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Article: Top 5 Cardigans Everyone Should Have

Top 5 Cardigans Everyone Should Have

Top 5 Cardigans Everyone Should Have

What's the first thing that comes to mind when you think of the word 'cardigan?' Is it that long wool thing hogging up space in your closet? The blanket cast over your sofa that you use as a shawl? Maybe it's the not-so-pretty-but-it's-all-they-had-at-the-store sweater you wear to work because, of course, yours is the cubicle right below the air conditioner. You could be thinking of gorgeous lines of cable knit keeping you warm by the fire; of cashmere and fleece with sleeves that are too long, but you don't care because it's cozier that way; or maybe you're just picturing Mr. Rogers. Who knows?

Wherever your mind strays off to, we hope it's someplace warm, soft, delightful, full of pieces you can wear again again, in fall, winter, spring, and even summer!

We at Kariella believe in keeping you prepared for all seasons with every manner of cardigan to keep you warm, cool, pettable, huggable, and oh-so-fashionable too.

1. The Structured Cardigan Jacket

Long Line Cardigan

A classic long line cardigan in a neutral shade will serve you well no matter the outfit or the occasion (i.e. home with a good book and a glass of wine, or out and about frolicking with friends).

Posing as both a sweater and a jacket, this open front, layered-lapel cardigan is easily the statement piece of your outfit. And the best part about it (besides the pockets) is that it comes in both camel and black. So whichever is your go-to neutral, we've got you covered. 

    Flaunt It Cardi, $116

    2. The Summer Cardigan

    Yes, you can absolutely wear cardigans in summertime, and no, your options are not limited to freezing, AC-filled rooms indoors. Feel free to rock this soft cable knit sweater vest out-of-doors while soaking in the sun.

    Featuring a draped front and a fringe hemline, this bohemian-style cardigan will give you a slight tribal look, making it an effortless addition to your wardrobe.

      Veracruz Sweater Vest, $96

      3. The Statement Cardigan

      Zebra Print Cardigan

      One of the most popular items in our line this season, the Kenya Cardigan features a bold zebra print (that comes in brown, as featured above, or in black), creating in itself, the focal point of your outfit.

      This v-neck cardigan comes together in a 4-button enclosure, and its cropped fit helps maintain a feminine feel. Cute and cozy, you've got nothing to lose by having this.

        Kenya Cardigan, $82

        4. The Long Line Cable Knit Cardigan

        Free People Long Cable Knit Cardigan

        Here come the flowing streams of cable knit in this draping cardigan, the very one that cozy reflection scenes by the fire in every movie are made of.

        Brought to you by Free People, this long line cardigan hangs open in the front, dripping down nearly to the ankles to provide you maximum warmth and comfort for all your cozy endeavors.

          Keep in Touch Cardi, $168

          5. The Basic Cardigan

          For your everyday sweater, why settle for that basic cardigan sweater when you can step it up with something that's both practical and versatile; understated, yet unique?

          Our Campfire Cardigan comes in a deep camel brown, featuring exposed seams, a v-neckline, and a 3-button enclosure.

          Fully equipped with pockets and long sleeves you can easily roll up or down, this is the ideal work sweater, bring-your-kids-to-school sweater, daytime sweater, or date-night sweater. Whatever your occasion, you'll find in this cardigan, a worthy friend and ally.

            Campfire Cardigan, $86

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