year and the year after that. Why? Because these classic accessories are light, stretchy, forming to every curve on every figure; what's more, they're terribly easy to toss inside a suitcase as you go on your merry way. Our Pismo Belt features a round belt buckle with contrasting neutral colors of brown against black.

To view our full collection of woven belts, click the link to our Accessories page below.

Pismo Belt, $26

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#6: The Statement Ring

For every outfit, there is a classic piece of jewelry to accompany it. Our 14kt gold-filled ring features a simple geometric design, while a slight hammered metal detail adds a bit of radiance that's sure make it pop.

Arches Ring, $54

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#7: The Summer Maxi Dress

sheer white lace simple maxi dress cover up

The ideal summer maxi dress is bold, yet understated enough to build the rest of your outfit upon it. It's versatility will serve you well for all occasions. Here, we have one of our signature white dresses, featuring a lace trip detail, a halter neckline, and a deliciously sexy slit.

Use this white maxi dress as a beach cover up, pack it for a beach wedding outfit, or transition it as a fall item by pairing it with a cardigan or leather bomber jacket.  The simple nature of this item makes it compatible for all.

Athena Maxi, $74

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#8: The Denim Jacket

fitted cropped women's denim jacket

There's a reason why the classic denim jacket is the go-to, the stable, the absolute must-have for every summer wardrobe, for denim, you may or may not know, is a neutral. Thus, there is no excuse not to have one, as it goes with any style and any wardrobe, even yours!

Whether you're a cropped denim jacket kind of girl, if you enjoy a more fitted style, the boxy look, a jacket with a vintage vibe; then chances are, we've got the perfect denim jacket for you.

Coco Crop Jacket, $58

#9: The Classic Backpack

bohemian herringbone woven women's purse backpack

For all the meandering you'll do out in the sun all summer long, you'll need a lightweight backpack to carry all your necessities. Our essential woven backpack is medium in size, flexible in shape, and comfortable on the shoulders - perfect for a day in Santa Monica, or Santa Margherita, whichever you prefer. The neutral color of this women's backpack pairs well with a bright outfit.

Beachside Backpack, $48

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#10: The Travel-Size Fragrance

Looking for that TSA-approved perfume to fit inside your carry on? Perhaps the ideal scent to simply stow inside your purse for the occasional freshen up? Well look no further. Our selection of fragrance body oils by Birdbath will suit all your travel needs, be it a trek to Morocco, or the mall. Birdbath rollers are light and natural, perfect for your signature scent!

Body Oil Roller, $16

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