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Mineral and Matter

Shop Mineral and Matter fine jewelry at Kariella online and in stores. Featuring handmade styles such as minimalist rings, dainty necklaces and subtle statement earrings.

Mineral and Matter

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What is Mineral and Matter?

Mineral and Matter is a woman-owned and operated jewelry and accessory brand that features two brick and mortar locations in Utah, USA as well as an online shop and wholesale department so customers can shop for themselves in addition to their businesses.

This female powerhouse consists of talented and creative craftswomen who produce much of Mineral and Matter’s products in-house for a more unique customer experience that can’t be found elsewhere.

What Kinds of Products Does Mineral and Matter Sell?

Mineral and Matter boasts “minimal designs for everyday wear” and offers a vast selection of jewelry items that fit in with this theme. In addition, Mineral and Matter offers beauty services such as permanent jewelry, custom jewelry sizings and piercings to their customers.

Additional product offers from this fun, minimalist brand include candles and apothecary goods, greeting cards, journals, perfume, home decor and kitchen items, swanky pins and more!

What is Mineral and Matter’s Philosophy?

This minimalist jewelry and accessory brand uses influences from nature and outer space to create unique and everyday designs for women all around the world. Mineral and Matter’s mission and philosophy is threefold: empowerment, activism and craftsmanship.

Starting with empowerment, Mineral and Matter’s founder, Stacey Foster, is committed to empowering her team of skilled jewelry makers with themes of trust and productivity in a fun, relaxed environment that helps every team member feel inspired to be the best artist they can be. The result is a group of highly creative women whose skill and attention to detail are unparalleled in the jewelry industry.

As a team of activists, Mineral and Matter is committed to giving back to the community with a series of giveback programs and events, and is very active on their social platforms in order to uplift, empower and educate others through positive messaging.

Lastly, Mineral and Matter is dedicated to quality craftsmanship with beautiful, handmade pieces made from sustainable metals that will last for a long, long time. Their goal is to create jewelry designs that can be worn as part of a woman’s everyday fashion, whose timeless style will stand the test of time – in addition to her wardrobe!

What Products Does Mineral and Matter Offer at Kariella?

Mineral and Matter Necklaces: Embrace Your Femininity

We love the adorable, feminine feel of Mineral and Matter’s necklace collection. Proud, yet understated, every piece is catered to you and your unique personality. One of our current favorites is the Moth Wing Best Friend Necklace. Sold as a pair, these dainty 14k gold-filled necklaces feature feminine moth wings with a moon and stars design. Keep one for yourself and give one to your bestie to showcase that special friendship you two have.

Mineral and Matter Rings: Less Is More

From delicate, stackable rings to the occasional statement ring, Mineral and Matter boasts a whimsical ring collection that features beautiful etched designs and stonework for a fun, sophisticated look.

Right now, we’re in love with the Deco Opal Ring, featuring a gorgeous bezel-set, lab-made opal stone with an open 14k gold-filled triangle point on each end.

Mineral and Matter Earrings: Subtle Statement Pieces

When you’re looking for lasting jewelry to add to your jewelry box, look no further than Mineral and Matter’s vast selection of ideal earrings to match every occasion. Each handmade piece is designed and produced with the utmost detail and care that you can see as well as feel.

A prime example are the Dagger Stud Earrings. Crafted from solid gold and molded to perfection, these beautiful earrings are formed in the shape of two small daggers to add a little bit of an edge to your daily routine.

Why Shop Mineral and Matter at Kariella?

Mineral and Matter offers the perfect jewelry pieces and accessories to enhance your personal style. Crafted with love and made to last by Mineral and Matter’s exceptional team of skilled women craftsmen, you’ll find everything you’re looking for and more when you shop at Mineral and Matter.