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Article: How to Wear Animal Print Like a Pro

How to Wear Animal Print Like a Pro

How to Wear Animal Print Like a Pro

Indeed, you heard correctly. Animal print is back, and it's fiercer than ever this year. And we're talking about more than just your light accessory to accompany your little black dress. Animal print styles are making great strides, gracing us with all-new fashion ideas, many of which, we think you're going to love.

From satin cheetah print dresses in 90's-inspired cuts, to furry zebra print cardigans you can wear all day, every day; from full-length leopard print gowns, to snakeskin print turtlenecks, you'll be rocking the full Safari getup all the live-long year. And while, for some of you, it may seem daunting to exhibit yourself in head-to-toe wildlife ensembles, there are tamer ways to rock the animal print as per your personal preference.  

Today, we're going to share a few helpful tips on how to wear animal print: primarily, how to incorporate it into your daily routine in subtle, sophisticated ways, meanwhile upscaling to bolder, wilder looks when you're looking to dominate whatever stomping grounds you call your own particular Savannah.

So let's get started.

 1. The Neutral Animal Print Look

Zebra Print Tank Lace Camisole Black Wide Leg Trouser Pants

While many would say that animal print is the focal point of the outfit, they would be right, at least in part. It is a print, after all. That very fact means that it isn't your average plain white tee. It's meant to draw attention. However, animal print may also serve as a neutral gateway for incorporating color into the outfit, or for specifically not. Either way, the options are there, and you get choose which route you wish to take.

Our Safari Cami boasts a large zebra print, which, as we all know from Kindergarten, is a print solely featuring black and white, making it the perfect base to build your outfit upon. These two popular neutrals can be added to with a poppin' red silk skirt or some satin pumps. It can be paired with navy blue skinny jeans or topped with an olive blazer. As for jewelry, silver and gold are both acceptable. Or if you prefer wild, leathery, feathery, tooth-inspired pieces, these, too, go well with the already savage nature of this outfit. 

Here, we went a different direction, the one of simple elegance. Partnering this zebra print lace cami with the Maldives Pant, our ever-popular wide-leg trouser that now comes in black (you're welcome), we've turned this outfit into a 100% neutral look. And yet, as you will notice, it starkly differs from what would ordinarily be considered neutral. It's neutral, yet bold; simple, yet sophisticated; minimalistic, yet a full, complete outfit. Et voila! The neutral animal print outfit is achieved!

Safari Cami, $62
Maldives Pant, $64
Athena Bracelet, $16

2. The Office-Appropriate Animal Print Look

Snake Skin Blouse Long Sleeve Animal Print Metallic Pants Hot Outfits

If you're like us, you work for a living (shocker). So most likely, you're looking for work-appropriate outfits that are fun, unique, that really cater to your own sense of style - i.e. you don't want to be boring. We get that. No one wants to be boring.

That's why we've chosen pieces that are not only glowing with personality, but ones that are also versatile enough so as to wear them to work, to your Saturday coffee date, to a night out on the town, you name it. And with a wardrobe full of such easily-interchangeable items, you'll find yourself mixing and matching, able to create all-new outfits that keep your style looking fresh every single day.

Our Medusa Top is the perfect statement piece that'll carry your workplace outfit. Featuring a tie front, bishop style sleeves, and a mocked turtle neck, this blouse can easily be worn on it's own. Or if you're incorporating this into your suit, the light, airy fabric makes it easy to wear under your trusty blazer.

In addition, our Stevie Skinny's are a comfortable, non-denim, slacks-alternative option for sprucing up your workplace outfit. With a bit of sheen to add a little flair, wear these with a pair of stilettos to elongate the legs. Add in a long blazer for a more professional feel. 

Medusa Top, $62
Stevie Skinny, $54

3. The Date Night Animal Print Look

Just to clarify, when we say 'date,' we mean any variation of a get-together, be it with the boo, or the besties. Whatever social outing you're venturing off to, this look's for you. So with that, let's begin.

Now that we've gotten the neutral and workplace-appropriate outfits out of the way (oodles of fun as they were), we're on to the statement piece, the one playful pop that is the all-star quarterback, front runner, the Mick Jagger of this Rolling Stones outfit.

The Fierce Mini dress is all that the name implies. Featuring a cheetah print design in a bias cut silhouette, this silky spaghetti strap dress will be your all-time favorite. It's cowl neckline and cut-out back let you show off some skin, and yet it can easily be converted to a cold-weather outfit. Simply slip a white turtleneck and a pair of sheer black tights underneath, and you'll be rocking the date look well into the winter season. 

We've paired this 90's-inspired slip dress with a soft, faux leather blazer, a swanky black clutch featuring a gold chain strap, and a pair of cat-eye sunglasses for the ultimate playful look. No off you go and enjoy whatever date you've got lined up! Go on, scoot...

Fierce Mini Dress, $62
City Chic Blazer, $82
Manhattan Bag, $46
Becky Sunglasses, $98

4. The Fancy Animal Print Look

Snake Skin Bodycon Mini Dress Long Sleeve Dress Wrap Dress Fancy Outfits Occasion Dress

What was that, you said? You want more? Well it's your lucky day. We have here the ultimate evening animal print look, the 'I'm off to so-and-so's penthouse suite for the after party' look. And even if you've never had a so-and-so who's penthouse to wear this to, just wait. It'll happen. In the meantime, though, this works perfect for your anniversary date, your evening out with the ladies, that Christmas party you were invited to - any occasion you can find to treat yourself like the powerful goddess that you are. Because what's more alluring than snakeskin draped around your curvy figure in the form of a wrap bodycon mini dress? Nothing, that's what.

The Medusa Mini Dress features structured shoulders and a deep v neckline. A sleek wrap detail gathers at the smallest part of the waist in order to showcase your feminine figure. Meanwhile its soft stretchy fabric helps to keep you nice and comfortable all evening long.

We've added in a tan clutch as an accent piece. In addition, do as we have done and don your favorite pair of metallic pumps, throwing in a splash of bling with some sparkly hoop earrings. In an outfit like that, you'll soon find yourself a penthouse, don't you worry. 

Medusa Mini Dress, $92
La Rosa Bag, $88

5. The Comfortable Animal Print Look

Zebra Print Cardigan Sweater Fall Outfits

We've gone to work, we've been about town, we've gone on dates and to all the penthouse parties. Now it's time to wind down a bit. But that, in no way, means dressing down, you hear? 

We want to cozy up, we want to be comfortable, and we also want to be cute. Is that too much to ask? Of course not. Why choose when you can have it all, right? That's the attitude we're looking for. 

Our Coco Maxi Skirt is ideal for comfort. Long, flowy, featured in a metallic rust hue, pair this skirt with your favorite belt, some peep-toe sock boots, even a pair of lace tights if you're really feeling it.

The upper portion of this outfit is where our animal print comes into play. We've chosen a zebra print cardigan to keep you nice a cuddly warm. Wear this over our famous Fonda Bodysuit, featuring a deep v neckline and a knotted front detail. Top the outfit with a pair of feather earrings, and you've got yourself a lovely, comfy, altogether chic safari look. 

Kenya Cardigan, $82
Coco Maxi Skirt, $64
Fonda Bodysuit, $54
Shop Here
Fly Away Earring, $24

Shop Here


Learn more about this outfit, and all the ways you can add glamour back into your wardrobe, in The Beginner's Guide to Glitter & Glam.

Until next time,


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