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Article: 50 Shades of Brown: Our Top Neutral Fashion Ideas

50 Shades of Brown: Our Top Neutral Fashion Ideas
70's fashion

50 Shades of Brown: Our Top Neutral Fashion Ideas

Alas, the answer to that all-too-frequent question: What is neutral fashion? What colors are neutral colors? On top of that, how do you wear neutrals?

Well, for starters, neutral colors (often call 'earth tones') are typically composed of different shades of black, white, and brown. For instance: ivory, cream, beige, taupe, charcoal grey, and even navy blue, are all categorized as neutral colors - those hues that can successfully pair themselves with any other color without clashing.

Many choose to wear neutrals with a pop of color to compliment their outfit, which is a pretty standard routine, and for good reason, too. It's easy, chic, can be classed up or down. It's a proven staple.

But what if you don't want to add a bold color? Are you boring without that bright red blouse or those aqua-colored pumps? Not one bit! In fact, head-toe-neutrals are an understated declaration of high class - a style that has passed through the ages as perhaps the most sophisticated look available to women.

The popularity of all-neutral outfits stems from the ability to create an ultra-feminine look by pairing together basic, minimalist, even masculine pieces. Whether you're creating an outfit utilizing several neutral colors like black, navy and white; or whether you're sticking with different shades of one neutral such as tan, champagne, and camel, the all-neutral theme will keep you looking classy not just today, but tomorrow, next year, and 30 years from now.

So let's take a look at some of this season's latest neutral-colored pieces that you can implement into your own wardrobe. Are you ready?

1. Leopard Print

Neutrals are not restricted to solid prints, mind you. They may take the form of stripes, polka dots, tie-dye, etc.

One of the most iconic neutral prints available is the standard leopard print dress. Mixing different shades of brown and black, this can be styled up with a pair of heels, joined by draping pearls, that gold zodiac necklace you bought from Kariella (or if you haven't already, just click here).

Our own iteration of the leopard print dress takes the form of bell sleeves in a delightful wrap dress style. Slip this on for a romantic dinner out. Have a wedding to go to? Perhaps a fun little get-together between friends? Or perhaps you're feeling glamorous at home with a bottle of wine. For one or all of the above, we give you this spectacular item. No need to thank us. Or go ahead and thank us. We don't mind either way.

Catch Up Wrap Dress, $124

2. Neutral Sweaters

Off The Shoulder Pullover 80's Inspired Fashion

The neutral statement item often takes the form of a blouse, or in this case, a versatile sweater that can be worn with any bottom. Take the Ryu Slope Top in cream, for example. This lovely neutral makes a statement with its dolman sleeves, it's on-or-off-she-shoulder neckline (whichever you prefer), and paired with our pleather button-down mini skirt in a partner shade under the umbrella of the neutral color brown. We even added in a pair of suede-like boots to complete the all-neutral look.

Ryu Slope Top, $88

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Nights Like This Skirt, $54

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3. Metallics

Burnt Orange Silk Midi Dress 90's Inspired

Did you also know that neutrals take the form of metallics? Gold, silver, bronze, you name it. All are interchangeable with any outfit you choose to don.

Typically, people tend to flock to the idea of wearing metallic jewelry as their neutral outfit accessory, but that's not all you can do. There are plenty of other metallic options to choose from when going all-neutral.

Our satin midi dress in bronze makes for the perfect neutral dress for your wardrobe. Pair as we have here with turquoise heels, or keep with the metallic theme and add a pair of silver strappy sandals. Throw in some gold bling or a camel coat. The versatility of this piece makes for endless options.

Bronzed Beauty Dress, $68

4. Jackets & Outerwear

Corduroy Bodysuit Camel Cardigan 70's Inspired Fashion

 The topper of all toppers for any and all outfits, the jacket, the outdoor coat, the draping cardigan, all pair beautifully with your head-to-toe neutral theme, and that right there's the ticket. Finding a piece of outerwear in a neutral color will enable you to wear that piece with every outfit combination you can think of.

We chose a deep caramel cardigan as our ideal go-to, as it partners well indoors as well as outdoors, with your lounge-wear, or with your fancy dress. It's handy, hardy, and absolutely cute. Take our word for it: you'll wear this thing with everything.

Arena One Piece Bodysuit, $102

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Flaunt It Cardi, $116

5. Skin-Tone

Silk Long Sleeved Blouse Rosy Floral Print Champagne Suede Flare Pull On Leggings

The uniqueness of an all-neutral outfit is epitomized by different cuts and fabrics. Silks, satins, corduroy, even carpet materials found in neutral colors add texture to the outfit. For example, an all-black outfit may seem rather bland, but when you incorporate different materials like leather, velvet, satin, and suede, it not only adds texture, but it accentuates each item rather than blending them into one big blob of darkness completely indistinguishable to anyone looking at you.

We decided to keep with the sandy neutral shades with a satin champagne top featuring a tie-front enclosure and lovely bell sleeves. Next, our suede-feel flare leggings in dark camel, paired with our deep taupe felt hat add substance that is neither bland nor overbearing. To keep things fun, we added in an all-neutral statement necklace. As you can see, these skin-toned pieces work well together, each one showcasing the other, highlighting the specific features they all have to offer. The result is a collaboration of like-pieces for a completely unique look. And all with neutrals! Would you look at that...

Champagne Pop Top, $58

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Eastwood Pant, $66

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New Riley Hat, $92

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