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Article: The Beginner's Guide to Glitter & Glam

The Beginner's Guide to Glitter & Glam
1970's glamour

The Beginner's Guide to Glitter & Glam

We think it's safe to say we're all adults here. We've outgrown the phase of dressing up as princesses and donning every limb with ruffles, frills, and cheap little jewels (and of course, let's not forget the tiara). Gone are the days when glitter was our makeup, when plastic heels were our glass slippers, and when our prized accessory was a wand. But just because we've moved past those girlish dress-up years doesn't mean we can't incorporate some of the glamour we once idolized into our style habits today. Because who wants to be that 'boring adult' we all feared we'd grow up to be, when we can be beautiful goddesses instead?

Today, we're going to go over the basics - the glamour 101 crash course, if you will - on how to add a bit of sparkle back into your wardrobe, a type of glitzy glamour that fully accentuates your outer beauty while showcasing your inner playfulness as well. We'll teach you how to trade those cheap rhinestones and plastic pearls into exquisite pieces of jewelry picked out just for you. Watch that fairy tale gown you wore every single day (except on laundry day) transform itself into the highlight of your wardrobe. Just so, the glitter you once sprinkled over you like pixie dust now comes in all-new forms; and while you may not look exactly like Cinderella, we guarantee you'll feel just like a princess in the end.

So with that, let's give ourselves a little 'Bippity Boppity Boo,' and away we go! 

1. The Romantic Look

Floral Wrap Dress Maxi Dresses

One of the key elements of glamour fashion is romance. Search for romantic outfit ideas that compliment your own personal style, and the glam will follow suit.

What are romantic outfits, you ask? Here are a few things to look for:

1. Silk (or silk-feel)

Texture is a key aspect when choosing the perfect outfit. Finding a fabric with a bit of a sheen to it will instantly boost the glamour factor, and the connotation between romance and silk is uncanny. It's the ideal choice when it comes to romantic fashion, particularly in your search for fancy fall outfits or fancy winter outfits this holiday season. Thus, if you're searching for the proper go-to fabric, look no further.

2. Dark Florals

While texture is huge, pattern is also a major player in the field of romance. We recommend a dark, dreamy floral that works for fall and winter fashion, as a rich, ethereal look boasts a lovely glamorous feel. It provides enough mystery and playfulness that people find alluring, which is exactly what we're going for! So spruce up your holiday fashion this year with a good floral outfit such as our Heavenly Maxi Dress. You're sure to turn more than a few heads at this year's Christmas party!

3. Bell Sleeves

Baggy sleeves? What? No. BELL sleeves. There's a difference. And it's noticeable, trust us. Typically, when people think of a wide sleeve, they envision an overflow of fabric that sucks them inside like a giant trash bag, hiding their figure altogether. However, the beauty of a bell sleeve is that it cinches at the wrists, providing a structured flow of material that's incredibly feminine. Don't believe us? Here's an example...

One of our favorite looks is a long flowing maxi dress with a belted waist. Take our Heavenly Maxi Dress. An adjustable wrap dress, this piece highlights the smallest part of your waist; and believe it or not, those bell sleeves help to showcase that tiny waist all the more. You see, yards of fabric is, in and of itself, a form of glamour...if it's done right. Find the pieces that complement your figure while giving off the impression of a mythical nymph floating across the room, and you won't go wrong. So the next time you think of discarding the possibility outright, why not give those bell sleeves another try? You might be surprised.

4. Deep V Neckline

Whether you're donning a dress, a romper, a sweater, or a blouse, a classic V neckline will accentuate your decolletage, which is arguably the most alluring aspect of the feminine physique. Equally playful and sexy, this romantic style will earn you countless points in the glamour department. Top it off with a tiered necklace or a chunky wreath necklace for an additional pop. It'll draw just enough attention without being gaudy (or if you want to be gaudy, go with the tiered necklace AND the wreath necklace. Sometimes layering your jewelry is all you need to make an 'Everyone look at me!' impression).

For even more romantic styles, check out our 6 Romantic Outfits for Fall. We think it's worth a peek.

Shop this Look

Heavenly Maxi Dress, $82

Wear this With:

Wooden Necklace

Bali Necklace, $32

Retro Sunglasses Cat Eye Sunglasses

Willow Sunglasses, $98

2. The Evening Look 

There's something about black that's terribly sensual, and for a glamorous evening out (to a party, dinner, the movies, etc.), we recommend a noir outfit with a touch of glitter for that ultra glammed-up look.

Some people think that in order to be glamorous, one has to go 'all out.' But in truth, all you need is one or two statement pieces that stand out from the rest. Build your outfit around that one center piece, and you'll be one step closer to achieving glamour status.

For this look, we partnered an off-the-shoulder sweater with a sparkly maxi skirt. Gathering at the wearer's natural waist, this skirt flows outward in a perfect a-line, elongating the legs while holding true to one's feminine figure. As it is the focal point of the outfit, further accessorizing can be kept at a minimum, if that's your preference. Part of the science behind glamour is maintaining a less-is-more mentality. Therefore, in picking your items carefully, you create a fuller, more well-rounded look. #achieved

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Make It Sparkle Skirt, $92
Siena Sweater, $74

Wear this With:

Manhattan Bag, $46

3. The Wild Look

If you're a spunky individual like us, you'll want a type of glamour that fits in well with your delectably brazen personality; and what better way to accentuate said personality than with bold colors, metallic fabrics, and animal-inspired pieces? Congratulations! You're in luck!  We went ahead and rolled out our favorite fashion ideas to keep you looking fierce as all-get-out this holiday season.

Our number one statement piece for this outfit comes in the form of an orange pleated skirt featuring a metallic sheen for an additional glow. It's festive sunset hue makes it the focal point of the outfit.

Next, our deep v-neck bodysuit features a halter neckline to show off a bit of skin. We picked one in classic black, but it comes in taupe as well, an equally subtle, yet glamorous choice, if you ask us.

As the temperature drops, you'll want to bundle up a smidge, so why not do it with style? We've chosen a button-down cardigan in a fun zebra print design to give the outfit a bit of texture. As we're all aware, animal print is a sign of chic sophistication, a constant go-to when searching for a glamorous outfit. And we say: the more exotic the print, the better!

Shop the Outfit

Coco Maxi Skirt, $64
Fonda Bodysuit, $54
Kenya Cardigan, $82

Wear this With:

Light as a Feather Earrings White

Fly Away Earring, $24

Midnight Ring

Midnight Ring, $18

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4. The Poolside Look

Striped Bikini Black and White

For those of you looking to escape the winter chill, you're no doubt hoping to transport your glamorous ways to someplace you can show off all your curves. 

Envision a glorious lawn chair by the pool. You're wearing a classic bikini complemented by a pair of glam sunglasses and a floppy sun hat. You've added in as an accessory your favorite cocktail...and a bit of bedazzled jewelry, perhaps.

This Vitamin A bikini features a black and white stripe pattern, a strappy back enclosure, and high-waisted bottoms for an elegant pool-side look. This is more than your average swimsuit outfit. You've gone the extra mile to create that glamorous style you've been looking for. Well done, you.

Shop the Outfit

Sol Top, $104
Barcelona Bottom, $114

Wear this With:

Cat Eye Sunglasses Noir Accessories

Becky Sunglasses, $98

Gold Bangle Bracelet

Athena Bracelet, $16

5. The Red Carpet Look

Champagne Sparkle Jumpsuit

If you're motto is 'extra,' if you live and breathe all things sparkly and pretty, if your idea of 'dressing down' means pairing your favorite Balmain jeans with stilettos instead of a full-length ball gown when going to the super market, then we have for your pleasure and enjoyment, the glamour of all glamour outfits: the eternal glitter jumpsuit. It's for when the red carpet is your every day, or when you only imagine it is. Either way, we'll satisfy your craving with the Glitz and Glam Jumpsuit, compliments of Yours Truly.

Featuring an open back and wide slit legs, this piece maintains the flexibility for all your endeavors, whether it be a private dinner party, a cocktail event, or an actual red carpet. This is a comfortable outfit that will quickly become this year's holiday staple.

Another delightful perk to this outfit is that it is a single item presented as a full-featured outfit. It's so easy, it's nearly unfair. You're welcome.

Just a little tip as like our Evening Look: when going the route of simple elegance with a jumpsuit, particularly one so bold as this, your add-ons should be few, yet chosen with diligence. Here, we've selected a pair of silver sandals with a low heel, and a set of draping earrings that mirror the same glittery feel of the jumpsuit. All three items appear as though they were made for one another, which lets you know that the look it complete. Once again, well done.

Shop the Outfit

Glitz and Glam Jumpsuit, $114
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Wear this With:

Sparkle Statement Earrings

Make a Statement Earring, $24

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Want some more Jewelry ideas? Check out Kariella's 7 Jewelry Items You Should Have in Your Closet, or shop the full collection by clicking here.

That'll do it for today! Until next time, 

Your ever-loving Kariella

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