Designer Mikal Winn is a renowned maker of fine jewelry. Every piece of jewelry is hand-crafted by him. His creations are inspired by the ruggedness of nature, with a certain urban sparkle. Mikal Winn's work only accentuates the natural beauty of the stones, since the idea and concept of maintaining the purity of the stones are of great importance to him.

Mikal Winn Philosophy - Creating Jewelry inspired by your surroundings

We have touched on Mikal's basic philosophy when designing pieces but let us dig deeper into what that truly is. There is a certain love that goes into each piece. The idea is that what is being presented is not mass-produced but is a handcrafted labor of love. The precious stones are important, but the precious time and effort put into producing these works could be considered equally important. Let us look at the things which influence Mikal Winn's designs.


Nature plays an important role in Mikal's work. He was born and raised on a rural Ohio dairy farm which gives him a unique mix when it comes to inspiration. That ruggedness of nature is captured in his work. The art is raw and screams of authenticity. His work has been described as having a very primal feel to it. However, this isn't all that the jewelry is inspired by. There is another major influence.


Along with nature, another important influence is urban lifestyle and fashion, more specifically the wide-eyed nature and feel of an urban environment. Nature and urban sparkle come together to form a very special and unique piece of work. The rugged nature and urban feel provide something a lot of other jewelers cannot. They provide a feeling of uniqueness. That what you have gotten is a genuine piece of work that stands for something. It stands for an idea.

The Products

We've discussed Mikal's philosophy quite a bit, but what of his work. Specific examples of what he brings to the table would be the best way to show off his work. Without further ado, let's take a deeper dive into the world of Mikal's work.

Cuff Bracelets

His cuff bracelets are truly a magnificent piece of work. With excellent gold work on some and his own silver soldering technique on others, these pieces are not only unique but each order piece is designed to fit your wrist specifically. This is the importance of having each piece be handcrafted.


Mikal makes earrings which incorporate precious stones into their design. These items too, are handmade and are a labor of love. There are a lot of hoops and stony designs which speak of a simpler past while embracing a modern future. It is the contact point between two very separate times.


Rings are an expression of who we are and can also be an expression of our love. They are easily seen by all and are a real representation of who we are. That's why the rings offered by Mikal help you show who you really are. A statement that loudly exclaims your ideas and your true self. The natural look mixed with a modern urban feel really elevates your look.


The necklaces offered carry a somewhat regal feel to them. A very ancient type of regal. They feel like a time when man and nature were in harmony, but with a recognizable modern twist on the concept. It could be seen as a sign of what a hybrid society could look like where humanity is once again in tune with the natural world. These necklaces are just really cool, to put it simply.


Mikal also has listings for one-of-a-kind products. These arrivals, as the name implies, are truly unique. They offer a level of exclusivity that many other brands and designers cannot offer. It is a rejection of rampant consumerism and to give someone an item that has special value inherent to its scarce nature.

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