Gobble Up These Festive Holiday Styles

'Tis the season for big ol' turkeys and cranberry sauce, for stockings by the fire, and that toy train daddy sets up 'neath the Christmas tree. It's also the season for family get-togethers (albeit small and possibly over Skype). It's the time of year for small gathering Christmas parties and gift exchanges where, despite the smaller numbers, in no way means a smaller wardrobe for all those halls your going to deck or the goblets full of eggnog you'll consume. Because even though this year is quite literally the worst, it should not (and will not) keep you from enjoying every last moment of the holidays in the primmest and most festive of outfits. So take that, 2020!

What are these killer outfits, you may ask? That is, of course, why we're here. So let's take a peeksie at the goods and see if we might spruce up the holidays with a bit of boho cheer.

Without further ado...

1. The 'Party in Your Living Room' Mini Dress

Kariella Hustle Dress Mini Dress

The Hustle Dress by Kariella is a high-low mini dress with an animal print, V neck, and an adjustable bust tie. It's also just the right amount of elegance for traipsing around your home on Thanksgiving with your 5 guests or less. But the best part about this easy outfit is, it looks spectacular with a martini.

Hustle Dress, $92

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Pair With:

Crystal Silver Fringe Necklace Mikal Winn

The Crystal Silver Fringe Necklace by Mikal Winn features a Swarovski Crystal set in brass with a silver fringe detail. Wear this stunning piece this holiday season and for holiday seasons to come.

Crystal Silver Fringe Necklace, $198

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2. The Not-So-Casual Comfort Outfit (That's Sort Of Like Pajamas)

Kariella Slinky Jogger

Get ready for your upcoming holiday parties with the Glitz and Glam Top by Kariella. The perfect compliment to the Ring My Bellbottoms Pants (which we'll get to in a bit), this sequin boat neck top features kimono sleeves and an elastic waistline. It's perfect for hiding that food baby on Thanksgiving, or all that quarantine weight you may or may not admit to have put on. Hide it all beneath a sea of dazzling sequins and you're all set for the party.

Meanwhile, these Slinky Jogger Pants, also by Kariella, are comfortable, yet sleek. Featuring an elastic waist and pockets, this wardrobe staple is perfect for your holidays at home.

Glitz and Glam Top, $72

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Slinky Jogger, $62

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Pair With:

Nashelle Crystal Earrings

For the crystal lover, these 14k gold fill drop earrings will compliment your favorite boho outfit! Brought to us by Nashelle, you'll wear these to more events than just your 2020 office Christmas party (whatever the heck that's gonna look like).

Crystal Earrings, $84

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3. The Chic Alternative To A Blanket By The Fire

Kariella Faux Fur Coat

When you want to dress up but you also want to wrap up in a blanky, we give you the Vail Fur Coat. Super cozy faux fur with a single snap closure, this soft-as-velvet jacket is available in both beige and black.

Underneath our cozy jacket lies the Jezebel Slip – a gorgeously soft slip dress that will accentuate your lovely curves while keeping you absolutely comfortable wherever your holiday plans take you (or don't take you). This delightful mini dress comes in champagne and moss for a supremely elegant look.

Vail Fur Coat, $92

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Jezebel Slip, $72

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Pair With:

Three Piece Ring Raegan Hough Metalsmith

This stackable set of three rings, handcrafted by Raegan Hough Metalsmith, features a teardrop White Topaz on the center band with two outer bands of a lighter gauge. Wear this trio to all your gatherings (or by yourself at home) and bring on the holiday cheer!

Three Piece Ring, $258

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4. The Fashion Equivalent To A Disco Ball (That Your Friends Will Love You For)

Glitz + Glam Jumpsuit

This sparkly sequin silver jumpsuit is a real showstopper, featuring a strappy back and thigh high slits. It's the disco ball without having to buy a disco ball when you really want to party (with yourself and your two friends while standing 6 feet apart without laughing, yelling, or singing).

Glitz + Glam Jumpsuit, $114

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Pair With:

Brass Cuff Silver Mesh Mikal Winn

The Brass Cuff Silver Mesh bracelet by Mikal Winn features a sterling silver plated over brass cuff base that can be molded to your wrist for a perfect fit. That means no sliding off your wrist while going crazy at the snack bar!

Brass Cuff Silver Mesh, $154

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5. The All-Day Eggnog-Sipping Romper

Kariella Cleo Romper

Get ready to strut your stuff in the confines of your home in this stunning sheer snakeskin romper. The Cleo Romper by Kariella features two pockets, an elastic waist and an adjustable tie for the ultimate fit. Whether you're spending the holidays on Skype with the fam or in person, this baby looks good from 6 feet apart or 6,000.

Cleo Romper, $82

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Pair With:

All Mine Necklace

This multi-strand choker is delicate but bold, perfect on its own or layered with longer necklaces. It's also deliciously lightweight, so you won't be stripping this off halfway through your dinner party for one.

All Mine Necklace, $16

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6. The Hostess With The Mostess (Of All Things Except Guests) Attire

The Slinky Top by Kariella is an ultra soft deep V neck style blouse with a front tie and snap buttons for the perfect amount of coverage. This long sleeve top also features a small button detail on the sleeve that boasts a rebelliously unfinished hem.

Throw in some additional sparkle with the Ring My Bellbottoms Pant, also by Kariella. Featuring an elastic waist, these silver sequined bell bottom pants are sure to catch your eye – along with all the other 5 people in your home or via Skype. Because why not rock the holidays in style no matter what the circumstances are?

Slinky Top, $88

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Ring My Bellbottoms, $102

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Pair With:

Crystal Gold Fringe Necklace 2 Mikal Winn

The Crystal Gold Fringe Necklace by Mikal Winn features a Swarovski Crystal set below a brass hoop with a gold fringe detail. It's the perfect amount of bling that shines through the narrow hallways of your home or the webcam on your laptop. And a fa la la we go!

Crystal Gold Fringe Necklace 2, $186

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From all of us at Kariella, we wish you the Happiest of Holidays!

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