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Article: Amara x Kariella Exclusive Tees Have Arrived!

Amara x Kariella Exclusive Tees Have Arrived!
amara x kariella

Amara x Kariella Exclusive Tees Have Arrived!

Kariella was happy to announce the launch of it's very own line, Amara x Kariella, in December of last year, designed exclusively by Kariella owner, Amara Bessa.

Featuring a unique selection of graphic tees specific to Kariella store locations in Ventura and Ojai, and to Amara's own personal history, we are proud to share with you all the juicy details surrounding this special new line. So buckle up and here we go!

1. Fancy Pants Ringer Tee

Amara + Kariella Fancy Pants Ringer Tee

Hey Fancy Pants! This one's for you! This 70's-style T-shirt was designed (as we have said) by Kariella owner Amara Bessa, who went by 'Fancy Pants' as a child, a nickname coined by her father.

Featuring a classic slim fit in ultra 100% cotton fabric, we recommend you size up if you are unsure of your size. In fact, for all Amara x Kariella featured graphic tees, we suggest doing this.

Fancy Pants Ringer Tee, $52

Shop Here

2. Wild Child Tee

Amara + Kariella Wild Child Tee

Bring out your inner wild child with this next one!

Featuring a fun floral detail and a groovy word decal, you'll be carrying a slice of Ojai with you wherever you go! And if you're a boho goddess like we are (but of course you are), you'll love it all the more!

Wild Child Tee, $52

Shop Here

3. Ojai Vibes Ringer Tee

Amara + Kariella Ojai Vibes Ringer Tee

Peace, Love, & Ojai Vibes! That's what we're all about, and if you've ever been to Ojai, then chances are, you know what we mean.

This 70's-style T-shirt features a distressed graphic on a classic ringer tee, perfectly capturing the spirit of Ojai we always crave!

Ojai Vibes Ringer Tee, $52

Shop Here

4. Ventura Rainbow Tee

Amara x Kariella Ventura Rainbow Tee

Nestled between the mountains and the sea, Ventura is one place we know and love. This black tee features a rainbow design with embroidery detailing. Call it an ode to Ventura, a favorite spot of ours and home to one of our storefronts!

Ventura Rainbow Tee, $52

Shop Here

5. Ojai Babe Tee

Amara x Kariella Ojai Babe Tee

This one goes out to all our Ojai babes out there! Utilizing a boho color scheme over a black backdrop, we hope to achieve for this t-shirt a tastefully distressed look, giving it a truly vintage feel.

Ojai Babes Tee, $52

Shop Here

6. Ojai Rainbow Tee

Amara x Kariella Ojai Rainbow Tee

More rainbows = double the sunshine!

We love ourselves a good retro design and this one features a bit of embroidery detailing for a more unique look. Meanwhile its sunshine color scheme mirrors the California dessert surrounding our homes of Ventura and Ojai. So really, what's not to love?

Ojai Rainbow Tee, $52

Shop Here

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