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Article: How to Hide Your Food Baby this Thanksgiving

How to Hide Your Food Baby this Thanksgiving

How to Hide Your Food Baby this Thanksgiving

Picture this: You're sitting at the dinner table. You've just finished your carefully sectioned-off portions of turkey, stuffing, cranberry sauce, etc. You sit back, not quite relaxed, but nonetheless relieved. You did it. You successfully managed to hold everything into your skin-tight, non-conforming dress, eating only the bare minimum so as to retain your stately figure throughout the Thanksgiving meal. And then it happens.

"Anyone for dessert?"

Immediately, you squelch an inner cry. In this, your quest to hide your Turkey food baby, you had forgotten to allocate a place in your stomach for that iconic after-feast tradition, the delectably sweet, yet slightly savory climax to your Thanksgiving!

Panic floods your face as your nearest table-partner slides a freshly-dolloped slice of pumpkin pie in front of you. Your temples begin to throb. Your too-tight bodycon is feeling unbearably restricting. The air becomes thick, heavy, overladen with the scents of cinnamon and gravy.

Slowly, and with dread, you lift your fork with an uneasy smile. Hands shaking, you bring the sumptuous bite to your lips. You can just feel the seams of your dress begin to pull. You're not going to make it.

With a hard swallow, you force a yummy sound, and for a moment, nothing happens. You draw the slightest gasp, thinking perhaps that all is well. It's just one bite, right? You can handle that. And then the ball drops. Eyes wide, you freeze at the sound of a violent rip...

Don't let this be you. Enjoy your Thanksgiving with a few Kariella staples, sure to keep you calm and comfortable throughout the whole of your feast, from your first plate of stuffing to your third, and all the way to dessert and after-dinner cocktails. It only comes once a year, you know. So live a little, why don't you? And why not do it in Kariella fashion while you're at it?

So with that, let us begin with Kariella's how-to on hiding that food baby with style this Thanksgiving...

1. The Flowy Blouse

Unstructured Blouse Loose Blouse Flowy Tops

The most efficient way to hide that food baby full of Mr. Turkey and his friends is with a loose, flowing top, preferably one that sports a festive print such as our favorite Charmer Blouse.

Brought to you in a semi-sheer fabric with a key hole tie front and bishop-style sleeves, this blousy top comes together in an elastic waistband before flowing out in a peplum style away from the body. Thus can we hide that pesky tummy with a feminine structure that is just unstructured enough to satisfy our full stomachs. It's a win-win!

Charmer Blouse, $56

2. The All-Black Outfit

They say that black is the most slimming color, as it hides those uncomfortable bits we don't want emphasized. And Thanksgiving is the ultimate time of year during which to divert the attention away from our stomachs and onto the glowing turkey we want in our stomachs, thank you very much.

We've put together an all-black ensemble using an off-the-shoulder sweater and a glittering black maxi skirt. Both comfortable and practical, featuring a tie-front enclosure on top and a partial elastic waistband on the bottom, you'll be lighting up the dinner table, but not for your growing food baby. You'll have hidden that away, and others will stop to gawk at the wonder of your altogether slimming ensemble. A gold star for you, Madam!

Siena Sweater, $74
Make It Sparkle Skirt, $92

3. The Patterned Dress

Patchwork Maxi Dress Patterned Dress Bohemian Outfit Ideas

Another option is to create an optical illusion for your viewers. Give them a puzzle for their eyes to wade through, and while they're staring at all the lovely little things going on with your outfit, the one thing they won't notice is the very thing you will have adequately hidden.

Free People's silk-feel a-line maxi dress in a bright patchwork design features a multitude of colors in a variety of patterns to create a bold bit of camouflage in which to shield your unwanted curves. It's the ultimate diversion that keeps people looking at you rather than your tum-tum.

Holiday Hero Dress, $228

4. The Stretchy Pants

Wide Leg Pants Elastic Waist Pants Black Pants Black Trousers Tie Front Pants

No need to unbutton your pants when you've got these bad boys on. Featuring the gift that keeps on giving, the stretchy waistband on Kariella's #1 seller, the Maldives Pant, you'll be fully supported no matter what Thanksgiving dish you're currently nursing.

To top off this proverbial Thanksgiving pudding, these wide leg trousers feature a tie-front waist, further hiding in plain sight, the actual pudding you just scarfed down. You're just on a roll, now, aren't ya?

Maldives Pant, $64

5. The Babydoll Dress

Free People Bralette Dress Pink Mini Dress Babydoll Dress Free People Dress

If you're looking for a bit of a shape, but not so much of a shape that'll draw unwanted attention, try the babydoll look with Free People's iconic Adella slip dress, made from their infamous Adella bralette. It's lace top and crushed velvet mesh skirt give this dress a fun and festive look, while it's flowing a-line hem will help to hide that extra helping of sweet potato pie we know you're dying to have.

And when things get a little chilly, add a chunky cardigan such as Free People's Snow Drop Cardi. It's bishop-style sleeves and oversized feel will keep you warm and cozy, particularly while you're sipping that hot cider come Thanksgiving end.

Adella Velvet Slip, $98
Snow Drop Cardi, $148

Shop Here

From all of us at Kariella, we wish you a very Happy Thanksgiving! Now go on and have that slice of pie. Enjoy it, doggone it. You deserve it!

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