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Article: Top 10 Holiday Accessories by Kariella

Top 10 Holiday Accessories by Kariella

Top 10 Holiday Accessories by Kariella

Last week, we showed you our favorite holiday outfit ideas that you can wear to all your Christmas, New Year's, Hanukah, Chinese New Year's, Kwanza, Diwali & many more winter parties you're bound to go to. This week, we thought we'd focus on the glitz and glam you'll likely need to accompany said outfits. Because we all know how much every girl needs a little sparkle to complete her holiday wardrobe. Can we get an amen?

Let's take a closer look at some of our top holiday accessories from Mikal Winn, Sowell Jewelry, Wyeth, Dolce Vida & Yours Truly here at Kariella.

Let's get to it, shall we?

1. The Triple Crystal Fringe Necklace

Mikal Winn Necklace

The Triple Crystal Fringe Necklace by Mikal Winn features three Swarovski Crystals with a brass chain fringe detail. This will be your prime statement item for all of winter's festivities this year, we guarantee it.

Triple Crystal Fringe Necklace, $210

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2. The Liam Hat

Wyeth Hat

Constructed with the finest 100% Australian wool felt, Wyeth's Liam Hat is an elevated take on the classic fedora. The pinched crown and wide brim are adorned with a genuine leather band embroidered with an ornate Hawaiian pattern. This hat will keep you dry and fashionable, despite the winter weather.

Liam Hat, $156

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3. The Base Coat Nail Polish

Glitter Nail Polish

Meet Base Coat - our go-to nail polish for every occasion in an array of hues. Long-wearing, organic, vegan, cruelty-free and also free of the most toxic ingredients known to cause health problems including cancer & asthma. And you can get it in glitter!

Base Coat Nail Polish, $22

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4. The Solei Suede Stud Boots

Free People boots knee high boots

The Solei Suede Stud Boots by Dolce Vita are all about the details. The iconic boot takes the western-inspired vibe to the next level this season with an intricate studded pattern that adds an authentic accent to this must-have silhouette.

Solei Suede Stud Boots, $298

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5. The Mesh + Crystal Cuff

Mikal Winn bracelet

The Mesh + Crystal Cuff bracelet by Mikal Winn features a brass cuff base that can be molded to your wrist for a perfect fit! You'll likely be making this the centerpiece of your outfit – and for good reason, too!

Mesh + Crystal Cuff, $198

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6. The Biodegradable Glitter

Facial glitter

These bio glitters are made from the plant-based material called cellulose, which is derived from the Eucalyptus tree. It can fully decompose in soil or microbial waste water, unlike most plastic glitters which will remain on earth for at least the next 400 years. So glitter away, with no fear of littering up our beautiful planet!

Biodegradable Glitter, $16

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7. The Parfum Spray Pen

Capri Blue fragrance

The sweet aromas of Capri Blue that you know and love – in a perfume! This lightweight and easy-to-travel-with perfume pen is perfect to toss in your purse to keep you smelling oh-so-good all day long! It's vegan formula is cruelty-free and formulated without gluten, parabens, sulfates, and phthalates. It contains no synthetic coloring, either. You'll be the best-smelling bell of the ball with one of these!

Parfum Spray Pen, $18

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8. The Thunderbird Ring

Turquoise Ring

This handcrafted ring from Sowell Jewelry has a western flare, featuring a thunderbird with a turquoise stone and engraved detailing. This ring features oxidized sterling silver and the adjustable band allows you to wear on any finger you like. Make sure you don't forget this when dressing for the party.

Thunderbird Ring, $54

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9. The Shelby Purse

Party Purse

The Shelby Purse by Yours Truly is made for the upcoming holidays. Pair it with all your glamorous outfits that'll make a stunning statement to all.

Shelby Purse, $52

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10. The Brass Zicron + Rhineston Fringe Earrings

Mikal Winn earrings

These lovely beauties by Mikal Winn are to die for! The Brass Zicron + Rhinestone Fringe Earrings feature a breathtaking rhinestone fringe chain that will catch the light of any holiday soiree.

Brass Zicron + Rhinestone Fringe Earrings, $176

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Let the Party Continue

Shop all our new glittering favorites at

Happy Holidays, everyone!


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