The Best Time to Buy Swimwear

When Summer's over and Fall and Winter hit, when the weather gets chilly and the thermal underwear is a definite thing, then you know what time it is?

You guessed it! It's swim suit time!

That's right! Because little did you know that the best time to buy swimwear may not be the time you actually need it. Those times when you'd rather buy cashmere sweaters and beanies - in other words, those off-peak seasons like early spring and late fall - are when we all should be buying swimsuits. Yes, we know. You're probably thinking: What the heck? But keep your thermal undies on because that's why we're here.

Because why should we be spending all our cashmere money on a brand new string bikini? Why must we have a beach-themed wish list instead? And can't we all just wait until summer – you know, the time we all go looking for a swim suit – to buy what we need? Why all this buying out-of-order?

We asked Kariella founder Amara Bessa all about this strange phenomenon, and she had a few things to say.

Montce Swim
Snake Rib High Rise Bottom, $88
Floral Bandeau Swim Suit Floral High Waist Swim Suit Bottom
Tori Praver
Hadley Bandeau, $110
Payton Bottom, $99

The first thing she said was, "Don't buy your swimsuits in the Summer. All your options will be gone."

Why? Because that's when everyone else is looking to buy. Okay, that's fair. But then, when should we buy? Let's take a look at the situation from a retailer's perspective for just a smidgen of a moment and see what we find, shall we?




Leopard Print One Piece Swim Suit Animal Print Swim Suit



Vitamin A
Jenna Bodysuit, $204
 Vitamin A
Magnolia V Neck,$122
Ibiza Bottom, $112



For retailers selling swimwear, it's best to buy before the proper season. "By stocking up ahead of the curve," Amara tells us, "we're more prepared for those times of the year when people go on vacation and need a swim suit – primarily during the holiday months or during the summer season."

    Red One Piece Swim Suit



    Bond Eye
    The Madison One Piece, $152
    Leopard Print Tie Fron Swim Swui Leopard Print Bikini
    Vitamin A
    Lou Top, $112
    California High Leg, $106


    There are two prime times for retailers to buy swimwear, Amara tells us. The first is in September, October & November for what Amara calls the "Resort Season." This means all those looking to escape the winter chill to the coastal climates in Mexico, the Caribbean, South America (to name a few places).

    Halter Neck One Piece Swim Suit



    Montce Swim
    Tropez One Piece, $198

    Black Bikini Tie Front Bikini

    Frankies Bikinis
    Enzo Bottom, $82

    Shop Here



     The other essential buying time for retailers is in the height of January and February in preparation for the long summer days to come.

    Leopard Print Underwire Bra Swim Top


    Tori Praver
    Emery Top, $110

    Montce Swim
    Snake Rib Bustier Top, $148



     "Those are the two biggest buys of the year for swim retailers," Amara tells us. "And not just for retailers either. Those are the times when consumers should be looking to buy swim suits as well."

    High Neck Swim Top



    Bond Eye
    The Sinner Brief, $76
    Leopard Print Two Piece Swim Suit
    Tori Praver
    Savannah Bottom, $89

    Shop Here



    Thus the benefit of buying during these two prime times is a wider selection of swimwear for you as you shop ahead of the crowd. That means no more trying to mix and match on-the-fly when your favorite swim suit only has the top left in your size, or when all your favorite styles are out of stock when you really needed a new swim suit (like yesterday) for your trip to Costa Rica tomorrow! Save yourself the hassle and buy in the off-peak seasons. They may be off-peak for the rest of the world, but in the world of swimwear, that's peak season, baby!

    String Bikini Peek-a-boo Swim Top 



    Frankies Bikinis
    Willa Ribbed Top, $80

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    Black and White Stripe Bikini
    Tori Praver
    Poppy Top $99
    Spencer Bottom, $79

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    We asked Amara what are some trending styles to look for this season, and her answers had us doing some serious double fist pump action.

    The first style she nailed right off the bat was underwire bra tops. "The underwire top is back!" She said happily.

    This once popular trend featured primarily in the 80's and 90's has made a grand comeback, and it's better than ever! And wouldn't you know? We've snagged ourselves a few. It's okay, you can thank us later.

    Black Zipper One Piece Swim Suit





    Bond Eye
    Moto One Piece, $174

    Shop Here








    And if it wasn't already apparent, animal print swimwear is back as well, featuring all-new styles like leopard print one piece swim suits and classic high-waist snake skin bottoms with a bustier top.

    Or if you're feeling some Bae Watch (wink wink) feel free to stick with the high leg one piece, another staple this year, says our lovely Amara.

    With plenty of options to choose from in a variety of styles and colors, what more could you ask for?

    So the moral of this story: when you go to buy a new coat, skip it and buy the swim suit instead, mkay? Good good. Now off you go! And have fun!



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